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Showing posts with label smooth hammerer. Show all posts

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

"Posh on the Beach" begins it's second year on the Grid with live music and a wonderful beach town feel! Fri, Nov 26th


Smooth Hammerer, a Second Life resident since 2007 has been coding, scripting, and creating sims for many projects, and his latest creation " Posh Estates" by Hammerhead Studios is a joint venture with his inworld partner and wife Hlaðgerðr Jarnsiða. Smooth is an accomplished coder with a real-life background in Information Technology that he brings to his SL world. He also is a Semi-professional photographer. Hlaðgerðr Jarnsiða, or better known as Lags is Smooth Hammerer's partner and his PA at Posh Estates. She is a professional show dancer with the popular and exciting Debauche troupe and an avid and keen builder, loving to tinker with building and furniture making. A fiery redhead all the way from Scotland who is very proud of her Norse heritage, as her name suggests, and was heavily into Norse RP, where she found her love of building and making within SL. The couple has been together for 6 years and collaborated on a number of projects. The "Posh on the Beach" project is focused on a small beach town with a boardwalk pier and beach club that hosts a number of real-life artists and performers that sing and play a range of popular, jazz and rhythm and blues music. The venue also hosts a number of Dj's and Smooth will often rekindle his college Dj sounds and eclectic blend of music.

The venue calendar is published on-site and also in a google calendar. Posh one the beach also has a number of luxury beach homes for rent that have beach-facing views and private beach and water access and are located on a lovely tree-lined street. The small-town feel includes a pub with original artwork on the walls, and a town center that houses information kiosks, and also a brick path to the beach where there are public areas to chill with friends and meet new people. Posh often hosts private events such as weddings and group retreats and is a wonderful place to host your holiday or year-end party! There is a club that is accessible through the custom phonebooth teleporters that has a spa and gym and outstanding view with a small dance floor and lounge area to kick back and spend time with that perfect friend or companion. You can access the Posh sim from here: Hammerhead studios is a creative work in progress where Lager and Smooth have begun to create a unique brand of sporty swimwear and furniture with the Hammerhead brand. The goal is to create socially immersive products that have quality and appeal, whether a swimsuit or ottoman care is taken in the creation of every product. Make sure to come to visit Posh and enjoy the many facets the small town has to offer!