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Showing posts with label sketchy age play. Show all posts

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Cracking Down on Sketchy Age Play Establishments and Pedophilia Activity in SL– Camury Reporting

Pedophilia is among the diseases classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) between the disorders of sexual preference. Pedophiles are adults (men or women) who have sexual preference for children - girls or boys at the same sex or the opposite sex, usually pre-pubescent (who have not reached puberty) or at the beginning of puberty, according to WHO.
Pedophiles often use the Internet for the ease it offers to find their victims. In Second Life, as well as in other social networks, the pedophile can hide behind the profile to act seductively and win the trust of minors. So it is very important not to disclose personal data on the Internet, such as last name, address, phone number and photos, which can end up in the hands of bad guys. Especially in Second Life, to recognize pedophiles is a difficult task, because often they are people who give no specific reason for suspicion. There are no clues on their profile, so it must be careful not to raise false accusations against innocent people, giving them suspicious lightly.

You should be aware that children Avatars are not perverts or underage users. Many people use child avi’s to enjoy the innocence of being a child again. Do not be too hasty in considering an avatar child as a real person, a minor. You should only report abuse if you see someone clearly playing a sexual situation between an adult and a child avatar. Still should note that many people in Second Life have a youthful appearance, but are not child avatars. The only 'age play' which is prohibited in Second Life is sexual age play. Making your avatar younger than you really are in real life, it is not prohibited.
We know that in Second Life there are different maturity levels that determine the type of content and behavior allowed in a region, affecting the searches results. The regions are classified into three levels of content: General, Moderate and Adult. To access the search results and adult areas, the resident must be at least 18 years old.

A region designated as General cannot advertise or otherwise make available content or sexually explicit activity, violence or contains nudity. Objects with a sexual purpose such as "sex beds" or "pose balls" cannot be placed or sold in General regions.
A region designated as moderate, in Second Life, includes most of the non-adult common activities. Nightclubs, bars, shops, malls, galleries, music concerts, beaches, parks, etc. Different places to socialize, create and learn can be called Moderate. These regions are not allowed to publicly promote adult content or adult activities.

A region designated as Adult in Second Life can provide to residents sexually explicit content or constitutes intense violence or drug use.
Although Second Life is considered a game for adults, aged 18 or more; a teenager can get access, with some restrictions:
* 13-15 years old: Access to Second Life is permitted by means of an affiliated organization and will be restricted to private property of that organization. Only approved avatars by this organization will be able to get these properties. You may not access other areas of Second Life, seek or buy market items.

* 16-17 years old: Access to second life is permitted in regions and search results that have a General maturity rating.

We know, however, that although there are rules, they are not spontaneously followed by children and teenagers and they can be easily skipped.

The educational presence of a parent or guardian is very important. We must always be aware of the websites and videogames accessed by children and teenagers. Some reminders are important to the parents:
* Keep the computer in a common area of the house and its screen visible;
* Observe the minor's activities on the Internet, know the rules of Second Life or other games and frequented websites;
* Ask them to read what the child or teen writes and publishes on his blog, in chat rooms, on Facebook, in Second Life, etc. These are open doors to any person with good or bad intentions;
* meet the virtual friends of your son or daughter. Make sure that your child does not arrange to meet with people over the Internet without permission. Every day many children and adolescents disappear in the world, because they go to meetings scheduled on the Internet. So it is very important not to accept invitations from strangers and never provide personal information.

Just as we teach young people about the real world we have to guide them in the virtual world. Do your part!

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