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Friday, July 23, 2021

HEADLINE: Spotlight on The Terrace Luxury Rentals - Lanai Jarrico Reporting...


The Terrace Luxury Rentals offers affordable high-end fully furnished or unfurnished skyboxes. Whether your style is traditional, modern, contemporary, shabby-chic, industrial, rustic style, or Victorian, you are assured of finding your sky home at the Terrace.

The SL Enquirer met up with Jorden Andrew, General Manager at The Terrace Luxury Rentals.

Interview with Jorden Andrew

SLE: Hi Jorden, you are definitely busy on the grid with The Terrace Luxury Rentals and One Park Tower Hotel. How do you manage all of it?

Jorden: Our staff is available 24/7. We pride ourselves on our friendly professional service in a timely manner. Inquiries are answered immediately or within a few hours. Skyboxes and hotel rooms are maintained daily. It is important that when a new tenant rents a furnished skybox or hotel room it looks exactly as intended - no missing furniture or decor, running water, unmade beds, etc. 

SLE: Great attention to the detail you put into these fabulous locations. Thank you for taking me on a tour of your skyboxes, I’m impressed. They truly are luxurious. Can you share with our readers the various properties The Terrace has to offer?

Jorden: Thank you, SLE. Our furnished (adult) and unfurnished skyboxes range from studios to two bedrooms. Many of our sky homes have the option to change the view from city to country. They are custom-designed with creations from well-known SL fashion stores. With over 22 different styles we strive to provide our Second Life Tenants with affordable high-end ultimate luxury. 

All of our Skybox Photos can be seen in detail on our website at The Terrace Rentals.

SLE: Privacy is a big concern to tenants. How do you ensure guests will get their private time without worrying about their neighbors trying to listen or peek in?

Jorden: All of our skyboxes as well as our hotel rooms are built on individual parcels providing total avatar privacy and Security Orbs are of course included in each unit.

SLE: Now that we got security covered, can you tell our readers what they should expect when they come to The Terrace Management?

Jorden: You will be greeted by Hayden. Hayden is a bot so please if you have any questions, IM or send a notecard to Jorden Andrew. There are Photos and Information Notecards about each skybox we have to offer. The easels have an “Availability List'' which is updated each morning. Teleport from the list to the skybox which interests you.  

SLE: That seems simple enough! How do you set The Terrace Luxury Rentals above any of the other rental properties across Second Life? Is there something you offer that many do not?

Jorden: Two main reasons why many tenants prefer The Terrace Management Skyboxes. One and most important is total avatar privacy as mentioned before as our units are built on individual parcels where other companies build their skyboxes on one parcel above each other. Second, our skybox homes are decorated with high-end adult furnishings and decor.

SLE: Most rental management companies in SL have a set of rules guests and renters have to follow. Are there any restrictions at The Terrace?

Jorden: Our units are built on individual parcels which means that tenants have full parcel rights. The only restriction is no breedable animals; however, we do allow pets or prim babies within reason. We do ask that when a tenant is not home they make sure the pet or baby is set at minimal movement. Also, because units are spaced far apart on separate parcels there is very little lag. 

SLE: That is some great advice to minimize any potential lag caused by pets and babies that can accumulate. Can you tell our readers the pricing structure you have for Terrace Luxury and exactly what do they get for their payment?

Jorden: Our skyboxes rent from $475Ls to $1,600Ls,  depending on the amount of prims and parcel size.

SLE: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Jorden: Please visit us at



WEBSITE: The Terrace Rentals (