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Showing posts with label truth or dare. Show all posts

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Got the Balls to Play Truthball By Leesa Donner?

Truthball is the hottest truth or dare game system in Second Life. Created by Leesa Donner, The Truthball provides your guests with hours of engaging entertainment. It is a perfect way to break the ice when getting to meet someone new, hanging out with friends or even strangers, and getting to know them in ways you may have never expected.

Categories include PG & Adult questions about Love, Relationships, Scenarios,  Get2KnowU, Holiday themes, RL Issues, FemDom/BDSM and more!

Did we mention this would be the perfect gift for the holidays!

Get yours today!

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Truthball Announces New Line of Gallery Truthballs- Art Meets Gaming Fun!

Truthball is the best selling truth or dare style game in Second Life.

They are announces their newest line of Truthballs called Gallery Truthballs. There are currently three versions in this series, BDSM, Male, and Female, all worthy of a place in a statue garden or art gallery--or your home or venue, featuring some of the most stunning male and female statues and a beautiful glowing ball.

 First, it is a piece of art, second you touch to play. With Gallery Truthballs art meets gaming fun. This series comes in a full avatar size or a table top size of each object.

Gallery Truthballs come with 11 or 13 sets of questions, depending on which one you buy. It offers  hours  of fun for your partner, friends or venue. Truthball scales to up to 32 sets of questions and you can even  write your own.

Looking for variety?
 Truthball offers over 50 sets of fun questions so the fun just keeps coming!

The Gallery Truthball objects were created by artist Johan Lionheart of Remesh in a partnership with Truthball. With a strong focus on high end, quality designs - Remesh strives to bring beautiful creations to the SL market at an affordable price.
Contact Leesa Donner for all Truthball inquiries.

Truthball Store: