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Showing posts with label land. Show all posts

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Welcome To Loveless Estates

All of our Islands/Regions are None Zoned. 
This means you are free to build whatever you wish

 (that is not intended to grief other residents on the Island or cause lag.)

You have 100% control over your land and the terraform-ability. You also can restrict access to your parcel if you wish, by using the land access options. You can also set music and movies from the media tab in the land options, and all the other land option goodies.
Commercial or Residential you pick.

Larger spaces can be readily made available!
all lands are new non grandfathered lands

------30k Full Sim------
1/16 - 4096 sqm - 1875 prims - 1250 L's per week
1/8 - 8,192 sqm - 3,750 prims - 2,500 L's Per week
1/4 - 16,384 sqm - 7.5k prims - 5000 L per week
1/2 - 32,768 sqm - 15k prims - 10000 L per week
full - 65,536 sqm - 30k prims - 18050\ L per week 

full homestead 65,536 sqm - 5000 prims - 7600L per week

------Sailing Homestead sims ------
ask about details 

If you have any questions or need help please contact

Pink Haven, Miseria Beaumont or Kitila Cortes

Friday, April 12, 2019

Introducing Full Homesteads at Willowdale Estate!

Introducing Full Homesteads at Willowdale Estate!  Available in several styles to choose from, these are professionally landscaped homesteads to suit every taste!

Full Homesteads at WILLOWDALE ESTATE

EM Rights - you can restart your own sim, change the terrain texture and anything else that can be done from the Region/Estate window!

Landscaping - keep the landscaping provided or return it and do your own thing, we will upload your raw file if you have one!  If you start with one layout and decide you might like a change, we can switch it to one of our other layouts for you.

Covenant & Restrictions - absolutely no restrictions or covenant of any kind - you can do whatever you want on your full homestead.

Scottish Hebrides

A mostly low lying land with plenty of building space.  If you're familiar with the Outer Hebrides Archipelago there is plenty that you will recognize here from St. Kilda to the low cliffs, the marshlands and a small beach for a brisk swim.

Mountain Lake

The Mountain Lake layout has a flat open land area big enough for a mansion, castle or even a little village as well as a huge usable water area with a natural bottom deep enough to satisfy the Merfolk and even do a little boating.

Primal Tropical
If you're used to tropical in SL you'll still be surprised with this homestead.  This isn't your typical tacky tiki tropical - this is primal and lush with plenty of places to climb and explore!  There are still plenty of prims for you to make it your own.

Stop by the Willowdale Estate Land Store for landmarks to these professionally landscaped full homesteads.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Avie Poll: The Best Bargain for Land Prices- Debby Sharma Reporting...

Photograph Credits: The Torch SL (now called as: The Torch Entertainment Guide)

It’s the holiday season already, can you believe it?
Halloween just passed and Christmas is due after Thanksgiving. It is happening all so fast! In this merry time, we are all looking for good deals not only in real life but also in SL. From clothing stores and accessories to gadgets and avatar components-If we know where to look, many stores are offering good deals but the land barons are not far behind as well.

Victoria Chung is offering a 1024 sqm of 230 prims for just L$203/week. One such offer, I was quick to bag. (P.S. Thanks to Lanai for this assignment or I wouldn’t have looked around for such bargains) There are others who are offering L$1 for 1 prim. Even though, I own a piece of land, my habit of looking for bargain deals have been there since noob days. I am sure there are people like me who are still up for bargains. Anyways, I started asking a few of my friends what their take was on this issue.

Photography Credits: Google

To make it simple, I asked the following questions:
·         What is the reason you need  land ? For a shop, home or other reasons?
·         Do you prefer an inland parcel or a sea facing one?
·         Are you renting from anyone at the moment?
·         May I know the name of your Estate Owner?
·         Do you usually look for cheap land rentals in
·         If you are given Bonus prims, do such deals attract you?
·         What do you think the prices should be for a Full sim?

The replies are as follows:

Photography Credits: Iyath

Iyath: I would to have land for home and an entertainment area. A sea-facing is preferable because am planning for an entertainment, I would be routing the sea. Yes, my partner and I are renting from Jessica Chung. I took 2048 sqm and got close to 600 prims which i find quite sufficient. I search land based on service providers. I look for reliability rather than cheap. I will rather look at a parcel which is there for some time, though it’s expensive than going to a newbie who started it lately and selling it for less price. I would go GAGA when i get extra prims. I have no idea about the price of Full region. My dreams are not that big. For the land I use; considering I use it for commercial purpose and traffic i would get i will love to pay 650$ per week.

Photography Credits: Kammie2

Kammie2: I would have a home facing the sea. I am renting for D'Alliez. I was referred and had the location I was looking for. No, I don’t look for cheap deals. I would consider a deal with Bonus prims, 1/4th sim away from people.  According to me, the right price for a full sim would be 3K per week.

Photography Credits: Leala Spire

Leala Spire: I would have land for a home facing the sea. I'm an estate manager for a friend so rent free. SheaJane Carami but she has been out of SL for a year. I'm taking care of land for her. Yes, I look for cheap land deals in search. I like looking for good deals on homesteads or full regions. Bonus prim deals are interesting yes but not something that would weigh in a decision to buy. I look for price and prim count. I would love to see the prices come down a bit. Right now they are running 19K to 17K a week. I would move to have my own if the prices drop down to 14K or 15K a week.

Photography Credits: Lysa Clarence

Lysa Clarence: I want empty place, mature and look around nice. I mean not big walls no big building. If it is for shop I like that land with streets. Well i don’t rely on known names. I used to rent a lot and when i say a lot means from many estates, other than mainland, I don’t like at all. I used to rent the most cheaply where I have to stay the most time usually from Chung family. But in all the places I stayed, this place where I`m staying now, I like the most. I like the name of the land and the place; it is on a corner with a bonus prim package with a reasonable price. I have rented for Hum4ever Magic of Chahit Estates; a South East corner parcel, Indian Paradise. People search cheap lands for many prims, although, I like a good price with good prims.

Photography Credits: Trinity Yazimoto

Trinity Yazimoto: If I had no land, I would have one for my store and my home. I don’t like beaches and sea in RL, so i don’t like in SL, my preference would be somewhere in mounts, but i don’t mind. My land has a view on the sea on one side. It opens the view; so i don’t hate it, well, let's say i don’t mind inland or sea facing, it’s equal for me. I have almost a 1/4 sim on a private estate from New found land estates. I don’t look for cheap deals. I have never thought to it. I am COO of an event that is quarterly. So, we look for a land each for 4 months. And I didn’t ever think to look there, I will next time. (Laughs) I look for at least 3500 prims, higher is better but then the price is a limit too. I never understood what is a Bonus prim. I have a bonus factor of 1.07 here where i am but I don’t know what it means. So well, to answer your question, as I never understood what it was, it never made a difference. The price of Full sim could be, well really less than what it is. I would say $200 USD max, which is a dream.

Irrespective of the size of the land, the prims offered, the price; there is a universal opinion that the Land prices are a bit higher. But considering the space is occupies on servers and giving the freedom to an individual, the price and prim count is still worth it.  People decide on the basis of their requirement. I also believe that the next step is the deal that is best at any point of time. The reason I rent a land is for workshop and office. Sandboxes don’t help me build with a auto-return factor. If you ask, is it worth it to rent a workshop, yes because it is my place to plunge into creativity. I usually prefer the inland to live because I like to see what my neighbors did to their place too; in short, it makes me feel that I belong to a community. I am renting from Victoria Chung, 2 estates on 2 different regions. I am always on the lookout for parcels/homes/skyboxes with cheap deals for both unfurnished and furnished. It is a habit that I have since my noob days; just like I keep an eye for the deals on outfits, gadgets, d├ęcor etc. I do not like Bonus prims, it is not a factor when I buy a land. If the factor is not right, it might cause lag for the Full Sim, including your neighbors. So, it is a no. As for the price of the Full sim, in my opinion I am willing to accept it, as I am aware of the maintenance cost for the server preserving my creations my dream even when I am sleeping.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Looking for a Place to Live in Second Life? Ccoursey Reporting...

Renting in Second Life is something we all do or have done.  The only thing is deciding where, what, and who to rent from.  There are many factors: Price, amount of prims you want, what you'd like the land for, and how much interaction you'd like with the landlord or lady.  It is so much more than just finding a place you like and handing over the lindens.  I went exploring options in Second Life, from skyboxes to just land.  It is always good to explore options before settling on anything.  

Seychelles Isles

Teleport inside a beautiful Yacht Club in Port Victoria Isle.  Upstairs there is two boards set up to see available land and available boat slips.  To purchase property you must contact one of four people, Jericho Napoli, Baila Palmira, IrishGent, or Ericaanne.  There is a staff board set up across from the land boards to let you know who is currently online to contact.  The purchase price is one week's tier plus the first month's tier which helps pay for domain costs, support staff, community costs, advertising, and landscaping among other things.  Once you pay for your land, you'll be invited to the group for residents as well as the Seychelles Isles Yacht Club.  There is a builder available to make sure all parcels are consistent with the theme and aesthetic tropical design Seychelles has established.  Custom terraforming is available to tenants.  The waterways are connected with direct access to the Linden Ocean and the Blake Sea promoting boating and flying.  To invite anyone to the group you have to contact either the CEO or Chief Operations Officer, this protects everyone's privacy making Seychelles Isles more secure for each tenant.  

Virtual Reality Skybox, Skybox Rental

When you teleport into skybox rentals it is an office with boards to click for information on the inside, outside are teleporters to take you to each skybox.  The scenery and housing can be changed anytime here, some are fully furnished.  There is mention if you'd like unfurnished there might be a price break.  Prices starting at 295 L's a week.  Security orbs allow tenants to decide who is allowed within their home, all intruders are ejected when they get within 1m of the skybox.  It is a virtual reality cube located high in the clouds. For privacy, you are not seen from the outside.  There were several options from just a plain platform to a ritzy motel room, an Egyptian setup, even a deserted island looking house surrounded by water.  There are over 20 scenes to choose from.  The beds, some furniture are equipped with pose balls, there are available prims to buy and use to decorate as you wish.  The radio is set to Contemporary music and cannot be changed without affecting all the tenants, also the TV isn't set to keep lag down. 

Mystic Rentals

As soon as I landed at Mystic Rental property there was a rental agent there to help me.  She was filled with information, knew all available lands, and gave me links to helping me find the perfect land to suit my needs.  There is a Marketplace available to check out the lands from Mystic at .  There is also a website with information On each land is a rental box with all the information you would need.  There is different size rez areas and also different themes to chose from.  There are full sized parcels available at 1480 L's a week with 1005 prims, 980 L's a week with 702 prims, and 1/4 sized parcels available at 480 a week with 310 prims.  There are 15 themes to choose from.  You receive a prim counter and a intan dance ball.  All properties are private and come with security orbs that give you eject and ban rights.  There is a radio hud for each land, and access to shared TV media.  What I love is the websites allowing you to search around at the options without having to visit each one.  First time tenants here get a 5% discount if they rent for four weeks with their initial payment plus ten days free.

Bella Pointe

You teleport into an office filled with boards of the different lands available here.  Then you have to click the board of whatever land you are interested in to receive information.  They rent commercial land from the small rentals of 16,384 square meters with 250 prims for 399 to the large rentals of 65,536 square meters with 1000 prims for 1499 L.  There are Winter Bliss domes to choose from, Hollow, Cove, Sakura Island, a Mountain Retreat, and Canyon Falls.  Each has options of 65,536 sqm- 1000 prims for 1499 L, Medium rentals of 32,768 sqm-500 prims for 799 L's, and Small rentals of 16,384 sqm with 250 prims for 399 L's.  No one that worked there teleported in while I was there, there is names to message with any problems, but I might talk to them first.  It says in note card that once you pay into the available sign that the next available member of management will stop by to move the signs out of your way and check in on you.  I like to be at least on talking terms when I rent from someone (personal choice) so would have to message and meet to see if I did need something there would be someone available.    

KC Estates

As soon as you touch ground there is a bot greeting you.  Each option has a picture showing how many available, prims, price, and teleport so that you can look from their office.  The castle look is only 190 L's a week with 40 prims,a Vegas look with three floors and 40 prims a week for 240 L's, a pink skybox (win) with two floors and 40 prims for 240 L's a week, and a beach with 350 prims for 700 L a week.  The beach does say it is a quarter of sim though, which isn't a bad deal.  You can't use a TV or a radio in the skyboxes, but you can change for another model anytime and your rent will be transferred.  The skyboxes here are older styled, but great animations. 

Shark Key Residential Land

This is a beach themed residential sim with the option of furnished or unfurnished space and 937 prims. 4096 sqm furnished is 1400 L's a week or unfurnished is 1300 L's a week.  Gypsylynn Whelan is the manager to contact.  There are no poofers, temp rezzers, or breedables to keep the land low lag.  Each parcel has privacy rights restricting voice, gestures so that you can be only seen and heard by those on your own.  You have terraform rights on parcel allowing you to achieve whatever look you'd chose to go for: from beach homes, tiki huts, cabins, or villas.  The land is beautiful with many options for decorations and living choice.  

Friday, August 1, 2014

Spotlight On Sue Peregrine, Owner & Operator of d'Alliez Estates - Jessii2009 Warrhol Reporting

I was introduced to Sue Peregrine, Owner & Operator of d'Alliez Estates, by a good friend of mine, johannes1977 Resident or John as we all call him. Sue has generously provided a sim for usage throughout the 2014 Relay For Life Season, for all teams of relay to use for fundraisers and events. I learned that Sue was an avid relayer and a member of the storied Relay Rockers relay team. I was able to catch up with Sue for an interview: