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Showing posts with label gaming. Show all posts

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

BDSM in SL: An Update- Triskelion Academy and Social Center- Ely Catronis Reporting…



Triskelion Academy and Social Center are created to offer advice and education to people in the Secondlife BDSM community. Classes and discussions are available for both Dominants and submissives; regardless if you are entirely new to BDSM or if you have been practicing for many years in real life or SL. We hope to give you the tools to develop your knowledge and understanding of the lifestyle in Second Life, allowing you and the people you play with to enjoy more meaningful scenes and relationships. In addition to education, the sim also aims to create a social community and hangout space for people to meet other like-minded individuals.

Over the past 19 years in SL, the lifestyle of BDSM has developed through a variety of styles and kinks to the current lifestyle and community we have today.  In a nutshell, BDSM is about the Dominant and submission lifestyle. People believe that it is safer in SL than in RL and will go through a range of courses, talks, and negotiations to understand exactly what it is and what to do. 

Search around and one can find a variety of centers and communities that represent different educational aspects and fetishes in this lifestyle. It has become common and many people think they know what it is. One place is Triskelion Academy and Social Center.

This is a community that began back in 2020 with the goal to educate and assist in the development and safety of those seeking to explore a BDSM lifestyle in Second-life through continuing educational classes, discussion groups, and mentoring.  The academy has graduated 5 classes since it began and is moving and expanding the academy and social center to the Black Moon Acres BDSM Community beginning in the Later Summer/Fall Session which begins August 8.  They are currently accepting registrations and tailor their academy to accept both sides of the slash (D/s), which offers a unique learning experience for participants. 

The features of this Academy over the others is that although it does have classes and discussions, similar to other locations, Triskelion Academy offers courses that are continually researched and enhanced each session; including assignments for the students to reflect on with non-judgemental, reflective feedback offered, two textbooks for learning at their own pace within the semester, and mentors, and study help available in a non-role play setting. 

When you arrive, you come to the landing zone filled with information to guide your journey. Taking the teleporter on the floor in front of you to the classroom as well as any of the other places for education or mentoring time, discussion, and meetings.  Through the perspective of Adola, a graduate:

I found the Triskelion Academy shortly after they opened up the sim and found so many lovely people there.  But also it took me a long time to finally sign up, so I signed up for the 5th term at Triskelion Academy.  12 weeks of classes took the students on a journey through almost every aspect of the D/s and BDSM world.  The classes are led by very experienced instructors that are totally open-minded and encourage students to find their own way of BDSM. Still, they are giving great advice but they emphasize finding your own style. “ 

Taking another walk-through (or teleporter) journey through the calming, nature-filled land will bring you to a variety of spaces for entertainment and activities in the community as well.  They offer munches, game time, sub club at the pool, Dominant meetings, and dances so that people can get to know one another and share time with one another socially in a relaxed time outside the academy to get to know one another. “Something important is the relationships and friendships made while here” noted another graduate who became staff.  The staff aims to make each experience an enjoyable experience and something that everyone will remember.  

The sim is open to come through and explore,  relax with their Dominant or submissive in the other areas as long as they are respectful of the community who reside there.  There is a cave of various tunnels which includes a Lagoon and Hall of Wonders with equipment and other surprises to find, an underwater area, library, meditation area, and beautiful picturesque places to enjoy.  

Additional Information:



Preferred Contact: Faxi (Faxi2016)

Sunday, February 9, 2020

You are cordially invited to the Club QQ TnT Valentine's Party on Sunday 9th February 2020 - Noon SLT.

As John Paul Young famously sang, "Love Is In The Air", and you can come feel the love at the annual Club QQ TnT Valentine's party. ♥

Two consummate singers to entertain us this year... the lovely Scandinavian singer Stinna Sky Light, and all the way from the Big Smoke, Mr Chris London.

L$5,000 in prize money for best dressed in the VALENTINE's theme... the prize money will be shared out based on votes.

Schedule of events:

Noon SLT (8 PM UK, 9 PM CET) - Party kicks off with Chris London,
1 PM SLT (9 PM UK, 10 PM CET) - Stinna Sky Light takes over at the mic,
1:30 PM SLT (9:30 PM UK, 10:30 PM CET) - Voting starts,
2 PM SLT (10 PM UK, 11 PM CET) - Results and conclusion of the event.

As always, 0x and I would like to extend our thanks to everyone for their continued support of the TnT Greedy Greedy game club. It is truly appreciated.

Take care and happy game playing everyone!

Monday, July 18, 2016

A Sane Lunatic Just Rambling about the World and its Increasing Ludicrousy

We live in a world controlled by technology. There are over 7 billion people on this earth; about 6.5 billion have a cell phone glued to their hand or in reaching distance. Now with the Pokémon craze, many have found a new reason to be more entranced by their handheld devices. I speculate more trips to the ER with injuries related to not paying attention in public, the divorce rate will jump another 15% and within 5 years babies will be born with a genetic disposition to anti socialism. That is assuming people will have actual sex for conception purposes.  Some people just don’t have the time for the kids they have or the donor of  the genes they need to reproduce. Call me crazy rightfully so but am I making enough sense to at least land a job at a local Walmart as a greeter?

Anyway, why bother even looking up from a screen anymore when all forms of communication are taking over old fashion face to face engagement?

We’ve become a society bored with each other and more self centered.  If we took a look at our Facebook feed we can tell who had what for breakfast, lunch and or dinner, stupid meme’s about life goals people don’t even follow, opinions about the mundane and just stupid selfies with the shameless duck face. Some have even mastered the perfect camera angle to eliminate double chins and all the rolls they have accumulated since the last time anyone seen them in public. Nothing seems to be real anymore. Most seem to trudge through life molding perceptions about themselves but not even owning up to their own reality.

The SL Enquirer sat down with a rambling lunatic to talk about the world through the eyes of the utterly deranged and for the love of humanity I make more sense than a person not loaded with medication.

What the FUDGE is going on around here? I have no flipping clue but who cares anyway? It has been approximately 15 hours since I’ve lifted my head from my phone to even absorbed the chaos that swirls around me. I may be wearing the same clothes for the past week, hardly had any sleep but I sure love the life I live. At least I think so, ask me that when I’m off meds and I might break down crying because it is my crutch. Or maybe I just can’t help the way my emotions change from hot and cold.

There really is no main objective to this article. I was asked to ramble on the record so I’m seizing the moment while I have at least one person’s attention.

If I was normal, I’d work all day for someone else and their unrealistic expectations, enjoy 2 breaks and a half hour lunch. My back would hurts and the corns on my feet will grow by the day in these damn shoes. Besides that, I’ll have no time to sit on my ass for a second to even check my calls, personal emails, Oh yeah or even spend quality time with my family.  Right now, I choose to ramble to the masses and get everything off my sloppy hairy chest because I’ve been given this monumental opportunity. I love the SL Enquirer and all that it stands for. It gives anyone a voice that is willing to take advantage of it. By you reading this is served a purpose. I just either wasted your time or made you reflect on your own life. 

That is more than I can say about those who share their thoughts in character limited posts on social media just waiting for someone to like or comment on it. I could give a blind flying nun on a broomstick what anyone thinks but it sure felt good to just ramble about the world and the decline of intelligence.

 That leaves me with one question for you. How do you see the world?

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What Tech-Savvy UK Teens Are Doing This Summer 2016

image borrowed from

Summer is quickly approaching and teens are getting set to have a bit of fun and adventure. However, some are looking to move forward with their lives in order to prepare for university which also means learning to drive. From hi-tech apps and gaming systems to online learner driving tests, many teens throughout the UK will be just as busy as they are entertained. Here is what is expected of tech-savvy UK teens for the summer of 2016.

Top Trending Apps for Social Media

Teens are the most social demographic of any age group. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, you will usually find your teen glued to his or her mobile phone messaging away the hours of the day. Well, move over top three apps as there’s a new kid in town, Snapchat. Last year this cool little app came in fourth to the expected top three but this year tells another story. In the US as well as in the UK, Snapchat beat out the previous top apps by at least one percentage point in a survey by banker Piper Jaffray. This summer expect UK teens to be snapping and chatting the hours away.

Studying for Their Driver Tests

Some teens are in their last year of school before going off to university and are studying for their driving test. Since they have to pass the theory first before they can take the practical, this is where they will be found a good bit of the summer. There are even online sites like Toptests where learner drivers can practice taking the theory part of the test to see what’s in store for them when they are ready to take the real thing. If you have a home PC or laptop and internet access, you might want to show your son or daughter where they can get the extra practice they need so they can ace the theory test when they take the official one.

Gaming the Hours Away

Gaming is no longer what it was when most parents were teens. Now it is all about an online community and all the leading gaming systems require internet access to reach the higher levels of the games. Kids are no longer solitary individuals gaming from a console in their living rooms cut off from the rest of the world. Whilst they are physically in the same location, they are also connected to a global group of kids playing the same games either as team members or in competition with one another. Worrying about your teen spending too much time alone? Maybe you needn’t worry as they may just be connected with hundreds of others their same age!

So what are tech savvy kids doing this summer in the UK? You will probably see them attached to their mobile phones or iPads but you probably shouldn’t worry if they are getting the proper socialisation skills. They aren’t alone in their digital world and many will actually be learning something. If you are concerned, check out what they are doing and what sites they are frequenting, but when all is said and done, you’ll see they’re probably just having a bit of summer fun.

Monday, July 6, 2015

♥♥ TREASURE at STUDIO 777® July 6th - July 19th, 2015 • Events Calendar ♥♥

Second Life's #1
Gaming Nightclub!!

Party, Play & WIN at STUDIO 777™ featuring TREASURE, our high energy Dance Club, JOBSTAR Job Center, 777 Shopping Mall and Skill Gaming Resort. TREASURE at STUDIO 777™ is the Nightclub at the heart of 777, Events Monday-Sunday 6:00-8:00pm SLT (9:00-11:00pm Eastern). Since 2009. Over 1 Million Guests & Over L$250 Million WON! Be our next Champion! 

IMPORTANT! To access our Sim, you need to meet the new requirements to enter a Skill Gaming Region. You'll need to 1) have verified payment information on file (credit card or PayPal) 2) Be over 19 years old, and 3) Reside in/access Second Life from states and countries that allow Skill Gaming. Check out our FAQ at 

Monday, January 5, 2015

An Inside Look Into The Life of a Gamer- Garin Turner Reporting...

 The life of a gamer has taken on many different roles as well as stereotypes over the years. It seems that society tends to label gamers as fat, lazy, unemployed and living in their parents basement just to name a few words to describe gamers. For a lot of gamers, that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Gaming to a lot of people is more than just that. It’s a hobby, to some it’s even life. Here I take a look at just how gaming has affected the life of a gamer as well as a tell all look at myself.

Angie is a 33 year old gamer. She’s been gaming since she was eight and her first console was Atari. Her fondest memory was staying up late playing video games with her dad. “Whether it was Mario or Sonic we had fun trying to beat them,” Angie said. Angie hasn’t just limited herself to consoles, she also plays games on the PC. “My favorite games are World of Warcraft (WOW), The Sims Online and Second Life,” Angie said. Angie has been playing SL for 10 years now as Justice Mirabeu.

As far as what gaming has done to have a positive impact on her life, she gave a lot of thought before she gave her answer. “I don’t see gaming really having a positive impact like it did anything super good. Granted I spend time with my mother on SL as we don’t seem to have a lot to say in first life but we have good mother and daughter time in game,” Angie said. Family wasn’t the only people Angie mentioned however, like most people who game, friends were made over the years playing games. “I’ve met some people who became good friends from gaming on WOW and SL, some of which I’ve met in real life,” Angie said. Angie is engaged in first life and she lives three and a half hours away from her fiancé. She spoke of the advantages of gaming. “Gaming gives us a chance to be close and spend quality time together being that far away. It’s tough being in a long distance relationship but gaming makes it a little be easier, plus I get to teach him how to play SL,” Angie said.

Switching gears Angie then told me about the negative aspects that gaming has had in her life and there seemed to be more cons than pros. “Even though my gaming was mostly done during the night or on the weekends, it made a lot of people think all I did was sit on my butt all day every day and play SL and WOW.” She paused for a couple of minutes and then continued. “It beats going to the club all the time and drinking and smoking which is a lot of what people wanted to do. Gaming kept me out of trouble,” Angie said. After that she opened up more about her fiancé and the negative part of being a gamer. “As nice as it is to game especially with my fiancé, sometimes things get out of hand.

 I still game don’t get me wrong but I’m not into it like I was and I play more SL than I do games on the console,” Angie said. When asked her to elaborate why that was, again she paused and had this to say. “Sometimes I get bombarded with wanting to play. Don’t get me wrong it’s not just him. A lot of people think just because I got a new console or a new game, or I’m on SL that means they’re going to get to play all the time or that I’m going to let them borrow it or use my computer. A lot of the time I don’t feel like my stuff is really mine and I just want to sell it or put it away for good!” She added, “it’s also a struggle just to have any time to myself with or without being on my PC. If I even go to get a drink, somebody gets on my computer and I basically have to fight just to get it back.” Gaming gets taken more seriously than it should in my life!

Which brings it to me. I’m 33 and have been gaming since I was seven. My first console was Nintendo.I’ve been in SL for two years now. I don’t get on daily so I’m still learning new things all the time.

My fondest memories come from both childhood as well as being an adult. As a child I remember my parents both yanking the controller, sometimes out of the Nintendo because they thought it would help you jump. If you think about it, that might have been the foundation of motion controls. I also remember my dad thinking he was playing the original Mario Bros. game but he didn’t press start. He never touched a controller ever again. I also remember my mom playing The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle game for the Nintendo. We rented it for a few days and I may have got to play it 5 times. My mom ended up having dreams about it. As an adult, my fondest memory is playing LEGO Star Wars and New Super Mario Bros. Wii with my kids. We had so much fun and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

I suffer from depression, panic attacks and bipolar disorder. I go to the doctor when I’m supposed to and I take my pills when I can afford them. There’s plenty of times where none of that works. I only get to talk to my counselor once every other month. In addition to all of that, suicide runs in my family and yes I’ve attempted it a handful of times. I can honestly say that the PS3 and PS4 and PC gaming has saved my life numerous of times. I turn it on and start playing and I get lost into the game. I forget whatever it is that’s bothering me and by the time I’m done, I’m better. If I’m mad at the world or at certain people, a first person shooter or Watch Dogs usually does the trick. If I get into an intense battle in Madden or NBA 2K14 then that’s even better. Some people cope by drinking, others by smoking, my coping mechanism, my addiction so to speak is video games! It’s not just life, it saved my life. That’s how it has affected me in a positive way.

Now I’d be a liar if I didn’t say that it hasn’t caused negativity in my life as well. As much as it’s saved my life in the past, in a lot of ways it’s destroyed my life. It’s a big reason why I’m divorced and only get to see my kids maybe three times a year if I’m lucky. When I was younger, 19, 20 and so on, whenever that game I just “had” to have came out or I wanted to play a game on the computer, I would go out and buy it, whether we had the money or not, whether my daughters needed diapers or not, I went out and bought games. Then I’d try to hide the game and the fact that I bought the game. It was always a lie. Oh I found it, somebody let me borrow it. It was always something. Many of times I had a job and I quit because I wanted to stay at home and play video games.

 It got so bad that I’d park the car in the garage, wouldn’t answer the door or the phone and I’d play until my ex-wife came home. You might be asking where the kids were. I’d drop them off at her mom’s house or at a babysitter’s house.  When it was time for my ex-wife to come home, I’d put everything away get in the car and drive around in the country and come home like I just put in a full days of work. That’s just if I pretended to work the same shift. If I had a second shift job or flat out lie about having one in the first place. I’d drive around in the country seeing how far the road goes for however long my “shift” was. All so I could come home and play games. Sometimes I’d say I had the day off and would keep my kids. I’d be so wrapped up in the game that they would destroy the house, clothes everywhere, coloring and writing on the walls, and sometimes barely fed. I ignored my own kids and my ex-wife for years. It got to the point that be it video games or the computer, we only communicated through Myspace or Facebook.

 I had a real problem. I was a bad parent and husband because of it, and that’s just ONE aspect to my end of why we’re divorced. We had an unfortunate house fire back in 2005. The ex and I got into a fight because I bought something I shouldn’t have. She took the kids to her mom’s house. Well the furnace was old and the wires were frayed and the house caught on fire. I almost didn’t make it. I was accused by a handful of people of starting the fire on purpose. The detective I understood but others that’s just crazy. 

A former relative said to me that they knew I didn’t do it and they can prove it. I would’ve gotten all the stuff I deemed important (games, wrestling stuff, childhood stuff) out of the house, I would’ve hid it somewhere and then little by little as time went by, things would magically appear. To this day, and it’s sad to admit this, that person is right because that’s exactly what I would’ve done. Surprisingly the PS2 and all of the games survived the fire but it was “decided” that the PS2 should be thrown out. So as you see, gaming for better or worse has played a huge part in my life. Admittedly more than it ever should for me or anybody.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Truthball Announces New Line of Gallery Truthballs- Art Meets Gaming Fun!

Truthball is the best selling truth or dare style game in Second Life.

They are announces their newest line of Truthballs called Gallery Truthballs. There are currently three versions in this series, BDSM, Male, and Female, all worthy of a place in a statue garden or art gallery--or your home or venue, featuring some of the most stunning male and female statues and a beautiful glowing ball.

 First, it is a piece of art, second you touch to play. With Gallery Truthballs art meets gaming fun. This series comes in a full avatar size or a table top size of each object.

Gallery Truthballs come with 11 or 13 sets of questions, depending on which one you buy. It offers  hours  of fun for your partner, friends or venue. Truthball scales to up to 32 sets of questions and you can even  write your own.

Looking for variety?
 Truthball offers over 50 sets of fun questions so the fun just keeps coming!

The Gallery Truthball objects were created by artist Johan Lionheart of Remesh in a partnership with Truthball. With a strong focus on high end, quality designs - Remesh strives to bring beautiful creations to the SL market at an affordable price.
Contact Leesa Donner for all Truthball inquiries.

Truthball Store:

Sunday, November 2, 2014


STUDIO 777 (FUN) Creates Unprecedented Partnership, Adds Land, Joins Pi Games Tournament System


NEW YORK AND SECOND LIFE -- October 27, 2014 — STUDIO 777™ (CAPEX: FUN), the #1 Skill Gaming Nightclub, Mall and Resort in the Second Life® virtual world since 2009, today announced that Linden Lab®, a division of Linden Research, Inc., has approved STUDIO 777 as an official Second Life Skill Gaming Program Operator ("SLSGO") and Sol Hermosa is an official Skill Gaming Region ("SGR"). In addition, the Company has joined the new Pi Games Tournament System and has added a Homestead simulator called STUDIO 777 which will be the home base for JOBSTAR Job Center, Ads-O-Matic Advertising and the STUDIO 777 Mall.

Linden Lab affirmed on October 27, 2014: "Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that your application to become an Operator through the Second Life Skill Gaming Program has been approved."

“This is an incredibly exciting time for STUDIO 777,” Luke Slingshot, CEO of STUDIO 777, commented. "We're grateful to Linden Lab for today's approval and continuing help and support, and to Stevan Lieberman, our Players, Team, Shareholders, Partners and Friends. In the four months since our IPO, in addition to expansion, the acquisition of Ads-O-Matic and our conversion to a Skill Gaming Region and Operator approval, we've also paid L$1,715,185 in dividends to our Shareholders. The Skill Gaming industry is one of the internet's fastest growing segments and with this announcement, STUDIO 777 continues forward as a leader in this dynamic area."

The U.S. Skill Based Gaming industry saw revenue of $2.5 billion in 2013 alone, and is projected to surpass $9.0 Billion in annual revenue by 2017, according to a national consumer study conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates. Skill Based Gaming is becoming so common and popular that Venture Capital firms are buying in:

STUDIO 777 created an unprecedented partnership to create and submit Reasoned Legal Opinions ("RLOs") to Linden Lab. Included in the partnership are Raziel Foggarty, Creator of 4Play, Wizard, Stomp The Fox and R&A Core products , Aargle Zymurgy, legendary Creator of Zyngo and scores of games and Ocean View Gamers . Together, with their attorney, Stevan Lieberman of Greenberg and Lieberman ( , ), RLOs have been created and submitted for 10 sets of Second Life's most popular games.

In addition, STUDIO 777 is honored to announce it was the first partner accepted into the Pi Games Tournament System. Pi Games, known for many of the most popular games in Second Life, unveiled an unparalleled system including Reel Wild Progressive Tournament, Bugz Progressive Tournament, Pot-o-Gold Tournament, Fire Ball Tournament, Devil Hunt Tournament, Enchanted Tournament, Party Crasher Tournament, Doggie Style Tournament, Royal Gems Tournament and Ice Cream Tournament. The Tournament System will only be available on 10 regions in Second Life.

Pi Games CEO FoxyFurman Kumaki commented, "STUDIO 777 has been a great partner since nearly the inception of Pi Games in Second Life, and as we were developing the Pi Games Tournament System, Luke and his team were enthusiastic and professional about supporting and joining the project. We're delighted to have STUDIO 777 join us as we develop new games and continue offering some of the most successful games on the grid."

"We deeply respect and admire Fox and Pi Games, and congratulate Pi Games on Linden Lab's approval of the Tournament System," said KariAnne Starsmith, President of STUDIO 777. "Pi Games has created some of Second Life's most fun and popular Skill Games, and we're honored to be part of this historic system. To celebrate, we've donated to Fox Woods Animal Rescue, Inc and encourage everyone to support this great charity."

Several of STUDIO 777's initiatives, including JOBSTAR Job Center, the STUDIO 777 Mall, and ADS-O-MATIC will soon move to their new homes on the new STUDIO 777 Homestead Sim. The Homestead, which will be STUDIO 777's new Landing Point, is not a Skill Gaming Region, thereby making the areas available to non payment verified avatars. Information and frequently asked questions about Skill Gaming Regions are at

As previously noted by Linden Lab, “Second Life is the most successful user-created virtual world ever,” said Ebbe Altberg, Linden Lab CEO. “Eleven years after first opening, it continues to thrive with more than a petabyte of 3D content created by users, a strong economy of user-to-user transactions in which tens of millions of dollars are paid out to creators every year, and an active community that spans the globe. There is a massive opportunity ahead to carry on the spirit of Second Life while leveraging the significant technological advancements that have occurred since its creation, and no company is better positioned to create this than we are.”

Since 2009, STUDIO 777™, an Official Skill Gaming Operator, has welcomed over 1 million Guest visits with over 50 million minutes spent at 777 in the Second Life virtual world. With 30,000 Group Members, 1,400 Live Events with international DJs & L$ prizes, 50 Mall Stores, and L$250 Million Linden won by Players and Guests, STUDIO 777 has gained a reputation for trust, integrity and fun. 777 has been ranked third highest in traffic in Second Life and honored to be named Second Life’s #1 Skill Gaming Nightclub & Resort. Visit STUDIO 777 in Second Life at Twitter @Studio777Club and on the web at

Capital Exchange ( is Second Life's largest stock market simulation game. In the last 12 months over L$120,000,000 of virtual stock within the game has been traded. Skip Oceanlane has been the Capital Exchange CEO since January, 2011.

ABOUT LINDEN LAB: Founded in 1999 and headquartered in San Francisco, Linden Lab makes shared creative spaces that inspire and empower users to explore and share their creativity with others. For more about Linden Lab, its products, and career opportunities please visit

Safe Harbor Statement:

This press release contains statements which may constitute forward-looking statements. Those statements include statements regarding the intent, belief or current expectations of STUDIO 777, members of management, and assumptions on which such statements are based. Prospective investors are cautioned that any such forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and involve risks and uncertainties, and that actual results may differ materially from those contemplated by such forward-looking statements. Capital Exchange is a fictional stock market simulation game operating for entertainment and educational purposes only. All activity regarding Capital Exchange is governed by CapEx's disclosure statement at and full rules for CapEx participation are at

Copyright © STUDIO 777 Partners. All worldwide rights reserved. Second Life and Linden Lab are registered trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. All trademarks, product data, logos and copyrights are the property of their respective Companies and no endorsement is implied. STUDIO 777 is proud to be equal opportunity and welcomes all applicants.

For STUDIO 777: Luke Slingshot, KariAnne Starsmith
In world: Luke Slingshot, KariAnne Starsmith
Email: Mr. Slingshot:, Ms. Starsmith:

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Studio 777 Goes Public- Interview with Luke Slingshot - Piers Diesel Reporting

 Studio 777 is like the Vegas of Second Life. It is an institution in SL business which offers the residents not only the option of skill gaming and winning money but also entertainment. Studio 777 also offer residents the chance to find virtual employment not only with the company but with other companies in Second Life as well.

It is not surprising when Studio 777 announced that they were going public allowing residents in Second Life to be shareholders. Finally residents were able to buy shares.  60% of shares were sold out within an hour on that first day. The owner of Studio 777 Luke Slingshot and his team surprised but also knew that residents who were buying shares could see that this was a business to invest in now and for the future.

I was able to chat with Luke about the success of going public and also about Studio 777.

Interview with Luke Slingshot

Sunday, March 23, 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: North Star Club and nearby North Beach are Looking for Club Managers, DJ's, and Greedy Hosts for their clubs and Gaming Venues.

"We offer an adult sim with something for everyone," says Countess Rae, who is Public Relations Manager for the properties.  "There is gaming, shopping, and spaces for adults to hang-out and be entertained."

The entertainment venues are located on a newly established entertainment Sim. To learn more about how you can apply for a position at North Star Club and Beach contact Countess Rae with a note card directly and as soon as possible!


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Game$ Club & Portugal Games Offers a Unique Opportunity for Entertainment in Five full Regions with the Best Games Available

Games Club provides the highest level of entertainment and excitement in Second Life through our range of top most popular quality games available in two regions.

Boost your chances to win cash prizes: Super Wheel Jackpot, 30 minutes High Score contest, 30 minutes random Money Giver, 20 minutes random Money Giver, Daily Credits, Weekly CASH reward, Super Progressive Jackpot, Wink, pay up to 10x,25x,50x and 100x your buying. No Devil , 4Play, Reel Wild, Money Vault , Core S , Stomp the Fox , RWP , Enchanted , Lucky 5 , Royal Gems Roto Loto Spin2Pot , Jackpot best games. Visit us and start cashing out now.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Looking for something to do with friends? Visit Strikes Bowling and Game Land

Strikes Bowling and Game Land has been open 6 weeks and is already a top ten destination for those who like to bowl and play games in SL.  Gino Morlim has done a great job building a fun place to go have fun with friends.  Strikes Bowling Lanes is like a bowling alley in RL but is in SL where you can get a better score than in RL.  Featuring a Bowling League on Mondays at 5 PM SLT and now forming a 10 AM League too on Mondays.  He has the lanes set up for the highest score possible where the speed of your ball does not effect how or where you hit the pins.  Anyone interested in joining a bowling league team contact Gino Morlim and let him know.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Technology: Oculus Rift – a New Virtual Reality Viewing Accessory- Stareyes Galaxy Reporting…

Oculus Rift is a new virtual reality (VR) viewing accessory that is designed to give VR gamers a new level of user experience. 

The device development was initially financed by Kickstarter, and demonstrator units are now available for developers, together with a software development kit (SDK). Linden Lab is looking into porting this VR experience to Second Life © (SL) users, but there is still a way to go before we can expect the first avatars to enter SL using an Oculus Rift viewer. Stareyes Galaxy had the opportunity to test the demonstrator.

The technology behind the Oculus Rift is quite straightforward. It uses a 6” liquid-crystal display (LCD) and enlarging optics for both eyes. A personal computer (PC) is used to send the viewable content to the display. The user then sees a stereoscopic view of the VR content, as both eyes get their own view, separated by the perspective. The optics focus on the display surface itself, but the perspective seems to be set in infinity. The rendering for the display is done by means of the software, for each eye separately. The viewer uses the same content that is rendered on the PC screen.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gaming in SL: Vegas in Second Life- Piers Diesel Reporting...

Second life as long as I can remember has had a gaming culture. There have been place where you can gamble and win Lindens and sometimes lose Lindens. That is what makes it a gamble.  Casinos are illegal in Second Life and have been banned but there are places that you can still participate in gaming that does not go against the TOS.
Whatever your views are on this activity in Second Life, to make SL a world which equals Real life in certain aspects, contests of chance where you can win money, is very popular in Second Life and will always be.

 To find out what kind of money was being played at these venues, I went down to 3 different types of gaming facilities, offering different lay outs and unique games.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

♥♦♣♠ TREASURE AT STUDIO 777® Grand OPENING BASH!!! ♥♦♣♠ Kicking off Thursday June 27th @ 6pm slt Until June 30th

15 Hours of Music, 11 DJ's, Tons of Cash, Prizes & Game Credits... Join us!

Play, Party & Win at STUDIO 777®, Second Life's #1 Gaming Nightclub to
Celebrate the Grand Opening of TREASURE inside the heart of the Club!
Here's the Schedule Of Events for June 27-30, 2013: WIN L$100,000 in
STUDIO 777's Nightclub! Watch for notices and group chat on times &
places... You won't want to miss the CASH & GAME CREDITS! We're Up All
Night To Get Lucky at STUDIO 777!


6-8pm SLT (9-11pm EDT):
- Wear Latex and join us in celebrating the grand opening of
★ FRIDAY June 28
4-10pm SLT (7-11pm EDT):

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Master Entertains: Spotlight On RichyRich, Owner of Caged BDSM Gaming-Mackenzie Abbot Reporting…

BSDM has a dark and mysterious side that few people know or understand.  It's more than just spankings and other activities that people would class as "kinky". 

How do you combine BDSM with gaming and DJ events in Second Life©?
Richy Rich is a dom (dominant) and has managed to do just that.  As the owner of Caged BDSM Gaming, he seems to have found the right balance.  We meet at the venue and, as expected, he has two of his subs (submissive) by his side.  The place has a few VIP's milling around and playing the various machines but he greets me warmly and I begin asking him about his roots.

Interview with RichyRich

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spotlight on Club QQ TnT Greedy Greedy Friendly Gaming Hang Out- Vapor paragorn Reporting…

Club QQ TnT Greedy Greedy Friendly Gaming Hang Out

"QQ TnT Greedy Greedy" is a gaming hangout spanned over almost 3/4th of a sim. It features multiple games, a club, rides and shopping areas. The landing area of sim is located near gaming section. While entering the place you will be welcomed by dozens of neatly arranged game tables. These game tables mainly include most populate dice game in SL, "Greedy". These all are free play tables with different themes and greedy game settings per table. In other games include skippo, on the roll, Can't stop, chess and many more. This place also features free bowling lanes and a jackpot greedy tables section. The gaming area is designed with a green grass floor surrounded by walls. This gives the place pleasantly open and vast look and feel, like a park. The most amazing thing about this place is you will almost always find someone here to play a game of your interest with. It's a busy hangout. You can also ask for players in their group, and someone is always willing to play with you. You can never be bored here with so many gaming options, willing players and friendly atmosphere. If you like table games in SL, particularly greedy, then this place is heaven for you. It is also good place to find new friends. 

 I talked to the owner Dingo Darbyshire to learn more about this fascinating hangout.

Interview with Dingo