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Showing posts with label networking events. Show all posts

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How to Get More Out of Networking Events

Networking events can often prove to be the bane of your existence, especially if you feel that they are a waste of your time. Networking can be incredibly important, however, and if the events you attend aren’t yielding valuable results, it might be time for a change of tactics. There are several things that you can do to make the most of networking parties. Here is how to ensure that you get the outcome you want out of these events:

Be Prepared

It’s important to arrive on time for networking events. You can make sure you don’t get lost by finding out about the venues before you travel - check this weblink for more information. When you are on time, you will have first access to all the people that you want to meet early on. This means that you can talk to those who are actually relevant to your business at the beginning of the evening. This will enable you to relax for the rest of the night and socialise with your peers.
Make a note of the people that you would like to meet before you get to the event. This will ensure that you do not waste time with those who have nothing to do with your area of expertise. You will, of course, probably end up meeting other people as well but if you get the important ones out of the way first, you can relax.

Dress Appropriately

Humans cannot help but size one another up by their appearance. This is not a tendency that will be going away anytime soon, either, so it should dictate how you dress at these events. You should be well dressed and look good. Do not go overboard or seem as though you are trying too hard, though, as this can turn many people away. Simply match your outfit to the venue and the atmosphere of the party and you will be fine. It is also good to wear a statement piece of jewellery or even nice shoes. This can be an excellent conversation starter when meeting new people.

Position Yourself

It is a horrible feeling to walk aimlessly around the room, hoping to chance upon a person who is not already engaged in conversation. This is why where you position yourself in the room is important. The ideal place to wait is at the bar. This is because at some time during the night, everyone will make their way to the bar. This will allow you to casually begin a conversation with them when they do so.

Be Selective

You may feel the need to give everyone you meet your business card. You should not do this. The whole point of networking is to meet people who can be mutually beneficial to one another. If you hand out your card to everyone and take everyone else’s in return, your night cannot be considered successful. After you have chatted with people for a bit, you can size up whether or not they are relevant to your business. If they are,
 offer them your business card. If they are not, find a way to naturally and politely end the conversation.
These tips should ensure that you network much more effectively. You should soon be perceiving such events as advantageous to you rather than a drag.