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Showing posts with label regret. Show all posts

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Avie Poll: Regrets in SL: Regrets in Second Life - Is there anything you wish you never did in SL? – Glossom Resident Reporting…

In our favor or against us, at some times in our lives a sense of regret takes hold of us. 
Regret is one of those feelings that seem to trouble everyone's life, even our virtual ones.  If socializing in a multicultural virtual world means sharing cultures, experiences and ways of living, it also means dealing with opposing ideas, actions and moral and ethical values which may lead to incompatibilities.

What makes us unique individuals, our own way of thinking and acting is present in everything we do and when interacting with other people.  A less friendly or misjudged behavior or attitude, a word placed in the wrong moment, a thoughtless action or any other decisions can trigger negative reactions and a whirlwind of negative feelings that may result in broken ties, lost friendships or any other consequences to the various degrees of seriousness.

Dealing with the consequences of our actions is not easy but living with regret is painful. Sadness, self-punishment, concert are words that best describe how you feel after hurting somebody or even yourself.  So how can you cope with regret?

We traveled the streets of Second Life and the SL Forums asking residents the question: Regrets in Second Life - Is there anything you wish you never did in SL? The SLE would like to thank those who have promptly agreed to participate.