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Showing posts with label interactive. Show all posts

Friday, October 15, 2021

SQUID GAME IN SECOND LIFE! First Tournament October 23rd, 2021 beginning at 12 pm SLT. 50L to Enter, winner takes all.

SQUID GAME IN SECOND LIFE! October 23rd, 2021 beginning at 12 pm SLT. 50L to Enter, winner takes all.

SQUID GAME is the latest Netflix survival drama series that is breaking the internet right now. For those of you who have not watched it, you are truly missing out on a twisted series based on Korean childhood games.  Written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, the storyline is centered around 456 participants who are in major debt. In desperation, participants signed a contract and were given a card with a phone number on the back. They agreed to the terms and made the call to arrange for pick up. Participants are gassed to sleep so they do not know the location of the games. Once there, they are placed in a warehouse with beds and all wearing the same green tracksuits with numbers ranging from 1- 456. The first game is “Red Light, Green Light”...where they find out how the game really works. The prize to one winner is a whopping 45.6 billion.

We are excited to announce Squid Game is in Second Life! The SL Enquirer met with Jim Kirk, creator of Squid Game in Second Life for a sneak preview of this new interactive venue and the upcoming first tournament details on October 23rd, 2021. We hope to see you there!

Interview with Jim Kirk (jimbobkirk))

SLE: We are excited to see Squid Game in Second Life! Can you tell our readers what inspired you to create it in Second Life?

Jim: This all came about when I watched the whole squid game series and it just looked like so much fun to play! It was the talk of the town! Seemed as though no one had done an SL version yet, and I love building and scripting so I got started. Within a day or 2, we already had many visitors showing up. Though only the first 2 games were made by then. We've had amazing support from all of the SL community and we are so grateful so many of you are as passionate about this as I am!


SLE: We found you in SL search and knew we had to check it out. The Red light Green light set looks exactly like the one on the show.  I’m sure it was a lot of work getting it just right.



Jim: After a couple of days of working on it, I realized that with all the fuss about it, I needed some help! So my very good friend Bam (PrincessBamb1) came to help out. I worked on creating the games (coding and designing the games) where she worked on making the areas look the part! She's done an amazing job! Though watch out, she might be the one that shoots you ;)


SLE: Well you did a fantastic job creating replicas of the games. We have our tracks suits ready! What can you tell us about the games for those who have not seen the series?




Jim: All of the games except the tug of war (marketplace bought) were coded by myself. Though I do believe I will spend a long time improving them all ;) I gave myself the goal of completing (coding) one game per day, and somehow managed to stick to that plan.


SLE: I bet the traffic is starting to pick up in SL since this show went viral in real life!


Jim: We were so shocked to see that even on day 4 we were getting so many visitors. I spent no time advertising the place at all, I was just there building/coding every day. But every day more and more people showed up. With no advertising, it was amazing to see that on day 4 we already had over 20 group members.



SLE: We are proud to be sponsoring your version of Squid Games in Second Life and can’t wait to see it in full action. Can you reveal to our readers when the first tournament starts?


Jim: With our first tournament being on 23rd October 2021 beginning at 12 pm SLT. 50L to Enter, winner takes all.  we already feel like the place will be packed out on the day. Might even have to put a limit on entrants so we don't crash the sim!


So far we have all games completed, however, we will be working on visual improvements and giving it a more realistic feel for a long time to come.


SLE: Anything else would you like our readers to know about your version of Squid Games?


Jim: We even added the ability for our "Guards" or "Enforcers" to shoot players ;) Feel free to ask for a tour if you see one of our Enforcers around. They'll give you tips on the games and even shoot you if you break a honeycomb! We're really looking forward to this first tournament of ours, and we hope to see you there! 



It is 50L to Enter. The winner takes all and an exclusive interview with The SL Enquirer.

Sign up for the tournament here!

Join the Group Squid Games! 


We are hiring Guards in Red Suits! 

Apply here:


Preferred Contact: 

Jim Kirk (jimbobkirk)

Thursday, October 24, 2019

K-Mae My Youngin' Animesh Babies - For a More Complete Second Life!

K-Mae Babies offers Animesh and Legacy (prim babies) children for your Second Life family roleplay. Our babies are highly interactive and there are tons of items to go with both our Legacy and Animesh babies.

We offer:

* Human and Elf Babies - in Single, Twins and Triplet Packages
* Furnishings
* Clothing
* Accessories
* Toys
* Foods and Drinks
* Education Toys
* Developer's Kits

With our babies you never have to worry about losing them because you can always come Recover them right here at our stores. Updates are always free for life, so when we add new features or make necessary fixes you can simply come to the store and update your babies.

Our babies have an AutoFeed System, which uses Addable bottles in conjunction with their Stored Bottles, so they never go hungry! You can even breastfeed them if you wish! Also we offer SelfCare babies for the parents who just want to enjoy their babies without having to do Care Chores such as feeding, diapering, etc.

Our babies are interactive, with each other as well as with their parents and friends, as well as cute as can be!

We have a Daycare and Learning Center, staffed with highly qualified child educators, so be sure to utilize this program.

Come by our store and grab a 2-week Demo. We're sure you'll be impressed and want to take home a full version before the demo expires!

SLURLs for Animesh store, Legacy store and Daycare & Learning Center:

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Spotlight on K-Mae Babies & Toddlers- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Family Roleplay is one of the most popular types of communities in Second Life. Just like in real-life we all want a sense of belonging and feeling the security of a loving family unit. We build friendships that can become long-lasting bonds that feel like relatives and even blossom into love with the right type of nurturing.

Interactive babies have become a special addition to building a family in the virtual world. Couples seeking something more to strengthen their relationships have the opportunity to create a life that is a combination of both parents. Looking deeper into parenting in Second Life, it also gives people who are past child bearing age or those unable to conceive in the real world, a chance to feel that special bond between parent and child. I’m not saying it is the same thing, but it does fill a void for many who long for a family of their own.
The Second Life Enquirer met up with the creator of K-Mae Babies & Toddlers; Singerman Marquette to learn more about these interactive babies and how they compare to the other brands in Second Life.

Interview with  Chris aka Singerman Marquette

Singerman, Tell our readers a little bit about yourself. Where are you from and how did you discover Second Life?

I’m from the Southeast United States and do electrical maintenance on various rental properties in my local area as well as developing content for Second Life. I also have a 13 year old daughter who I’m raising on my own.
 I have a prim baby business in Second Life (K-Mae Babies), as well as a full perm mesh kit business (Prims n Things), a kids items business (K-Kids) and a bento mesh avatar business (Boo Fever). I also do custom projects for various clients in SL which often times includes making custom models, textures and scripting.
 I discovered Second Life via a magazine article in 2006 and decided to give it a try. I started creating things with regular prims, which was all we had at the time. Sculpties came along and I learned to make those, then mesh came along and I’m getting pretty decent at that too. :)

What inspired you to create K-Mae Babies & Toddlers and when was this brand established?

My wife, Lori, and I had a baby brand and clinic called Binky Babies around 2008.. I built the babies and items to go with and she handled the rest, including clinic operations. They were basic prim babies that were really high prim and designed to be held by the parent. She passed and when mesh came to SL I decided to remake the brand, to keep the tradition going in her honor, and named it after our daughter Kayley Mae (K-Mae for short).

Are you the only creator of K-Mae & Toddlers or do you have a team of developers?

We have a team of developers which includes myself, a couple of excellent script gurus and a couple of graphic artists. We are from all over the world and have come together to bring you great, affordable products for your SL family roleplay.

What are the features you can expect from K-Mae Babies & Toddlers?

One of the main features that has made K-Mae so popular is its ability to be customized in many different ways by using accessories such as skins, eyes, nail polishes, hairstyles and clothing/accessory options. Another great feature is the lifelike smooth movements and animations package. We spent many weeks developing these unique animations. Low maintenance cost is another feature our parents love about K-Mae. We offer 4 styles of regular K-Mae children and also 4 styles of our latest additions, the Lil Sprouts, which are more on the cartoony side and have their own clothing/accessory system. We offer all of these in the regular variety, which require food, diapers and other care items to maintain. We also offer them in Self-Regulating, which never need any maintenance items or foods.
You’ll never have to worry about losing your K-Mae child. We have an in-store recovery system, so if SL gets hungry, or if your partner or anyone else takes off with your little one you can come to the store and do a recovery to get your child back.

You can also expect great customer service. I know how it feels to be the victim of bad customer service so I ensure our parents never have that experience with K-Mae.

What types of furniture and accessories are required to maintain these babies & Toddlers?

Furniture for a newborn isn’t required, but we do offer a wide selection of nursery furniture for those parents who want to set up a nursery in their home. We even have Starter Packs, which contain everything you’ll need to set up your new nursery. When the child is a little older (26+ weeks) he will need a high chair and food for it. When the child reaches 78 weeks he will then need a toddler table. Fortunately we offer a feeding item that is both a high chair AND a toddler table. It converts to the different configurations via menu and will hold both baby food and toddler meal components. Also when the child reaches 78 weeks he will need a Toddler Potty. Beds and cribs aren’t required, but they are a nice way to furnish your child’s room. We have several bed options to choose from, and a lot of bedding texture options for each bed. You can even get a Bedding Creation Kit and make your own beddings!

Can you customize your baby’s appearance?

Yes, by using our available eyes, skins, hairs, earrings, base clothing and mesh clothing/shoes. Also if you want to do your own customizations you can purchase our Developers Kit which has models, templates and full instructions on how to make clothing and accessories for your K-Mae child. In addition to that we have a program where I can turn any single-prim item you have (providing it’s full perm to you) into an addable which you can sell of have your baby use. Addables are external items, such as mesh hair, shoes, clothing or other accessories, which link to your K-Mae child via menu.

Do the newborn grow into toddlers or do you have to purchase the toddler version at a certain age?

Our babies start as newborns and will age to 6 years old (312 weeks) on their own, at a rate you choose. The baby has an Aging Ratio option, which can be set to 0 for Off (no aging), 1:1 for aging in real time, 2:1 for aging 2x faster than real time, or 4:1 for aging 4x faster than real time. They don’t need anything special to develop, learn and grow, like with some other brands. They do all this on their own.

We also offer an aging alternative for parents who are switching to K-Mae from another brand and want their K-Mae to be around the same age as the one they’re replacing. This option is a product called Booster Bears, which can age the child to various ages (1-6 years old in yearly increments), or 4 weeks at a time, depending on which bear they get.

Are there various stages that allow them to learn new things or interact with other K-Mae children?

They interact with other K-Mae children on their own, as well as interact with their parents and people on their Buddy List. Also people who are on their Buddy List have limited access to the baby menu to do basic care functions. Being on the Buddy List also allows them to use furniture owned by the child’s parents with that child.

Can they become ill if they are not tended to for a period of time? If so, do you have clinics and medication to help care for the little ones?

Yes. If not fed or diapered for a day or so their Health and Happy stats will start to decline. When these stats reach a certain level the baby’s text will turn Yellow, indicating action is needed or baby will get sick soon. If baby continues to be neglected the stats will continue dropping until the text turns Red. At this point the child will need medicine to get his Health stat back up. The Happy stat can be raised by a number of methods including toys or our baby bath. There are a few K-Mae clinics which can tend to your baby’s health needs. There is an area in our store dedicated to these clinics, near the entry. Just click their sign for info.

For couples planning on starting a family, what is the price range for the necessities required to take care of K-Mae babies & Toddlers?

The child itself will cost around L$2900 and at this point the furniture is purely optional, but you will need at a minimum a Care Bag or a Refillable Diaper Box to hold and dispense diapers and meds, and some bottles. The care bag costs L$299. We have many texture options for these. The Refillable Diaper Box costs L$10 and only works for diapers. The diapers which go into the care bag or diaper box cost L$50 for 100, and our bottles cost L$1 for 100. The bottles go into your baby’s storage upon purchase so they’re always handy when needed. We also offer furniture which has the Lifetime Diapers feature, meaning you’ll never need to purchase diapers for that item. We even have a crib with this awesome feature!
The babies have a breastfeeding option for parents who want to go that route, and we offer a breastpump system for breastfeeding parents on the go.

There are a variety of HUD and Clinic options for expectant couples to use. Are there pregnancy and delivery HUDs specific for K-Mae babies?

We don’t offer a pregnancy or delivery HUD for the babies, at this time, but we’re always open to suggestions for new products and features. However we do offer the Bento Baby Belly, which is an avatar add-on that can visibly represent the 3 trimester stages. It comes with 2 options..With shirt and without shirt. It fits many avatars including Maitreya, Slink and classic avatars and is Omega-friendly, meaning you can apply your favorite skin or omega clothing using the wide array of existing omega skin and clothing appliers. The belly also has Bento animations, so it appears as if baby is actually moving in your belly! There is a control HUD for the belly also, for changing the shirt textures or showing one of the three trimester sizes. This belly is available in our store, near the baby display, or you can get it on Marketplace here >>>

Do you have any recommendations for expectant couples on where to start and what HUDS work best for a realistic experience?

I personally don’t have much experience with the wide variety of pregnancy HUDs out there, but we have a group (K-Mae Babies) with lots of parents who have probably used them. New parents are always encouraged to chat in our group with other parents to help them learn how K-Mae works and to get advice on pregnancy/maternity products, even if they aren’t K-Mae brand.

Compared to other interactive baby brands in Second Life with costs ranging between 2,300L-12,000L on babies and supplies, what is the average budget for couples who are looking to start a family with K-Mae babies?

The baby costs L$2900 for regular and L$6000 for Self-Regulating. For the regular babies the monthly cost for maintaining their stats can go from around 2 USD per month to 10 USD per month, depending on which feeding/diapering options you choose. We offer a wide variety of stat maintenance options including a nanny system, which tends to all of your baby’s stats, and can tend to up to 1000 babies on the same sim. Some of our parents have over 40 K-Mae children, so this is a handy system to own for them. Other feeding options include Rez-n-Go foods, which you’d rez out for your child 26+ weeks and they’d go to it and eat it when they get hungry. We also offer our Convertible Feeding Table, which converts from high chair to toddler table via menu. It holds baby foods plus toddler meal components and even has a nifty texture changer built right into the menu with many texture options.

What sets K-Mae Babies & Toddlers apart from the other major interactive babies in Second Life?

I think one major thing that sets K-Mae Babies apart from other brands is that we want Second Life parents to be happy with their family roleplay, no matter which brand they decide upon. I model and texture most of our items myself, and with some of the more popular items I have full perm kits I sell. Some other brands have purchased  them to sell to their customers. I want to share my creations with all the parents in Second Life, not just K-Mae parents.
Also we won’t ban people from our sim just because they bring another brand child to our store. We realize parents sometimes buy other brands in addition to their K-Mae’s and we’re ok with that. If they want to bring their other babies along while they shop at K-Mae it’s perfectly fine.
Another thing that sets us apart is that we’re not all about the money like some other brands are. We offer FREE lifetime updates for our children. Any time there is a baby update each parent can come to our store and get the latest version replacement, for free. We keep prices low as possible because we think family roleplay in Second Life shouldn’t cost a fortune. We do have to charge something of course, to pay overhead, tier, and development costs, but we’re not here to rip anyone off.

Customer service is a big deal in Second Life, especially for new parents that need guidance in caring for their little ones or getting helpful advice. Do you have a group for support? If so, what type of notices and offers can K-Mae group members expect?

We do have a support group in Second Life called K-Mae Babies. Any parent can ask questions in group chat when they need assistance, or they can contact me directly inworld. My offline IMs go to email, so I’ll get your message even if I’m not logged in and will reply as soon as possible (usually within 1-2 hours). Nobody likes to wait days or even weeks for product support.
 Most of the time when a new parent asks for assistance in group chat, another parent will step forward and offer to help. We’re a tight knit community and always there to help and support each other. Also the baby comes with a 5-note card Care Manual. It is split into sections to make it easier to find the info you’re looking for, and each of our products also has an Info card, so you’ll know how to use the item.
We don’t send a lot of spammy notices, as we find those to be annoying. We do however send notices when we release a new product or feature update. Also our affiliates will send notices in group when they have new releases, and of course we send a notice at the first of each month to announce the Monthly Group Gift, which parents can get from our store. Usually it’s a new Addable toy or something else baby can have fun using.

Why do you think the interactive babies are a top ranking industry in Second Life?
I don’t. In fact I think it is a very limited market, limited to those who want to roleplay having a family in Second Life without adopting a child avatar, but I enjoy what I do and our parents love their K-Mae children.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers about K-Mae Babies and Toddlers?
Visit our store inworld and see why more parents are switching to K-Mae. :)

Additional Information
K-Mae Babies & Toddlers


Friday, January 27, 2017

Stand Off Software : Mysteries Afoot -Seersha Heart Reporting...

            Do you watch detective shows on television and imagine yourself solving cases?  Do you feel being a detective would be fun?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, Lutra City is the perfect place for you to visit.  Using a HUD designed by Ilithios Liebknecht of Stand Off Software, you can become a detective in world when you go to Lutra City.  It is a fairly simple process.

            Arriving at the landing point for Lutra City, I find myself right next to the French & Horn Detective Agency.  There is a large sign to the left of the door that reads “Detectives Wanted”.  Excited at the prospect, I click on the sign and receive a “New Detective”quest with a HUD.  This quest directs me various places so I may become acquainted with using the HUD.  The HUD stores inventory, analyzes, picks up, and stores items.  At the end of this quest, I have my detective’s license.

            There is a bulletin board that has three cases to be solved and a different bulletin board with incidents.  For a small fee, you purchase the folder to one of the three cases then begin your detective work.  Compared to various hunts offered in world, these cases are quite the bargain at 190L.  The cases available are Delinquent Daughter, Silent Slasher and Fractured Fraternity.

            Described by the developer Ilithios Liebknecht, each case is different.  Silent Slasher is a whodunit murder mystery where during your investigation you uncover a sinister twist.  In Fractured Fraternity, you infiltrate and take down a gang of organized criminals trying to move into Lutra City.  There are also a couple of free incidents to visit.  Ilithios Liebknecht describes the difference as cases are feature length games that you should not necessarily expect to get through in one sitting. They are more difficult than incidents and have a more complex story.Incidents are pretty short and can most likely be completed in a single sitting.  I asked Ilithios to answer a few more questions for us:

Seersha Heart:  Are you working on more cases?  When might they be available?

IlithiosLiebknecht :I'm not currently working on a case for SL, but I am working on a stand-alone PC game featuring the setting and characters from the games here. Expect that to be released in 2017. There will also certainly be more cases here in SL this year.

Seersha Heart:  Do you make any other products in addition to the detective series?

Ilithios Liebknecht: Not at the moment but I do have plans for other types of games and game-related products that I will bring to SL. Keep on the lookout.

Seersha Heart:  What would you like to tell people about playing the cases?

IlithiosLiebknecht : My intention was to bring full featured adventure games to SL that are not over-simplified for the platform and I think I have largely succeeded. They are not just hunts or a walk in the park type game but are truly challenging. You will have to reason your way through sometimes quite complex puzzles which makes it even more rewarding when you finally crack the case.

It's much easier if you bring a friend or two. or five. Also, you can call out in the group to see if anyone is available to help if you get stuck. Many people have completed the games at this point and many are willing to help.

Seersha Heart:  I was there a deep dark secret with the name of the city.  What does Lutra [the name] mean?

Ilithios Liebknecht: Lutra was the region name chosen by LL. It's a genus of otter.

Seersha Heart: *laughs* Otter know that one.  Do you have any other SIMs?

Ilithios Liebknecht: I do.

-- The Adventure Game Nexus showcases the best adventure games and adventure game creators in SL.

-- Stand Office Space is a small office building where people can rent an office in SL.

-- Pickle Pub is a live music venue. Not a lot going on there recently though since the games took off at Lutra.

Seersha Heart: I am interested in the mystery writers and developers in SL.  I recently did an article on the author of the AFK series.  Have you heard of Huckleberry Hax the SL author who writes detective novels that are based in SL?

Ilithios Liebknecht: I have not but sounds like something I should certainly look into. That sounds fun.

Seersha Heart:  Any final thoughts for our new detectives playing the games?

Ilithios Liebknecht: Asking in the group or even asking others walking around in the city who look like they are doing the same game is highly encouraged.  I very highly encourage people to help each other.

Seersha Heart: Thank you for your time Ilithios.  I am currently working on Delinquent Daughter and having a great time.

            You might wonder what happens if a player contacts Ilithios while on a case.  He has a firm *I don't give hints* policy.  His words on this no hint policy are : “I don't give hints because I kept getting IMs day and night with hint requests so I had to just enact a strict no hints policy for myself. But that only applies to me. Asking in the group or even asking others walking around in the city who look like they are doing the same game is highly encouraged. So my personal no hints policy isn't to try to force people to not get hints, just not from me :-)”

You must struggle through the game with only your own wits or the help of a friend.  The games are hard enough to be challenging but not so hard as to put someone off.  I found that after one sitting, stepping away from the game for a short time helped my solving perspective.

            If you want to experience real adventure games in world, visit the city of Lutra and get your detective’s license.  There are mysteries afoot for you there!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Photohunt at LEA Theatre: Machinima Multimedia Interactive Shows: NE corner- Jan 23rd at 11:30am SLT

Do you enjoy taking SL photographs? Join an amiable group of fellow photogs at PhotoHunt. 

PhotoHunt is a game in which participants must shoot their best Second Life snapshot that embodies a theme or landmark provided by a moderator within a time limit of 60 minutes. 

No outside modifications of photos are allowed. 

Spectators are welcome. 

L$ prizes based on donations.

* SLE Pick retreived from SL Events

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Clam Dig & Clam Bake Party. Saturday, November 19th from 12-2 pm SLT.

 Come join us at Playmates Mansion, Club and Beach Resort for this fun and interactive clam dig. Cash prizes for those who find the most clams. 1st Prize - $250.  2nd Prize - $100.  3rd Prize $50L.
Clam will be hidden all over our beach and when you touch one, it automatically disappears from the beach and announces that you have found a clam for the clam bake in local chat to keep score.  When all the clams have been found, the prizes will be rewarded and the clams steamed in a large kettle right on the beach while we dance to great music by DJ Ned.
Use this link below and see you all there!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Battle at Cosmos Master

Cosmos Master is a new interactive RPG game within Second Life. Check out this click showing two gamers engaged in battle with onlookers observing the action.

For more information about Cosmos Masters checkout this link Cosmos Master Spotlight Feature

Monday, February 22, 2016


Set to Launch on February 23, 2016, Cosmos Master is a unique (MMO RTS RCE RPG) universe within Second Life where multiplayers can engage in battle, mercenary management, crafting and simple strategy.  Players will interact within a vast universe that is the Cosmos; this includes gathering resources from planets. You can also hire and order mercenaries to gather resources for you, level troops as well as monitoring and maintaining health, fuel and pvp. Players can make real money by selling items they produce and put on the Galactic Trade (marketplace).

Creators Alduous McBurglinton  and Naga Lionheart

We caught up with creator Naga Lionheart & Alduous McBurlington to learn more about Cosmos Master.

Naga Lionheart
SLE: Cosmos Master is set to launch on February 23, 2016 at 3pm SLT. Can you give our readers some background on what you do and the overall objective of this new RPG?

Naga: We wanted to give SL citizens a FUN game that they can earn lindens; and a solution for SIM Owners to get more traffic at a lower cost.

SLE: That sounds like a fun incentive! To begin, players have to attach a HUD and Spaceship. It might seem overwhelming for a beginner. Can you walk us through  their functions?


Ald: Well, the HUD is just like any other standalone MMO-RPG. You got your pages where you can manage your technologies (talents), travel to randomized sims that provide resources to mine from, and interface with the trading system. It's also used for displaying your target's info.

The ship is an interesting dynamic; probably the closest thing to compare it to would be a player-character. Each ship's experience points, fuel, inventory and build are unique to itself. Only technologies and level are constant between ships.

SLE: I met with Naga and got my HUD and Spaceship. I noticed Health and Fuel are important components to monitor during player engagement. Can you tell our readers what causes fuel and health loss and how it can be repaired?

Ald: It's a pretty simple concept really. Health, also known as build, is increased by repairing with the ship itself. Inside the ship are nanites, which allow the player to repair at the cost of fuel. Naturally you can perform combat so this is a pretty simple mechanic.

SLE: Sounds simple enough.  Players are able to attack each other’s ships. How can they protect themselves so it doesn’t cause too much fuel and health loss?

Ald: And then there's cloaking. Cloaking allows two major functions for this version: the first being the ability to stay hidden and immune to all attacks while afk or mining, and the second is as a means to accurately 'dodge' an enemy's incoming attack.

SLE: I like that feature for denfense.  So, mining and gathering resources is an important part in Cosmos Master because it helps players reach various levels. Can you explain the different types of resources that can be found and what they do?

Ald: Because the game is still in ALPHA version to start, there will only be one resource and one material. A material, by our definition, is just a way of referring to a refined resource. Raw Xendorium, the first and only for the time being, is the resource that players may accumulate, refine, and/or sell to us or other players through the Stockpile game-object.

SLE:  I like that players mine for resources. Players also can create their own resources and sell them on the Galactic Trade (marketplace). Can you give our readers some examples of things that can be made, sold or bought?

Ald: In ALPHA there will only be the two that I mentioned. However since we will always buy resources, and likewise provide materials, there will always be a source and rough estimate as to the variable market costs of these products. Since fuel is simply Refined Xendorium, the player can just buy their energy directly from us.

SLE: Are there special incentives given to the highest level players?

Ald: We went out of the way for this one. Not only is there no level cap (yes, you heard that right), but players are indefinitely able to invest those levels into technologies. Technologies, able to customize the player experience drastically, offers a huge range of options for you to make your own.

SLE: Wow so options are limitless. I ca’t wait to see what players come up with.  Right now Cosmos Masters is in INDEV, are you still accepting players to test the system?

Ald: We are in fact in open-INDEV as we speak, until the 23rd when we officially launch all game-objects to the public. At this time and forward, anyone can play, free of charge.

SLE: Are there any rules or tips you’d like to share with players before they begin Cosmos Master?

Ald: The only rule is not to exploit the system, if making that rule does anything at all. We are an incredibly small indie team working to bring everybody the best possible gaming for the best price or free.  We just ask that any serious errors the player encounters be reported to one of our Customer Service Reps, so that we can keep providing this game and service to the public. And there'll be a reward if you do.

SLE: It sounds like you have created an interesting new type of Interactive Role Play and I wish you the best of luck!  Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Ald: Come try it out and see why Cosmos Master really IS the next best thing in Second Life!
Naga:  I would like to tell readers to stay in SL. It is not dying. New ideas like Cosmos Master is bringing the fun back into Second Life!

To begin, teleport to  For your HUD and Spaceship!

Additional Information:
Launch Date:  February 23, 2016 at 3pm SLT

Contact: Naga Lionheart or ALduousMcBurlington Resident