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Thursday, August 5, 2010

LANAI'S DIARY- Entry- 8-5-2010

*blows the dust off my diary*

Wow, it sure has been a while since I've been able to pick up my virtual pen and do some writing about whatever comes to mind. For this Diary entry, I would have to say, I have absolutely no clue at the moment where to begin my ramble. So in this case, I’ll just do some automatic writing and see what happens…

In My RL

A lot has gone down these past 2 months. I've been reacquainting with old friends, catching up with family at our reunion and hosting a few loud ass Puerto Rican BBQ/domino parties at my house. Besides that, I’m a full time college student and I just took my finals for 2 courses this week before moving on to the next set of courses. With all that going on, this summer sure has been busy in every direction I look.

I’m relieved to say that I am finally going away on vacation for one week. This city girl is being taken to the stix aka the mountains. Just Imagine that hot mess of a situation. Last time I hiked a mountain, I was crying half way up sucking on a Mango while literally being pushed up the side by my superman. Not to paint an unflattering picture of myself, but that’s what happened. This time I’m going to the Poconos.

The good thing about this trip is that I can finally relax.

To play it safe this time, I plan on hunkering down along the bank of a creek with all the mosquito repellant and sun screen I can lather on, wear big shades and maybe even one of those floppy summer hats. I may even try throwing my back into fishing or something outdoorsy like that.

I’m really not the overly adventurous type, if left to my own device and my need for Dramamine.

I think I would stick to watching old episodes of Lost on Netflix, playing mini golf or maybe even getting bold enough for group horseshoe throwing. What else is there to do in the mountains?

Going thru my first couple of months in College has also been another thing I have been up to all summer. With an A Average in both courses. I can’t really complain. In fact, that deserves a slap on the back, two thumbs up and a Hell Yea FFS! (Editor's note: Yay, Lanai!!). Getting Smart Rocks.

I just need some peace and quiet so I can return to SL next week refreshed and ready to handle my business.

Speaking of SL…It certainly is like living a double life 
When I log in to SL and break thru the flurry of group notices and IMs, the rat race begins. I’m usually in IMz with the family or answering inquiries most of the time. Making decisions, managing things. Gathering the Buzz is the only way I can describe my time here.

The SLE Family is always hard at work exploring SL, interviewing interesting residents, taking tours, and writing about the many different things that go on here.

Finally on August 3rd after working feverishly on our Move to Fama West, We finally broke in the New Media Center with a Carnival Style Circus and it turned out to be a great event. (Check out the Grand Opening Article)

Strip Club Confession

Besides RL, School, working on SLE & partying like a rock star, I managed to squeeze in some time for myself to explore.

I met a few new people this summer, went on a couple innocent play dates and even shamelessly hit a random strip club just this week … Those can be fun with great conversation, but I’m starting to feel very bored with the same old’ things to do in SL.

The concerts here are still my first choice of places to go when I have the time, but I thought I needed more excitement in my second life and decided to Teleport to a strip joint.

What a mistake that was…

I think am officially going to retire from my second choice of club hopping and giving paper cuts to all the buff papi chulos trying to work it for some linden love. Back in the day I knew all the hot spots with my pack of sharp nailed girlfriends. But a lot has changed since then.

Please don’t get me started on the copy and paste strippers nowadays who beg you to tip their clothes off only to see pasty Lumps and humps in grey spandex. I am so over this form of cheap entertainment and demand that the industry step it up a couple notches or pack it up and keep it moving.

I was so offended by this I had to walk out on a stripper who was trying to give me a lap dance while rubbing his business all over me :O ACK! *busts out the hand sanitizer and forcibly rubs my hands together*

Listen, I may be told I’m the Lois Lane of SL and even a “tough lady,” but where is my Superman to protect me from all the craziness I get myself into? The only thing I can say is, He must be off saving the world from worse then what this damsel in distress can dish out.

Blog. Your It!
Another thing that happened recently was an interesting meeting with some Blogger who gets his kicks from interviewing other media and then trying to throw curveballs at them with broken English articles accusing them of being stuck up.

According to this guy, I am. I apparently have an outdated look too, according to this overly opinionated dweeb blogger I unfortunately had the displeasure to meet. I won’t even mention his name because he is just another clown I had to encounter.

I do have to give him props for giving me a complex for a second by telling me I need a new hairdo, AO and all around new look. SLE too? Citing Image is everything.

WTF was that all about? He nearly sucked my big toe and begged to be vice President of SLE, That’s when I realized he was on some other shit.

Maybe I should have told him the 80’s called and Don Johnson wants his ugly ass blue leisure suit and overgrown feathered mop of a hairdo back too. But I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Am I getting soft?
Maybe. I’m happy to feel the support of the people around me because it directly affects my mood and drive to continue where I have doubted myself in the past. It may sound crazy or different what I do but I have this feeling of accomplishment and the need to move forward doing positive things that I love while helping others. Believe me; I don’t want that to change.

People in my real life are finally catching on to what it is I’m really doing. Not that I do enough police reports or even write about topics lately but even my mother seems to get a kick out of the things she reads on SLE. She even calls me to laugh hysterically on the phone and tell me “you go girl” when I had to clown someone.

With this kind of support on my side, I think griefers got the point and keep their distance. I don’t put it passed Mother hen to log in swinging and throwing kicks too.

It’s awesome to see so many people getting involved with SLE. Back in the day some would assume I was just being an anti social hermit playing video games. Don’t get me wrong. It is true. I am pretty anti social when I need to be and a social butterfly when I feel too cooped up.

The demands are big behind the scenes, but when I am dedicated & focused on my Goals. Ideas will ride on my back like an annoying monkey until whatever I am doing is done.

. You can call it ADHD mixed with OCD. Rude at times too, so letting me be. It keeps the drama in everyone’s life to a minimum.

What’s up with SLE & Shout Outs to my media peeps

On to Managing The SL Enquirer. As absurd as it may sound SLE is milking the rest of my brainpower dry like an overgrown nursing baby. Now THIS has certainly been a journey and a job of its own let me tell you…

Trying to juggle everything should earn me plenty of grey hair, crying in the shower and occasional attitude problems due to the lack of sleep but it’s been very rewarding on the flip side.

Watching my baby grown brings a tear to my eye even.

These passed months have been really busy. SLE has been featured in “The Second Life Examiner” by Douglas Green, in world Magazine “Imagine” run by a very cool dude and visionary, Hugen Ocello. He wrote a great article and published a photo spread in the June Edition and a Spotlight feature was posted on “” conducted by SLE’s own Persia Bravin.

Talk shows & Upcoming Projects
If that wasn’t enough… In mid June, I did my first Live Spotlight TV Interview with Host Scorpinosis Nightfire.

Besides my weakness for a nice crispy suit and 5 o’clock shadow... What a deep, manly voice he has! It was a change from seeing buff tough guys strutting around sounding like Mighty Mouse over voice chat.

Anyways, as the person sitting there being asked the questions for a change, I could only say. The lights seemed a bit bright, but I had a great time. He broke me into the spotlight and it was painless… (That probably didn’t sound right for either of us, so let me rephrase.) Scorp did the honors of shining the first live spotlight interview with me.

I thought I would stutter, maybe crash and rerezz butt ass naked with my wig backwards…. but I must say, NFE knows how to handle their business. They are what I call SL/RL Professionals and I would not mind doing that again.

In fact that leads me to my next ramble about other projects SLE is about to unleash.

I’m excited to announce we will be Sponsoring not one but two New Live News Broadcasted Shows in the Fall. They will take place on the rooftop of The Media Center.

The first will be in collaboration with Etopia News & Hosted by Marc Strassman called SLE On- the- Air and the other will be a weekly Football Discussion called First Down Hosted By SLE’s Football Correspondent Carlito Praga and Sir Brennen who will be inviting a Panel of SL Football Enthusiasts’ to join their weekly discussions.

We got the game plans drawn out, the players are chosen and we are getting ready to take names.

If you are interested in being part of the action or joining the Panel. Contact either of them and get on the list!

On a Random Note…

I will be on vacation beginning August 6th- August 13th. I am asking all SLE Spotlight bookings & advertising Inquiries be sent to

Make sure you are a member of The SL Enquirer Media Group or subscribe to our website for our latest News Update, alerts, Sponsored Shows & Events!

Next Update will be Monday August 16th. 


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