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Showing posts with label strange. Show all posts

Monday, June 11, 2018

Strange & Mysterious SL- Seersha Heart Reporting...

One of the best links provided to SL residents is the "Destinations Guide".  If you open your Destination Guide and look on the left side of the screen you will find categories.  I usually explore a couple listed under "recently added" [near the top].  This week I visited several stops under the category "Strange & Mysterious".  This category appears near the bottom of this lengthy list.  I visited these sites six months ago, and visiting them again was quite interesting.

Most Confusing is Jack the Ripper and Jack the Ripper.  Two distinct and different locations.  The one currently promoted in the destinations guide is very nice build of London in the late 1800s that is one single block.  Super creepy, dark and changes in weather.  While visiting you would realize you are along one of SL’s many land routes.  The asylum is not part of the real Jack the Ripper.  It is a very nice niche made here in this block for visitors.  Take a lot of pictures, this could make a good Halloween texture to send out.

The parcel I am more familiar with is titled “1888”.  It is on Timerry Island and has existed a couple of years now.  This a full RP city set in late 1800s.  Landing in this city the owner provides period clothes for those who are OCC.  There is a club called “Club 88”.  If you want to RP late 1800s and naughty, start at the club.  I am not sure what all the naughty is on this parcel.  I did stumble onto a place with freebie pony play items.  Of course, I picked them up.  I wanted to see what they were…let’s say I am giving a big pass on pony play.

Creepiest city goes to Inns mouth.  You can see the love of building that was put into this Love craft built. There are interesting things to see in most of the buildings.  Some are run down homes.  There is an old bookstore with a back-room card game.  The cards are flying around the room.  My favorite spot is the theater.  It runs a silent film clip and cycles it.  Super creepy, super fun, this will keep you busy exploring for quite a while.  I mounted up and rode my horse around town.  The sounds of my horse on the dark streets was eerie.  I wanted the horse for a fast get away.

Dives or every day places, are popular builds to make scary.  One of those is the DoX Motel.  This is location is in the Pacific northwest.  All the rooms are occupied by unknown people.  I recommend adjusting your sun to midnight for maximum strange effect.  I entered each room, most were disheveled and messy.  Remnants of occupants were left behind.  Downstairs the office is unattended.  the DoX has an isolated feeling.  I would not have been surprised to have someone jump from the shadows.  Plan to stop for only a short time at this parcel.

Olivia's Diner is another dive.  There is no mistaking the strangeness of this stop.  For one thing there are a couple of murder scene poses in the front lawn.  They are funny and chilling.  Inside there is a body on the counter who has been gutted.  There are rats and roaches, roaches on the floor, rats on the counter.  There is a Colonel Sanders style bucket with human heads inside.  There is an ongoing Horror Trivia.  I won 15L, 1L a question.  This parcel has imagination and care put into the disturbing build.  I will be visiting again soon to figure out what the buck deer on the lawn is doing while standing on the lawn.  There are even two dance floors, one inside by the rats and one outside by the crime scenes.  Love it!  Olivia’s wins my vote for more disturbing and spine chilling.

Dystopia is “in” for builders.  I've seen this theme repeated a few times, each time I have been able to see the care and imagination of the builder.  There are fourdystopian stops I recommend for this type of Strange & Mysterious.  The first two are on the guide.  Tableau is a post-apocalyptic desert area.  I took my horse there and rode around the desert.  It is desolate, it is lonely.  The land seems to go on forever.  It looks like a time from Mad Max movies.  Another stop on the Destination guide that is good is titled Dystopia.  The landing point for this build is off so I have given you a better one below.  Dystopia has a city block open to all as well as an area for group members.  Most buildings are abandoned and that is the overall feeling I had walking through the build. 

World's End Café is featured this week in the Destination Guide.  This is not in the Strange &Mysterious.  I would add this strange location. Just a building at the end of a dock.  Hypnotic odd and strange capture how I would rate it.  I would recommend adding a trip to the Nuclear museum if you are dystopia hopping.

I love the Citta Perdu [the lost city].  I started visiting this site several months ago when it was snowing there in the city.  I asked the builder what the city represented.  She told me it is a city where one day everyone just left.  No war or dystopia, just gone.  To add to the thrill of this city go through the sewers.  There is a hidden bar within them.  Look at the subway.  There is much to be seen in this lost city.  When I first began traveling to this location, there were northern lights in the backgrounds.  Pack your camera and take a friend, this build is a treat.

I was introduced to the Verdigris sim by a friend some time ago.  On the surface it is impressive.  On my first trip there, I saw a few areas and thought it was a nice place.  Later I visited and began combing the buildings and other areas.  Some of the areas to explore are the Rossell Hope Robbins sLibrary, the Expedition Hall  and the Clockwork Bird.  Like the Lost City, this stop has much more below the surface than you may anticipate.  There is a mini city that falls victim to a tidal wave within the walls of Verdigris.  There is a man thinking about jumping into the water below.  He has been considering this for months now.  What will you find in Verdigris?

Temple of Iris is on the strange & mysterious Destination Guide list.  It is neither strange nor mysterious.  It is a historic SL location.  If I were to make a list of "must see" locations for SL, the Temple would be on the list.  For those who build, look at that prim count.  Ouch!  The total prims on this build is huge and scary.  Stop by take your picture and visit some authentic SL history.

I saved the most unusual for last.  It is called "untitled".  This stop is on part of the LEA sim.  LEA builds only remain active for set period.  This build is one to cam up and out to see from a distance, then cam in and look at the details.  Waterfall of blood, shallow pool of blood are parts of this build.  You may move around using a mirror teleport which I believe is quite clever.  It is necessary to take your camera out, very far out to view the entire build.  There are two bronze men carrying the “burden” of the project.  Each man is standing in a corithen columned square.  Bring your camera back in and visit all the sites you are able to visit.  This build is temporary.

Strange and Mysterious is a very subjective term.  I feel that one of the words should be unusual.  What one person considers Strange and Mysterious [Untitled] another person may view it as beautiful art.  I am fairly sure that anyone visiting Olivia’s Diner would believe is unusual and strange.  Dystopian ideas are located in many areas of SL.  If you visit them, look for the meaning the building has tried to convey to the viewer.  Keep up with SL Enquirer and we will let you know what we’ve seen and reviewed on the grid.  And as always, if you are interested in reading more about something in SL, let us know.  Here are 

 links to the above spots:
Jack the Ripper
Innsmouth, HP Lovecrat Tribute – 1930s Massachusetts
DoX Motel
Olivia's Diner
World's End Cafe
Citta Perdu [the lost city]
Temple of Iris

-Seersha Heart [saoirseheart resident]
Photos by KarmaghnaUlrik

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Strangest Things Going On in Second Life Part 2- LilyLaceWing Reporting…

 Homeless in Second Life (where you don’t…need…a home…)

Let’s begin with Homeless hangouts. These are place where homelessness is literally a title you can choose to have. I checked out a few of them, and for sure, they look like what you’d expect from a homeless hangout. Giant trash can fires and gritty old mattresses discarded haphazardly against concrete half walls.
 I assume people who roleplay being homeless want to experience it virtually, and if that’s the case, then I somewhat get what is being done. I think of the irony that people who are role playing being homeless while sitting in a house, or at the very least, an apartment with internet. My thoughts are, the reality of being homeless is devastating, and yet it is a rich environment in which to role play? It is confusing but that is just my own opinion.  This would have to be a case of  ‘to each their own”.
I cannot fathom the idea to be homeless. I’m not saying it’s wrong to role play in such an environment because I’m not in the business of judging folks for how they play Second Life, but I must admit to a complete lack of understanding about this particular role playing game.
 What is the attraction, honestly? Using what little I know of homelessness, I’d imagine you spend your days scraping for money and food, trying to secure shelter, or perhaps substances that make the pain of homelessness less intense while trying not to get murdered or raped.  Let’s face it. This is desirable?  I’m sure the homeless in the real world wouldn’t find it amusing at all. Here are some places I found that cater to Homeless Role play.
Hobo Railroad Infohub
Hobo Haven at Virtual Railway Consortium (VRC) Headquarters

Yoga, Tai Chi, and Acupuncture?
Ladies and gentlemen! Bring your mats, your water, your incense, and get in touch with your inner…uhm…avatar!! Second Life offers many a venue for Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, and Acupuncture. These are great places for those of us who’d like to learn more about Yoga, and the other disciplines mentioned above, there’s just one issue here.
Yoga is a discipline meant to connect your soul to the universe through sacred movement. When your avatar does yoga, does it connect it’s Prahna (life force energies, like Chi or Qi,) to the complex and divine designs of the Metaverse, rather than the RL universe?
Is there a Metaverse consciousness that avatars doing yoga can tap into to seek out their peace, or their wisdoms? Wouldn’t that be rad? As for the acupuncture aspect, this one’s a big “Why?” to me as well, since you most definitely need an actually body to benefit from acupunctures therapeutic applications. Tai Chi, again, you can learn a lot about it by visiting these sims, and I can see how one might benefit from watching their avatars do Tai Chi if they physically cannot.
 Engaging in Tai Chi can assist in meditation, so I can see why you could benefit from it through your avatar. The Kundalini Awakening Center really cracks me up, because you absolutely need a physical body to benefit from Kundalini Awakenings. (Google Kundalini Awakening and you’ll see what I mean! It literally REQUIRES you to have a body, I promise!)  If you are curious about how it is done in Second Life here is a link.

Hot Springs Buddha Center Yoga and thai chi

Kundalini Awakening Information center

Drug Dens?
Now this one I get, but I revel in the strangeness. If so desired, one can role play being a crack addict, or junkie of any kind, at The Crack Den. I’m sure you can also role play a cop, a prostitute, or any other type of urban low-life you desire!
There’s also a rad opium den, if sedative drugs are more up your avatars alley! This place offers a free opium pipe at the door, and comfy ‘racks’ (cots) to lay on while your avatar indulges in some of China’s Finest.
 I attempted to infiltrate the Crack Den, but being so new, no one spoke to me  so sadly, I can only comment on what I’ve seen thus far. Everything looks appropriately dirty, dingy, and haphazard, with rusted out cars on fire, tagged buildings, and greasy little alleys in which all kinds of nefarious business goes down.
 For pure scenery, I prefer Octagium’s Opium Den, a beautiful open aired room filled with firelight and beautiful tapestries hung on the Romanesque walls. I’ve visited the place a few times, and so far, I’ve always been the only one there. Pity, I’d love to listen in on the types of conversations that would happen in an opium den or crack house, all from the safety of my own living room!

Crack Den
Octagium’s Opium Den

Second Life is full of strange yet interesting places that mimic the real world. If you are looking for something a little off the beaten path, I am sure you will find it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Strange, Taboo and Unusual Things in Second Life, Part 1- Lilly Lacewing Reporting

I took on this assignment because I love a good challenge, even more so when said challenge is also entertaining! Picking up the virtual rocks to see the virtual bugs that scatter from underneath, I took a few looks into some of the darker and stranger corners of Second Life, and what it has to offer. Before I get started, though, I want to say nothing here is meant to offend anyone, merely to express awe at things unusual that I found lurking through the grid. If I offend anyone, I apologize, it is not my intent.
First up?

Maternity and Abortion Clinics!

Firstly, let me say, I understand the Maternity aspect of this very well. Lots of women cannot have children in RL, and through HUDs like Mama Alpa, and others, a woman can kind of get to experience having and raising a child. While, obviously, it’s not the same, I see the draw there. What I cannot understand are the clinics in SL which also perform abortions. Wait, abortions??

 I thought SL would be a perfect place to engage in the mom game, but do ‘accidents’ really happen in SL like they do in RL? Why would someone need to have an abortion in SL? If you buy the HUDs to breed, wouldn’t it then make sense that you WANT the child more than anything, as evidenced by how much a person is willing to pay for the HUDs (which, mind you, have a realistic odds system for getting pregnant build right into it,)? I’m not claiming to know all here, I genuinely don’t understand. Please, if you have a story about an accidental pregnancy in SL, feel free to share your story in the comments and help me understand!

Next up?

Church, in Second Life!

 This one is only strange to yours truly because of how scarily similar to RL churches, SL churches can be. I got to listen in on a service, and it gave me goose bumps and flashbacks to being a too curious for my own good creature, slowly suffocating in her nylons (it’s a sensory processing issue, can’t stand their texture, makes my skin scrawl.) While SL churches provide an AMAZING service to those who cannot get out of their homes for their RL Sunday worship (or Saturday, or Friday, religion depending,) to those who are mobile enough, but just need their dose of God even in SL. Hooray for community! However, Second Life churches, to those who do NOT have a need of their services, are undeniably creepy places. Avatars dressed either as angels, or in virginal white, sing hymns, while preachers tell you Bible Stories and pass around the virtual collection plates (some things never change, from RL to SL. Sigh. Since when does God need money?) Anyways, back on point. SL churches, while greatly helpful to some, give nightmarish flashbacks to others. Catholics, I know you’ve got my back on this! For an even stranger twist, some of these churches worship the Gods of Sex, if you catch my drift. So whether your needs are simple, non-denom Christian, or any other standard religion, you can find a church for you in Second Life. And if you worship Sex Gods? Well, there are plenty of churches for you, too, that are infinitely more fun, I’d wager.

Next up in our sideshow circus?

Rape Sims and Gangbang Shows

 Now, this is the ultimate winner in the tableau of weird, strange, and bizarre things that SL has to offer. There are places, where if you have the right HUD, you can engage in what I like to call the Rape Games. You go there, turn on your HUD (maybe more steps, I’m not sure, I don’t have a RAPE HUD,) and then let the games begin. Being a diligent little Avatar, I went to go check out one of the places where folks hang out for the Rape Games. Almost immediately, an Avi started following me. I moved, he followed. I moved, he followed. You get it. I immediately told a safe white lie that I knew would end the conversation I knew was coming. “Dude, I have a massive (BLEEP), you want that? Keep following.” Naturally, it worked, and I was free to snoop again, however by that point, I’d felt I’d seen enough to know that it’s a creepy, bizarre scene. Not judging those who engage in the play themselves, but there are a lot of rape victims in the world. I doubt they had fun with it. To me, making a game out of something others experience as an unwanted, violating, horror in their life, others role play it because it tickles their proverbial toes. But still, I found worse… The Gangbang shows.

 Yeah, you read that right. There are places in SL where you can go watch a Gangbang show. And that’s exactly what it is, a show, where a bunch of usually dudes, gang up on one usually chick, and go to town on her, while being verbally degrading to her as well. The only other Avatar I felt safe while there was my tiny fly. Not that you can’t see me, or find my nametag, but thankfully as a fly I was safe from approach. This wasn’t a bestiality sim, after all (though I saw one of those too and I now know, not that I wanted to, where to go if you want your Avi to get it on with a horse.) I can’t really go into any more detail without this suddenly becoming an X-rated column, but for those of you out there who just NEED some weird, feel free to seek out your bizarre sex churches (and traditional ones as well,) your Rape Games or your Maternity clinics, where you can birth prim babies and also satisfy a milk maid fetish at the same time.

Ahh, SL, it’s always been your intrinsic weirdness that’s stolen my heart. Go on, Avies, fly your freak flag hard, explore and tell us about the strange things you’ve encountered in Second Life.