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Showing posts with label underwear. Show all posts

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Playmates Wear Seldom Blue Underwear

Discerning customers just won't wear anything underneath, even if they end up taking it all off. Model, Journalist, and SL Playboy Playmate Silky Soulstar wears Seldom Blue underwear.

"I just love the playful, cheery, and fun attitude I get from my visits to Seldom Blue, and the same feeling I get from wearing their things"
says Ms. Soulstar. 

 "The Seldom Blue store has some whimsical spaces to hang out in too, which is what I want from fun fashion destinations that sell things like underwear and lingerie. I love to browse and explore as well as shop. I'm a bit of a clicker.  LoL."

Sisters Indigoblue Dagsotino and Singsong Writer are at their best when immersed deep into the graphic templates to produce their fashions. Their items at Seldom Blue range from beautifully seductive corsets and lingerie, to pretty summer dresses and sophisticated evening gowns.  

Shop with a fun, flirty style! Shop at Seldom Blue!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Seldom Blue is kicking off their first release of 2014 with the 'Daphne', a brand new underwear range.


  The new Daphne underwear set is fresh and minimal, with simple clean lines.  These undies are perfect for throwing on every morning before you start your day, so you'll feel ready for anything!

To promote and celebrate the new Daphne set, Seldom Blue is also enticing lingerie lovers with a fabulous dollarbie offer, which includes the black version of the set with a bonus matching purple Daphne mesh nightie for those occasions you feel a little extra chilly. This gift promises to be a limited edition available only while supplies last!

Seldom Blue's creators are sister sirens Indigoblue Dagostino and Singsong Writer. The sisters love to diligently lose track of time while stitching their own graphic designs together. The end products are their beautifully seductive corsets, lingerie, pretty summer dresses and sophisticated evening gowns.

Enter a world with infinite possibilities, and live a life without boundaries guided only by your seductive imagination.  Indulge yourself by visiting Seldom Blue fashions!