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Showing posts with label mountains. Show all posts

Friday, July 10, 2015

Smile Please! Best Photogenic Places in Second Life - Debby Sharma reporting

A dream within a world. One of the core most engaging activities in Second Life as well as in any other virtual world, is photography among other activities like appearance, shopping, building etc. Few choose to visit the the photography studios and others choose to edit the background in a photo editing software. There are some who choose to explore around the grid taking pictures of the landscapes or selfies.

Romantic couples, bloggers, explorers, landscape builders and others essentially look for places that look at the dream of individuals from a different perspective or for inspiration. There are n number of such motivations that can awe you, however, am bringing you a few that would infuse one to another world.

The McFly Project by LICK Sim 

Photography Credits: Sera Bellic

Creator Sera Bellic has surprised us with yet another great work. This landscape was opened to public on 9th July, 2015. In the words of Bellic, she introduces the quaint view of flora and fauna as, "Step into the past and explore the world that once was and find your way in to the future. Just be careful to watch your step along the way." The land that holds mystery within its beauty and is sure to drop the jaws in awe of its spectators.

Namaste Lounge

  Photography Credits: Namaste Lounge

Opened on June 12th, 2015, Namaste Lounge brings the sneak peak of oriental mini Asia. Namaste, the word has come from the ancient language, Sankrit which is combined from two words, namely, "naman" and "aste", meaning "I bow down to the soul standing in front of me". This language was widrespread among the Indo-European region. The picturesque of the land brings out the primitive era which was relatively closer to earth.

Black Basalt Beach

 Photography Credits: Chankya Desai (left) Debby Sharma (right)

Fresh breeze, calm winds and cloudy sky; the environment dictates the silence before the stormy night. It is advised to use region settings. Basalt rocky terrain and towering mountains with houses on top where one can see the whole island is just every photographer would want. The best feature of all is one can rez props by joining their group. 

Finally, the Destination Guide and the Search tab is always helpful in finding more variations in scenic panorama. Destinations like Basilique, Dublin, Hazardous, Frisland among others have passed the test of time and are still among the most beautiful places in Second Life.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

LANAI'S DIARY- Entry- 8-5-2010

*blows the dust off my diary*

Wow, it sure has been a while since I've been able to pick up my virtual pen and do some writing about whatever comes to mind. For this Diary entry, I would have to say, I have absolutely no clue at the moment where to begin my ramble. So in this case, I’ll just do some automatic writing and see what happens…

In My RL

A lot has gone down these past 2 months. I've been reacquainting with old friends, catching up with family at our reunion and hosting a few loud ass Puerto Rican BBQ/domino parties at my house. Besides that, I’m a full time college student and I just took my finals for 2 courses this week before moving on to the next set of courses. With all that going on, this summer sure has been busy in every direction I look.

I’m relieved to say that I am finally going away on vacation for one week. This city girl is being taken to the stix aka the mountains. Just Imagine that hot mess of a situation. Last time I hiked a mountain, I was crying half way up sucking on a Mango while literally being pushed up the side by my superman. Not to paint an unflattering picture of myself, but that’s what happened. This time I’m going to the Poconos.

The good thing about this trip is that I can finally relax.

To play it safe this time, I plan on hunkering down along the bank of a creek with all the mosquito repellant and sun screen I can lather on, wear big shades and maybe even one of those floppy summer hats. I may even try throwing my back into fishing or something outdoorsy like that.

I’m really not the overly adventurous type, if left to my own device and my need for Dramamine.

I think I would stick to watching old episodes of Lost on Netflix, playing mini golf or maybe even getting bold enough for group horseshoe throwing. What else is there to do in the mountains?