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Showing posts with label sculpties. Show all posts

Friday, April 27, 2018

The Spring Full Perm Fair April 27th - May 20th


The Spring Full Perm Fair -Top Creators-MESH-Sculpties-Textures-Templates- Features the top creators of full permissions fashions,furniture,building components-templates ALL CATEGORIES- 40 Creators will be offering their newest releases,fair exclusives and special discounts for the fair. SHOP-COMPARE-$AVE! - JOIN The Full perm group at the entrance and grab the great full perm gifts.

SLurl  to Fair

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Preferred contact: Up4 Dawes

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Happocalypse Studios Announces Their First Inworld Store Opening on Dreamworld Star.

  Happocalypse Studios Features very inexpensive original fitted mesh avatars and clothing by VNArtist Group

Eve Avatar Designer fashions by VardaSilver Spearsong, Furries and other mesh avatars by Cloak Farigoule, Scripting doo-dads for role play or home by Eric's Epic Creations. We also offer Lucky Chairs, Midnight Mania Boards, and Free prezzies! 

Come check us out! We take requests for custom mesh, sculpties as well as scripts!

Contact VardaSilver Spearsong for mesh or sculpt  or PakennyUSAChieng for Scripting