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Showing posts with label red light district. Show all posts

Thursday, July 16, 2015

CASE STUDIES: Let’s talk about Sex- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

According to the trusty and witty Urban Dictionary, the word sex is defined as “What kind of moron are you that you look up sex in the Urban Dictionary?” More politically correct and bland on (which has better manners I might add) defines sex as “the instinct or attraction drawing one sex toward another, or its manifestation in life and conduct”.

To be more specific, sex is a sexual activity, including specifically sexual intercourse. The act of sexual intercourse and exchange of bodily fluids obviously dates back to the beginning of creation, without getting all biblical and assuming we all came from dust. None of us know exactly where mankind came from but we sure know how to procreate to add to our population on this planet or, at least, practice. To many it is taboo and whispered about and for others they display their sexuality in a very public way. Either way, it is a part of life. And without it none of us would exist.

There is something within us (assuming you are an adult, mature enough to understand the true meaning of sex and all the excitement about it.) We all have that the primal urge to fulfill our most inner desires and reach that point of pure ecstasy.  Sex is amazing with the right person and even more out of this world when you are in love. There are many ways to experiment with it; to find that ultimate trigger that works for each of us sexually active beings.  In order for it to work we have to remember it is a mutual thing between consenting partners and not all about you and your needs. If it is then you have no clue what you are missing.
There is no need to be shy about sex or think it is too dirty to talk about. Once you get over that, you will truly understand why it is such a big deal to so many people, especially in Second Life where imaginations can run wild, shyness and judgments are pushed aside and the real sexually charged animals come out to play. That is why the sex industry is so large in Second Life.
  No matter where you go in Second Life you might be faced with pose balls and animations that were created to lure lovers into a more intimate space. Since it is virtual, the act of sex is more a mental stimulation and self-exploratory. Masturbation is a big part of the act but surprisingly, for some, one or the other will not even touch themselves yet still feel satisfaction and mental release. It is an interesting digital age we are in that gives people the option to explore thing they didn’t even know would turn them on.
A big reason for the fear of sex or exploring options is sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies. In Second Life those worries are not present so sexual exploration, multiple partners and promiscuity are new and bold options to choose from. Add bi-curiosity, orgies, swinging and BDSM to the mix and you have yourself a never ending Sex-fest.  I will say the art of emoting is a thing to be mastered because a bunch of mmmms, ooohs and ahhhs won’t cut it alone. To make it good, you have to be sync with your partner in writing out your erotic fantasy. And don’t think about cutting and pasting from 50 shades of grey, you can probably write better porn one handed in the middle of an orgasm.
Anyway, since sex is so easy to find in Second Life I decided to go explore the red light district and do some “research” without ending up in a fetal position crying in my shower about what I did with regrets.

Case Study #1= The F*ckery Owner Jaz Mynx

The F*ckery is a popular location for avatars to let go of their inhibitions and explore Sex in SL. I met up with the sole owner of this sex club to get an inside look at his perspective of Sex in SL. You will see just how easily sex can become part of a situation with just a little flirting.
Lanai Jarrico:  Hi Jaz, What inspired you to create the F*ckery?

Jaz Mynx: it’s perhaps the very reason I keep this place. Well first let me say, it would not be here without the help of my close friend Pixie, who built a lot of it. I wanted to have a place where all adults where welcome, felt welcome, found something here that maybe turned them on in some way; I like to think there is something for everyone here.

Lanai Jarrico: Why do you think Sex in SL is such a huge culture?

Jaz Mynx: Well I think it’s very easy. There is no consequence for the most part. You can become whatever you want to become.

Lanai Jarrico: I agree

Jaz Mynx:  I find people have such a varied range of fantasies.  oh you’re such a tease.

Lanai Jarrico: I try

Jaz Mynx: lol

Lanai Jarrico: lol Do you think Sex in SL is fulfilling?

Jaz Mynx: for me personally... only sometimes. I think some people get an enormous release from it most of the time, they come here for that as somehow maybe sex in rl has escaped them and I think that’s great.

Lanai Jarrico: can you elaborate?

Jaz Mynx: for me, I require a little something.... real ... .sometimes, even in sl and that puts some people off… a lot of people actually lol BTW feel free to... you know.... lose some layers...
Lanai Jarrico: sure

Jaz Mynx: did I elaborate enough on that?

Lanai Jarrico: yes but I’m interested more in what realism you are into.

Jaz Mynx: well.... for example. I have gone so far as to meet up with a lady but I think that takes time, understanding, trust and an obvious connection. I’m not here to find dates, don’t get me wrong but... I do not rule it out either. Short of that I would say.... perhaps voice, a way to connect when offline whether that’s kik chat or something like that... of course photo exchange but I feel like men are more visual and want that more often than women....those are just a few examples

Lanai Jarrico: very interesting.

Jaz Mynx: would you like to sit on my lap?

Lanai Jarrico: *sits on his lap* what is it about SL Sex that you like the most?

Jaz Mynx: I think it’s when I feel as if I have made a connection with someone, mentally, intellectually even and I can feel their passion grow with mine...I can feel them needing me in that moment more than anything and it goes beyond simply physical arousal. Because let’s face it, we can all just masturbate alone, right?

 Lanai Jarrico: *nods*

Jaz Mynx: you know what I mean then?

 Lanai Jarrico: well this interview has gotten close and personal* clears throat*

 Jaz Mynx: yes it has.

 Lanai Jarrico: you made me lose where I was at in my interview lol

Jaz Mynx: I hope that’s ok... it’s one of those things one simply can’t predict or expect but then it gives an amazing energy doesn’t it.

Lanai Jarrico: it sure does and it is quite fun.

Jaz Mynx: it feels great, I’m glad you stopped by

Lanai Jarrico: Sooo where do you see the Sex industry in SL headed if oculus rift becomes a part of it

Jaz Mynx: I don’t want to....undermine your interview at all... but I’m loving having you so close right now. uhm... wow I’m so uninformed on that, you have to tell me what oculus is?

Lanai Jarrico: well oculus rift is that headset viewer with the capabilities of being hands free in Virtual gaming.

Jaz Mynx: oh I see. That sounds like it could enhance the experience to me

Lanai Jarrico: I think it would put a major spin on how people engage in Sex here. Here is something else interesting to have *smiles*

Jaz Mynx: THAT’S SO GREAT!!! I can control a vibe with an app on my phone!!?

Lanai Jarrico: mmhmm anywhere from around the world. Imagine the possibilities of that here lol

Jaz Mynx: fantastic!! When can I send you one!? Yes I see... that certainly offers the possibility of making it all a bit more... interactive

Lanai Jarrico: Ok let’s get back on track. Is there anything else or some advice for people new to sex in SL that you can offer?

Jaz Mynx: lol you’re so good

Lanai Jarrico: good at what hmm?

Jaz Mynx: lol good at staying on task here.  Hmmmm I would just say for people to be patient if they can, they will find what they seek eventually, but people can have such a different idea of how things should be or what they expect here so I would hope people are open minded and patient

Lanai Jarrico: It’s my job :) *climbs off your lap nice and slow* It was quite the pleasure interviewing you.  We should do it again some time.

CASE STUDY # 2- The Keyhole Club Dancer  Rev. Dr. Pappa Hiddenshoes (drrwatkins)
The Keyhole Club has been in Second Life for a few years and caters to sex enthusiasts who like to watch and be watched. Entertainment includes a porn theater, sex rooms with window peepshow views, a strip club and a shopping mall for all your sexy clothing and accessory needs. Traffic is high day and night and its apparent management this sex venue doing something right.  I interviewed dancer  Rev. Dr. Pappa Hiddenshoes (drrwatkins) about his perspective of the Sex Industry in Second Life.

Lanai Jarrico:  Dr. Pappa, what inspired you to become a Keyhole Dancer?

Rev. Dr. Pappa Hiddenshoes (drrwatkins): I wanted to work here because it’s the best

Lanai Jarrico: you mean the best sex club in SL?

Rev. Dr. Pappa Hiddenshoes (drrwatkins): the friendliest club period. That’s what it’s about.... making connections.

Lanai Jarrico: Why do you think Sex in SL is such a huge culture?

Rev. Dr. Pappa Hiddenshoes (drrwatkins): I can give you two reasons...... you get to be someone in a perfect body of your own creation... so sex of course is going to come up.... and there is a large group of people here who for whatever reason -disability- work etc...... Can’t get what they need elsewhere.

Lanai Jarrico: you bring up a very good point, it is about possible rl restrictions and having the freedom here without judgment.

 Rev. Dr. Pappa Hiddenshoes (drrwatkins): well some people come here to do kinks (as well as lots of non sexual things) that they can’t do in "real life” and fear of judgment is certainly one of those things. Like if the real me was on this pole Id get booed off the stage lol

Lanai Jarrico: lol. What is it about dancing that you like the most?

Rev. Dr. Pappa Hiddenshoes (drrwatkins): getting paid money to have girls ogle me and take off my clothes?? I like everything about that! LOL

Lanai Jarrico:  Fair enough. What are the majority of your patrons mostly into?

Rev. Dr. Pappa Hiddenshoes (drrwatkins): oh goodness they run the gamut for sure... I would have to say there are women who like a handsome man appreciate them for who they are. Other than that, it’s hard to put them in a box.

Lanai Jarrico: True, everyone has their own preferences so I can see it being difficult to group them in specific sex interest categories. If you engage in SL sex do you find it fulfilling?

Rev. Dr. Pappa Hiddenshoes (drrwatkins): yes I do... but in a different way than actual sex :)

Lanai Jarrico: can you elaborate?

[08:49] Rev. Dr. Pappa Hiddenshoes (drrwatkins): It’s more like directing your own porn movie than being IN the porn movie lol

Lanai Jarrico: Interesting perspective of it.

 Rev. Dr. Pappa Hiddenshoes (drrwatkins): this suggestion is NOT a come on.... but if writing this article you really should try it with someone

CASE STUDY #3- Anonymous Freelance Escort
Landing an escort had to be the most difficult of all the subjects I interviewed. They are very hush hush and do not want to speak to media. However I did manage to get a few answers out of one escort who disappeared in the middle of the interview. She asked to remain anonymous. It is understandable that sex workers aren’t too willing to talk to the press. Many wish to remain anonymous for a variety of personal reasons. What I did find out is this particular escort decided to be a sex worker for the Lindens and when asked why she thought the sex industry was so huge in Second Life, she replied, “maybe because the men can't have someone in rl and it's easier on here”.  She also shared that what she liked most about her job was that it was pleasing and then again emphasized it was for the Lindens.

CASE STUDY # 4- A Male Perspective

This particular participant does not speak for every male in Second life who engages in virtual sex. But it gives some insight on sex from a male perspective who has been actively involved in the Second Life community for over 8 years.

Lanai: How long have you been in Second Life and do you engage in sex in Second Life?

Male: I have been in SL since 12/02/2007....and I engage in sex sporadically.

Lanai: How many partners have you had?

Male: I can’t answer that. I don’t know an exact number. Over 15 approximately

Lanai: Do you have any specific kinks, preferences or fetishes?

Male: I’m more into the D/s thing.....

Lanai: What is it about SL Sex that you like the most? Is it fulfilling?

Male: I guess what I like about it is that...1. It’s easy- if you have decent avatar and a good personality. It’s not a problem to get sex. 2. Its anonymous - you can explore kinks that you normally wouldn’t be able to explore in RL 3. Its disease free - self explanatory

Lanai: Is it just sex to you or have your experiences been meaningful?

Male: is it fulfilling? for me?.... sometimes...but usually no. because it’s still only masturbation...... and you can’t hold someone can’t "feel"’s cold most of the time. Its glorified masturbation. Its depends on who you’re regards to it being meaningful.

Lanai: Why do you think Sex in SL is such a huge culture?

Male: Because sex in RL is such a huge culture... add anonymity to that...mix in some creativity, imagination and the human condition.....and a computer and you got SL sex culture.

CASE STUDY # 5 Female Perspective
This female participant was a character but very forthcoming about her sexual prowess. She has never been involved in stripping or escorting but shared her personal sex life in Second Life because she enjoys the thrill of intense sexual encounters. Her perspective does not reflect on all women in Second Life but makes a great point about how it makes her feel and why she engages in virtual sex.

Lanai: How long have you been in Second Life and do you engage in sex in Second Life?

Female: I have been in second life for 5 years off and on and I love the freedom of exploring my sexuality anonymously.

Lanai: How many partners have you had?

Female: I have been with over 12 different partners. Some of them were relationships and some were one night stands.

Lanai: Do you have any specific kinks, preferences or fetishes?

Female: Yes, I am into the bad boy look. I love tattoos and piercings. I also like men who pay attention to detail and have sexy avatars that are proportionate and a sense of style. I am not into bdsm but I do enjoy rough sex with a mix of sensual passionate lovemaking.

Lanai: What is it about SL Sex that you like the most? Is it fulfilling?

Female: I like the thrill of making him aroused and knowing that he is pleasuring himself. That arouses me. It can be fulfilling because it is very mentally stimulating to a point but there is always that need for physical stimulation from a man. Masturbation alone doesn’t make the act complete.

Lanai: Is it just sex to you or have your experiences been meaningful?

Female: It depends on my mood or if I am in a relationship. When I am dating someone, it is intense and meaningful but I lose interest if we have virtual sex too much. I like the thrill of exploring different fantasies and it excites me to be with someone new. When it is a one night stand it is just sex but still mentally stimulating.

Lanai: Why do you think Sex in SL is such a huge culture?

Female: I think sex is popular in second life because everyone has the ability to explore different things that they might not be courageous enough to do in real life or fear things like std’s or unplanned pregnancies. Also, it can be exciting to explore multiple sexual partners if they have been in a long term marriage and need something more, have problems finding someone, shyness or never got the chance to experience different people. I can’t speak for every woman who has sex in second life but I think all women want to feel beautiful and wanted and second life gives us a chance to feel that.

Collective Case Study Conclusion

These case studies provided an insight from various perspectives as to why Sex in Second life is so popular. The most common reason is the freedom to explore various sexual experiences anonymously. For sex workers Lindens are a factor but the thrill of these sexual encounters is stimulating but does not provide complete fulfillment. In a sense sex in Second Life is interactive porn in a safe environment unless participants take it to the next level and actually meet in real life for the physical part.

For safety reasons it is not recommended to explore real sexual encounters with people you meet on the internet unless you have established a trusting long term relationship, confirmed the person is who they say they are and it doesn’t compromise your real life situation or your personal safety. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Red Light Districts of Second Life-Sex in the Virtual World –Nomad Aries Reporting…

Often in Second Life©  when people enter the virtual world, they meet people, connect with them in a relationship of some sort and want to express their emotions and feelings towards their significant other in some way.  Being a visual media, this would involve avies being able to virtually engage in sexual behavior with each other. For their own personal reasons, some people do not wish to enter into a relationship although they seek to act out their sexual preferences in a relatively safe environment where the risks involved are much lower than in the real world. Sex in Second Life is viewed by most of us as the ultimate standard of safe sex.