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Showing posts with label mixing and matching. Show all posts

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Fashion Mix and Match Don’ts-Becca Drascol Reporting

Thinking Mash-up
When you think fashion normally things in SL are full outfits or things we match together with something to create our own outfit look. I’m sure you all have mixed and matched at some point. I know I have, and continue to. I’ll throw a top with a skirt from two different outfits and if they work together nicely then that’s my outfit for that day. But are all mixes and matches good...oh no they are not all good!

We all know a rule of thumb in fashion that stripes and polka dots while nice on their own are by far not good mixes. Loud and bright patterns while all good and well alone, they do not mix like coffee with sugar now do they? The point being there are things that mash up just fine and then there are things that you know if this were RL you’d be something to stare at if you dare walked out of your house dressed in such a way.

Playing Dress-up
So, I went through my SL wardrobe and found a few things that I knew were some fashion don’ts. Yes, yes I played dress up for the sake of the fashion world in our second lives. And as you’ll see while my Gangsta outfit’s top looks so very nice on my av, if I do say so’s rather blah with a polka dot skirt. Also,  dually noted stripes and animal print are a total no-no. A rather bright top can be so very cute with any pair of jeans or a plain non printed skirt or shorts...not so nice with a checkered pattern.

 I’ve never been a fan a bold patterns in RL or SL, but some can be quite nice if they play solo, but mix them with another bold or wild pattern and they become siblings fighting over mom’s attention, they both want it and you only have so much to give!

Lastly, we come to a lil mix I popped together just for the sake of entertaining as I played dress up.  The school girl look with a boldly printed skirt. The checkered school girl body suit is a must have for when you’re feeling playful or entering a contest. Sure...and the skirt, a beauty for going out dancing with your honey. Together they look like I got dressed while Second Life did a whole black screen flickering glitch. Who doesn’t love looking like they dressed in the dark? Me!

Tips and Hints...Make your outfit a “Do”
We all tend to use common sense when mixing and matching what we wear, rather real or virtually. So it should be common sense if you wouldn’t dare wear something in RL because you would be afraid of what others think…well don’t do it in SL either. If you don’t like it, give your inner self a thumbs up for saying “No!” to the combo. If you mixed and matched and you’re looks good to you but something’s just off…. Ask a friend. No we don’t all have the same fashion sense but overall fashion don’ts are something you can learn very easily by opinion.

 Let’s not go overboard and lose what style you may have, no. But I’ll just say this thought, stripes and dots blah! If you can find someone who mixes typical fashion no-no’s and it turned out nicely, well maybe this reporter can learn something new in the world of fashion. Have fun mixing matching and mashing up those outfits...then go out and have fun!