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Friday, April 12, 2019

Introducing Full Homesteads at Willowdale Estate!

Introducing Full Homesteads at Willowdale Estate!  Available in several styles to choose from, these are professionally landscaped homesteads to suit every taste!

Full Homesteads at WILLOWDALE ESTATE

EM Rights - you can restart your own sim, change the terrain texture and anything else that can be done from the Region/Estate window!

Landscaping - keep the landscaping provided or return it and do your own thing, we will upload your raw file if you have one!  If you start with one layout and decide you might like a change, we can switch it to one of our other layouts for you.

Covenant & Restrictions - absolutely no restrictions or covenant of any kind - you can do whatever you want on your full homestead.

Scottish Hebrides

A mostly low lying land with plenty of building space.  If you're familiar with the Outer Hebrides Archipelago there is plenty that you will recognize here from St. Kilda to the low cliffs, the marshlands and a small beach for a brisk swim.

Mountain Lake

The Mountain Lake layout has a flat open land area big enough for a mansion, castle or even a little village as well as a huge usable water area with a natural bottom deep enough to satisfy the Merfolk and even do a little boating.

Primal Tropical
If you're used to tropical in SL you'll still be surprised with this homestead.  This isn't your typical tacky tiki tropical - this is primal and lush with plenty of places to climb and explore!  There are still plenty of prims for you to make it your own.

Stop by the Willowdale Estate Land Store for landmarks to these professionally landscaped full homesteads.