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Showing posts with label penelopewellington. Show all posts

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Low price, Luxurious look -Elopement Chapel

Knot Today wedding Chapel: a do-it-yourself wedding chapel. You're smart enough to do it yourself, why spend thousands for a venue you'll only use once? Why wait? We're ready now, are you?
When you want that special day to be perfect, but don't want to break the bank doing it, Knot Today is exactly what you are looking for. It features a beautiful chapel on wonderfully landscaped land with several photo opportunities and has one of the lowest prices of any automated wedding in Second Life.
While the Chapel is fully automated, your options aren't limited. Should you want to have your own officiant, or customize you wedding, Knot Today can accommodate you. The chapel has room for a large wedding party, but is also perfect for a small, intimate wedding. Outside the chapel you can find a room for the bride to get prepared and an area for the groom to relax and have a complimentary drink.
It's not complicated! Come, have a wedding and the go enjoy wedded life!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Experience an Adult Relaxing Getaway at St. Croix Beach Resort- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Second Life is full of hidden treasures to explore. Among the most beautiful virtual destinations in Second Life is St. Croix Beach Resort.  Since November 2015, this tropical paradise has been catering to adults who seek naughty fun. It is an adult lifestyle location where guests can indulge in a number of activities welcome to the grown and sexy, exhibitionists and swingers. Amenities include concerts and events at Lover’s Cove Nude Beach and Sexy Tiki Bar. Unwind and get a relaxing massage near beautiful cascading waterfalls. Explore your fantasies at the Adult Club; Secrets. Soak in the intimate hot tub, rent a home or explore the other surprises that await.

SLE met up with ღEყҽ Cαɳԃι ღ (penelopewellington) to learn more about this well kept secret for adult experiences.

Lanai: Hi ღEყҽ Cαɳԃι ღ , Sex and adult entertainment is a very popular industry in Second Life.  Why do you think the attraction of sex is so big in SL?

 ღEყҽ Cαɳԃι ღ (penelopewellington): Ah, yes!  SEX!  Well,  people can escape RL and explore many sexual activities in SL with others that they may not be able to in RL.  We are all Real people in SL, so it is losing any inhibitions or boundaries and just doing all the sexual things you would ever want in SL!  Many find love and even marriage in SL and some flow over in to Real Life!  It’s exciting! 

Lanai: What inspired you to create St. Croix Beach Resort?

ღEყҽ Cαɳԃι ღ (penelopewellington): I went to other resorts and found they were lacking many things for people.  I decided to create the resort that had it all! 

Lanai: What is your unique selling point that separates St. Croix Beach resort from other adult resorts in Second Life?

ღEყҽ Cαɳԃι ღ (penelopewellington):  St. Croix has a beautiful Dance Floor made of water with fish visible swimming underneath and surrounded by beautiful waterfalls that light up in colors when people are in sunset or midnight Sun mode.  The dance balls have 80 Dance animations that are very unique and we have DJ events and live concert events as well.  St. Croix also has “Climax Cinema.” This is a sex cinema where people can go up and watch full length porn and have sex in the Cinema chairs!  SEXY!   There are many private sex destinations on resort to enjoy as well.   Want to massage your partner?  Stop in to the massage room and have a happy ending.  Want to fool around underneath the sexually animated waterfall?  Stop in and have cuddles or sex there too.  These are just a few of many private places to enjoy at St. Croix!
Lastly but not the least, is the friendly and caring staff that bend over backwards to make St. Croix the Paradise that it is.  They love it here and want it to be the great experience for all!

Lanai: How often do you have concerts and events? 

ღEყҽ Cαɳԃι ღ (penelopewellington): Weekly!

Lanai: Is escorting allowed?

ღEყҽ Cαɳԃι ღ (penelopewellington):  No, not at St. Croix.  However, there is an escort club outside the wall of St. Croix that has strippers and escorts for hire.  It is called Secrets.

Lanai: What type of rules are in place to ensure your guests have a safe place to engage in adult activities?

ღEყҽ Cαɳԃι ღ (penelopewellington):  No griefing or trolling, no disrespecting staff or guests, no weapons and no pushing. Be courteous and Have FUN!

Lanai: You have rentals at St.Croix Beach Resort. Can you tell our readers what type of homes you have available?

ღEყҽ Cαɳԃι ღ (penelopewellington):  St. Croix has Luxury private beachfront houses and bungalows for rent on the resort. Each of them are very unique and gorgeous!   If people like skyboxes, then we have skyboxes that change scenery inside and outside and are very reasonably priced. There are also cozy stilt homes overlooking the lagoon and dance floor.  This is for the person looking for a small and inexpensive place to live on resort and view the activities and waterfall lagoon. 

Lanai: Are you hiring staff? If so, what positions do you have available?

ღEყҽ Cαɳԃι ღ (penelopewellington):  Yes, we need fun DJ’s and hostesses that love what they do!  We are expanding our live dance events currently and would love some more great DJ’s and hostesses.

Lanai: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about St. Croix Beach Resort? 

ღEყҽ Cαɳԃι ღ (penelopewellington): Come by and visit to really appreciate how beautiful paradise is at St. Croix!  Join our group for current events while you are there.  Oh and we are having a Ms. St. Croix Beauty Contest with first prize being a custom photo shoot by Looker Lumet!  Ladies come enter your picture!  The contest ends February 28th! Plenty of Time!

Additional Information:

Group: *St. Croix Resort*

Contact ღEყҽ Cαɳԃι ღ (penelopewellington)