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Showing posts with label mini-series. Show all posts

Friday, August 31, 2012

SERIES LAUNCH: TODAY @ 3PM SLT-The Blackened Mirror: New mini series aims to create a new media experience – Fun Noir

It’s the classic beginning ... we meet a cynical private investigator, Harland Quinn, who has a broken down office in a Depression-era city. Until one day a mysterious woman walks through his office door with her odd companion … and then things get progressively stranger.
Inspired by film noir, steampunk and classical horror, The Blackened Mirror is aiming to be a whole new media experience, combining virtual world television (machinima), social media games and networking, and rip-roaringly good old fashioned story telling.
Launching today! (Friday 31st August at 3pm) as part of the Happy Hunting! Show on Treet TV, The Blackened Mirror is an ambitious new project from Prim Perfect Publications and Treet TV.