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Friday, October 13, 2023

Gearing Up for the Job: A Buyer’s Guide to Fall Protection PPE


Having the right personal protective equipment (PPE) is crucial for workers in industries where fall hazards are present. Falls remain a leading cause of workplace injuries and fatalities across many sectors. Understanding the options available and choosing PPE that provides adequate fall protection could save your life. This guide will walk through the key considerations when buying fall protection equipment to keep you safe on the jobsite.

Harnesses: The Foundation of Your Fall Protection System 

The full body harness serves as the attachment point connecting you to other components in a fall protection system. It distributes fall forces across your thighs, pelvis, chest, and shoulders rather than concentrating impact on one area. Harnesses come in different styles but make sure any harness you select is ANSI or OSHA compliant. Key factors to consider are:

  • Comfort level - Consider padded straps and material that breathes if working in hot conditions.

  • Adjustability - Look for adjustable straps to get a snug, customised fit.

  • D-ring location - Dorsal (middle back) D-rings are safest for fall arrest, while side and chest rings provide options.

  • Other features - Look for things like reflective materials or tool loops if needed.

Lanyards: Your Lifeline to the Anchor Point 

Lanyards connect your harness to the anchorage point so you can move around while staying protected. Shock absorbing lanyards provide some deceleration if a fall occurs. Choices include:

  • Rope or web material - Webbing is generally more durable while rope is more shock absorbing.

  • Length - 6 feet lets you work further from the anchor but avoid excessive slack.

  • Self-retracting lifelines - These can reduce trip hazards while automatically keeping the line taut.

Anchorage Points: Securing Your System

A properly chosen anchor point is strong enough to hold the sudden force generated if a fall occurs. OSHA requires anchors sustain at least 5,000 lbs per attached worker. Options include:

  • Structural beams - Installed eye bolts anchored into concrete pillars or steel framework provide fixed anchorage.

  • Rooftop anchors – Fall restraint systems installed permanently at roof edges give you flexibility to move.

  • Portable anchors - Attaching to sturdy objects like beams allows you to set up anchors as needed.

Full Fall Protection Systems: Putting it All Together 

Combining a harness, lanyard and anchors provides a complete system to protect from falls. But additional PPE enhances safety:

  • Descent devices - Used to rappel down if needed after a fall.

  • Retrieval mechanisms - Allows rescuers to safely bring you back up to the surface.

  • PFAS - Personal fall arrest systems stop you before hitting the ground.

Training: Ensuring Proper Use 

Any PPE is only effective if used correctly. Seek out thorough training for:

  • Proper fitting and inspection of equipment.

  • Understanding capabilities and limitations of each component.

  • Developing techniques to prevent material handling or positioning that could lead to falling.

  • Knowing how to properly anchor into different structures.

Following this guide when buying fall protection PPE allows you to invest in durable gear you can trust to keep you safe working at heights. The right harness, lanyards, anchors, and accessories give you flexibility while minimising risk for a fall. But proper training remains crucial - your equipment is only as effective as your knowledge in using it correctly. Take the time to learn techniques, inspection procedures and develop skills wearing your fall protection equipment. Doing so ensures you can work confidently knowing you are secured and protected from serious injury while on the job.

Friday, October 6, 2023

Kinetics Dance presents their first Matinee: A Spectacular Fusion of Artistry and Motion


Kinetics Dance, a premier virtual dance troupe, is thrilled to announce its first-ever Matinee, scheduled for Sunday, October 8th, at 9:00 AM SLT (Second Life Time). This groundbreaking event promises to captivate audiences with a mesmerizing blend of creativity, talent, and innovation, all showcased within the vibrant virtual realm of Second Life.

About Kinetics Dance The Kinetics Dance Matinee promises a delightful morning of artistic expression and boundless creativity. This unique event will feature captivating dance performances choreographed by the talented members of Kinetics Dance. Audiences can expect a seamless fusion of various dance styles, innovative choreography, and stunning visual effects that will transport them into a world where movement becomes an art form.

Event Details: Date: Sunday, October 8th Time: 9:00 AM SLT Location: [Fantasies Island,]
Why Attend the Kinetics Dance Matinee? Kinetics Dance Matinee is not just a performance; it’s an immersive experience. Attendees can look forward to: Incredible Performances: Witness the grace and skill of Kinetics Dance members as they bring their carefully crafted routines to life. Interactive Environment: Engage with the performers and fellow audience members in real-time, fostering a sense of community and shared appreciation for the arts. Visual Spectacle: Experience a visually stunning performance with state-of-the-art effects and intricately designed virtual sets, enhancing the overall sensory experience. Supporting the Arts: By attending the Kinetics Dance Matinee, attendees directly contribute to the thriving virtual arts community, empowering artists to continue pushing the boundaries of creativity. How to Attend Participation in the Kinetics Dance Matinee is open to all residents of Second Life. To join this extraordinary event, simply log in to Second Life, visit the designated venue, and prepare to be enthralled by the magic of virtual dance. About Kinetics Dance Kinetics Dance is a dynamic and innovative virtual dance troupe that pushes the boundaries of what is possible within the realm of virtual performance arts. Comprising exceptionally talented dancers and choreographers, Kinetics Dance is dedicated to creating visually stunning and emotionally resonant dance performances that leave audiences in awe. For more information about Kinetics Dance and the upcoming Dance Matinee, please contact: AdoriModel Resident

Announcing The Grove Country Club Estate’s new MyStory Compatible Town Square, Hang Out District and Residential Village



Second Life - The Grove Country Club Estates is thrilled to unveil an exciting new addition to its upscale residential community in Second Life. On October 7, 2023, The Grove will open its doors to a MyStory compatible shopping and hang out district, complemented by affordable, surprisingly spacious village housing options. With a focus on providing a life of luxury and elegance, The Grove invites residents and visitors alike to experience a world-class living experience like no other. Nestled amidst the picturesque landscape of Tuscany, Italy, The Grove offers residential parcels for sale in a close-knit community environment within the virtual world of Second Life. For the past decade, The Grove has been the epitome of refined living, and this new expansion takes its commitment to the next level. The highly anticipated MyStory compatible town square shopping district is set to transform the way residents and visitors enjoy their social interactions in Second Life. With a fusion of cutting-edge technology and unparalleled creativity, The Grove's town square shopping district promises an immersive and diverse experience for shoppers of all tastes and preferences. The district boasts a range of stores that cater to a wide array of interests, ensuring something for everyone. It is important to note that while the shopping district is MyStory compatible, it welcomes and encourages all stores to be a part of this extraordinary offering. This inclusive approach furthers The Grove's commitment to fostering a vibrant and diverse community within Second Life. The new hang out district is thoughtfully designed to provide a relaxed and social atmosphere. Residents and their guests will have the opportunity to spend quality time together, exploring the shops, enjoying interactive activities, and engaging in lively conversations. The Grove's dedication to creating a charming and inviting environment extends beyond the physical aspects of the virtual community, fostering connections and building lasting relationships. As part of this expansion, The Grove introduces desirable village housing options that offer affordability without compromising on size or quality. Residents can now experience the enviable combination of luxury and affordability within the virtual world. These spacious village houses provide a beautiful and tranquil setting for individuals and families alike. The official launch of the new MyStory compatible shopping and hang out district at The Grove Country Club Estates is scheduled for October 7, 2023. The Grove extends an invitation to all residents of Second Life, as well as visitors, to join in the celebrations and experience the unparalleled beauty and luxury offered within its virtual gates. For those interested in joining this extraordinary community or seeking further information, appointments can be arranged, and inquiries can be made by contacting Kaerri Rae inworld. The Grove's dedicated team is ready to provide assistance and answer any questions that potential residents or visitors may have. The Grove Country Club Estates remains committed to providing an extraordinary residential experience within Second Life, and the introduction of the MyStory compatible shopping and hang out district, along with the attractive village housing options, is a testament to this commitment. Discover a new standard of luxury living and join The Grove to embark on an unforgettable journey in the virtual world. ABOUT THE GROVE COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES The Grove Country Club Estates is an upscale residential community within Second Life, offering a one-of-a-kind living experience. For over a decade, The Grove has stood as a beacon of luxury and elegance, providing residents with a close-knit community environment in the beautiful landscape inspired by Tuscany, Italy. For more information, visit LM: YOUTUBE:

Thursday, October 5, 2023

Lanai’s Diary: My confession

Every once in a while I like to ramble on about anything that comes to mind. I’ve been told I do automatic writing, other times that I’m a terrible writer or that I’m even an Enigma. It all confuses me because I can’t see myself as other people see me, so I will pull a hoodie over my head and just keep writing. I’m not sure if I’m any of those things all I know is I like to write and just spill my thoughts out as if I’m talking to a friend or even just a diary that I allow you to peek in.

Some of the things I say are relatable and other times I’m sure it leaves readers scratching their heads like WTF did she say…  

My passion for writing stems from being a kid that never really felt heard, my brain was always spinning with thoughts and ideas but it was always hard to express myself verbally. I spent a lot of time alone.  I wrote in a diary. I still have it. It’s pink with a little padlock.  It’s in a box in my basement with other things I collected since I was emancipated at 17.  I’m afraid to read it because it's filled with a lot of painful things that I’m not ready to be reminded of.

 I spent most of my childhood playing alone in my bedroom closet with my barbie dolls. My grandmother who raised me had passed away a week before my 13th Bday and I had to live with an alcoholic mother while my father was in rehab. It wasn’t the best environment for a kid that was trying to process a devastating loss on my own.

Creating storylines was my escape. I reenacted my emotions or whatever was going on in my life at the time. I played with barbies until I was in 6th grade.. I know.. embarrassing… I got made fun of by mean girls I thought were my friends because I wasn’t into boys and gossip and all the drama that goes on with tweens at that age.

When 7th grade came around and I began to blossom, all those mean girls’ boyfriends were hitting on me which made those same girls hate me even more. I got bullied so badly that I couldn't get close to other girls.  By 9th grade, I was hanging out with seniors, they were like my big brothers and they protected me. All those types of girls wanted to suddenly be my friend just to have access to the guys in my crew. Good times and a lot of fun memories. I was respected and never caught a bad reputation. Skip ahead to my 10 year high school reunion, most of the bullies looked like life kicked their asses as they dragged around their significant others like big ol trophies of settling. Approaching me and acting like they were excited to see me and complimenting me on how I hadn't aged.

Fast forward another decade and I started the SL Enquirer. It was an odd full circle in a virtual sense. I was drawn to the virtual world because it was like playing barbies all over again but this time an adult version with others. I came out of my shell was confident and started writing about my experiences, sharing my stories and this time when I looked up, I wasn’t in my bedroom closet alone, I had readers staring back at me who actually paid attention to whatever it was I had to say.  It’s an interesting type of reality that no one in my real world would ever understand just how vital and important Second Life and SLE is to me.

Those of us who have spent years in Second Life are looked at as if we shut the real world out but in reality what we are doing is expanding our connections on a global scale and not being trapped in a bubble of the city or state or  country we live in. I have learned so much here, not just about different cultures and people I have met but a lot about myself. I would have never gotten a BS in communication and technology had I not created SLE. It inspired me because one person I encountered  many moons ago told me I was uneducated and my newspaper would never last. Cheers to her, I have a big fat student loan debt but now I can proudly say I am educated but I’d still clown the shit out of her in a spoof SLE police report and act all ghetto and uneducated because, well… I think I earned that right.

Anyway, in a nutshell, I’ve learned to find the humor in things and accept myself as I am.  I’m  not being what everyone else expects me to be. I am who I am and I’m grateful for the lifelong friends I’ve made in both RL and Second Life who get me and treat me how I deserve to be treated. 

I’m now a Livery Supervisor in one of the top hospitals in New Jersey and maaan does it test me. I feel like a glorified babysitter at times having to deal with the knuckleheads. I’ve learned leadership comes with consequences. I’m not the most liked by those who were terminated because of their own actions and I have to deal with the gossiping and bad mouthing that goes on behind my back and the smiles they show me to my face. The best part about it is being told that if I'm not liked in my position, I must be doing something right because I’m not letting them get away with shit. I’m that Boss Bitch.

 Again, I have to thank SLE for that. Being a virtual CEO gave me the confidence I need to handle such a position. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Even a Boss bitch will cry and turn into the little girl with all the insecurities and pain she suffered but she gets up every day and continues to push forward. It’s hard being a woman navigating through life and figuring about who she is. It's never ending because once we stop trying to achieve then we limit ourselves and become stuck. I don't want to be one of those people who looks back at life saying what if… I want to look back at my life and say holy shit, did I do that?

This diary entry really has no real purpose but I do hope it inspires anyone regardless of what stage in life you are, life is yours to live how you want on your own terms and anyone who tries to distract you from doing what makes you happy, needs to be taught how to treat you. At some point, those who caused you harm or pain will eventually realize what they have done and will be humbled by your presence.

Lanai Jarrico

SPOTLIGHT ON PLAYNAUGHTY MAGAZINE- Where style meets pixel perfection- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

PlayNaughty Magazine is a visually captivating publication that celebrates male Modeling and is dedicated exclusively to showcasing elegance, creativity and charisma of male avatars in the virtual world. Not only are the images captivating but the magazine also explores the stories and personalities of these male models, including fashion tips, latest trends and editorials that highlight diversity in men’s fashion.  On Friday, October 6th, a Halloween Grand Opening event will allow visitors the opportunity to get up close and personal with many of the featured male models and be part of group events. The Sl Enquirer met up with Charlie Jo Lutrova to learn more about PlayNaughty Magazine and its new Venue.

Interview with Charlie Jo Lutrova (charliejo11)

Before we begin the interview, can you share a little bit about yourself, how you discovered Second Life and what inspired you to create Play Naughty Magazine?

Charlie Jo: I was talking with a friend in real life. Upon Research about Second Life I had read that it is a virtual world that offers a unique platform for creativity and self-expression, and I thought that creating a magazine within this environment can be a rewarding and innovative project. Here are a few reasons why I had thought that.

Second Life has a vibrant and diverse community of residents. Starting a magazine can be a way to connect with this community, promote events, share stories, and foster a sense of belonging. Creating a magazine allows you to showcase your creativity through articles, artwork, and virtual photography. Some Second Life residents engage in virtual commerce, creating and selling virtual goods and services. I thought a magazine can serve as a platform to showcase and review these products, helping residents make informed purchasing decisions think managing a magazine in Second Life can be a challenging and rewarding experience that allows you to develop skills such as editing, graphic design, marketing and community management.

I agree! You get to be creative and share useful as well as entertaining information with the masses. Can you share with our readers who make up your team, their roles and what readers can expect to see in PlayNaughty Magazine?

Charlie Jo: My team consists of a few of my very close like minded friends that I have met here in Second Life. To whom I Am incredibly lucky and very grateful to have. Always there,always ready to help, and very talented. I can not stress how much I truly am grateful to have such a wonderful and talented group of people supporting me.

Lanai: That is the best kind of support!

Charlie Jo: We will have Articles, interviews, and reviews related to adult entertainment. Content focused on relationships, dating advice, intimacy and sexuality. Short stories, fiction, or creative writing with an erotic or sensual theme. High-quality erotic and artistic photography, illustrations, and visual content.Features on sensual fashion trends, lingerie and personal style.Coverage of themed events, parties, and gatherings in Second Life.

Lanai: Sounds like content for the grown and sexy! With your Halloween Grand Opening on Friday, October 6th. I’m sure it is an exciting time planning all the activities Live Djs and swag bags. Can you share with our readers the type of events you will Host?

Charlie Jo: PlayNaughty Magazine is an adult-oriented publication in Second Life, We hope to host a variety of events tailored to its target audience and content. These events can engage readers, promote the magazine, and foster a sense of community within Second Life. Here is a list of ideas to name a few:

We will celebrate the release of each issue with a themed launch party. We hope to partner with designers and fashion brands in Second Life to host erotic or sensual fashion shows. Models can showcase lingerie, clothing, and accessories that would be featured in the magazine.

Also, showcase the work of photographers featured in the magazine with virtual exhibitions.

Organize contests related to photography, storytelling, fashion, or art. Encourage residents to participate and showcase their talents.

Create events that cater to couples or individuals interested in exploring sensuality and intimacy within a virtual environment. This might include workshops, discussions, or dance parties.

Host special events tied to holidays or seasons, such as Valentine's Day parties, summer beach parties


Use events to promote magazine subscriptions, offer exclusive discounts, or provide special rewards for subscribers.

Lanai: Incentives are always good!  It sounds like you have a lot of exciting things about to happen.  I noticed while taking a tour , there was a Centerfold contest display. Is it open to the public or must you be a member to participate? Can you tell me a little about that?

Charlie jo:: Our full magazine will come out January 1st. Our models have all paid to be a model in the magazine and have access to all of what PlayNaughty has to offer them. I only have one cover on a magazine and one center of a magazine. So who will be the face of PlayNaughtys first full magazine? Hence our contest...It is free to vote on any model. Anyone can vote on any model, or anyone can stand there and vote on all of our models. However, you can only vote on any model once. After you have voted you will need to get your friend to come vote. This is to ensure that the model you want to see on the cover of PlayNaughtys Magazine has more than one vote. The goal is to get as many votes as possible because the one with the most votes will be on the cover of PlayNaughtys first full magazine.

Lanai: I’m going to have to do some voting!  Us ladies need a good male Magazine to stare down. Men have had it good for years drooling over women. Now it's our turn. Lol jk. Do you have a group visitors can join so they can stay up to date with events?

Charlie Jo: Yes, At the castle we have a lion by the stage anyone can touch that and join our V.I.P. group. We also have a kiosk at the castle that you can touch and get a notecard with all of the ways to contact us with any questions.

 Are you currently hiring? If so, what positions do you have available and how can people apply?

We are currently hiring ! We are looking for photographers, sponsors, and a social media manager.

Additional Information:




Our Blog:

Preferred contact:email or in Second Life


Preferred contact:

Randi Ling

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Spotlight on Nocturne Estates Rentals: Where Luxury Living Meets Tranquil Nights-Grand Opening on October 6th- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Photo credit to Poppy Lemongrass

Over the past 18 years I have toured many sims in Second Life and it never ceases to amaze me. Every landscape and detail is like stepping into an artist’s masterpiece and being a part of their unique artwork. I had the pleasure of such a place that took me away on an adventure into someone else's imagination brought to life. Nocturne Estates is one of those places where you feel instantly at peace surrounded by nature and beauty. I had the pleasure of meeting Fiore di Luna and learning about this new venue. I have a feeling it will be a place where others will feel the energy and experience the awe I felt when I was there.

Interview with Fiore di Luna

SLE: Hi Fiore, it’s nice to meet you.  Can you share a little about yourself?

Fiore di Luna: In my "first life" I am a travel nurse. I spend around 48 weeks a year away from home moving from city to city, state to state. With WiFi, my gaming laptop, and Second Life I can take a little bit of home with me on assignment. My passion in Second Life is building, interior design, music and dancing, and spending time with close friends.

SLE: Being a nurse is a selfless profession. Your passion is reflected in the beautiful atmosphere you created in Second Life.What inspired you to create Nocturne Estates? Can you share with our readers what it has to offer guests?

Fiore di Luna: I have traveled throughout the U.S. both small towns and metropolitan cities. I felt most inspired by the forested landscapes, the waterfalls and hot springs, and gazing into the deep blue waters of Crater Lake. I wanted to be able to share this experience with others. Our mission is to provide residents with a haven of refined living spaces surrounded by natural beauty. There are waterfalls scattered throughout the islands, hidden caves, and nature paths to explore. At Nocturne Estates we look to cultivate a community of like-minded members who will enjoy gathering at one of our venues for an evening of live music or sailing out from the marina on an aquatic adventure.

SLE: Your vision is outstanding. While touring the various locations on the sim, I noticed a lot of detail in the beautiful landscapes I explored. Did you design this sim yourself?

Fiore di Luna: I had envisioned a community of sims based on the Pacific Northwest (U.S.) The idea of living in and surrounded by natural beauty is what inspired me to create Nocturne Estates. I was fortunate to have met Poppy Lemongrass and Vitani Frakenstein, the two incredibly talented women behind Catacomb. They were able to see my vision, collaborate, and work alongside me during the design process. I would highly recommend Catacomb to anyone looking for a sim designer. If you look hard enough you'll find their signature tombstone buried somewhere on one of the sims. I would also like to recognize someone that has been a confidant, a sounding board, and a partner in the intricate design and creation of Nocturne Estates, Celeste Pinkney. Sometimes it feels as though we inhabit a shared hive mind. Thoughts and ideas flow effortlessly between us, and we finish each other's design ideas with beautiful synchronicity. Together, we have transformed mere ideas into works of art.

SLE: I will have to look for that!  Do you currently have any rentals available? If so, can you share some information with our readers?

Fiore di Luna: At Nocturne Estates Rentals, we understand that where you live plays a vital role in the quality of your second life. We have an exclusive portfolio of meticulously crafted rental properties available. Each residence is designed with the utmost attention to detail, featuring unparalleled views and a commitment to luxury that defines the Nocturne Estates experience.

SLE: Nocturne Estates isn't just about luxury rentals and amazing landscapes, tell me about Nocturne Alchemy, Whiskey Road and the marina?

Fiore di Luna:  Nocturne Estates will host a marina located near the expansive sailing waters of Fruit and Eden Islands. Nocturne Marina’s breathtaking waterfall views and crystal blue waters create an idyllic backdrop for nautical adventures. Our marina will offer a range of boat mooring options from permanent slips to transient moorings each designed to accommodate boats of various LI.

SLE: That’s a perfect setting for a romantic date on the water.

Nocturne Alchemy is an unapologetically sophisticated nightclub aesthetically designed with eroticism and kink pulsing through every corner inviting guests to transform themselves.  Patrons should be prepared to unleash their inner savage as they revel in the music mixology and ambiance of Nocturne.  We have curated a lineup of top-notch live performers and DJs featuring a selection of EDM, ranging anywhere from heavy dubstep and DnB bangers, electro, house, and chill downtempo, all mixed for our guests aural pleasure.

Photo credit to Lori Bailey

Whiskey Road Live Music Bar where the stage is set, the drinks are poured, and the music takes center stage. We're here to provide our guests with an authentic live music experience that pairs perfectly with their favorite whiskey or beverage of choice.  We invite guests to step into a cozy, rustic-inspired setting with ambient lighting and wooden accents framing an outdoor space made for dancing.  It's the perfect backdrop for an evening of live music. Our stage comes alive with the sounds of talented live artists. From blues and rock to jazz and acoustic sets, we curate a diverse lineup that ensures there's something for everyone's musical taste. Our mission is to celebrate the soul of live music and offer a space where artists and patrons can connect. Come and immerse yourself in the live music experience until the final encore.

SLE:  It sounds like you have a well rounded selection of music genres and atmospheres to just relax, people watch and have a great time. Are you currently hiring? If so, what positions do you have to offer and how can people apply?

Fiore di Luna: We recognize that there are many skilled and talented individuals in SL from DJs, live performers, graphic artists, photographers, videographers, designers, bloggers, and too many other talents to list here. We encourage people who are interested in contributing to this diverse and unique community to reach out to myself (divakadupul), celeste.pinkney, or one of our available staff members.

SLE: I’m excited to check out your events. What group can guests join to stay up to date with what’s going on at Nocturne?

Fiore di Luna:  We invite guests to join the group,  [ Nocturne Estates ] VIP. All of our events can be located on the SL Events calendar (search Whiskey Road or Nocturne Alchemy) as well as the monthly calendar located in our leasing office and discord server.

SLE: You have a grand opening coming up on October 6th, What kind of activities will be hosting?

Fiore di Luna: Beginning Friday Oct 6th through Sunday Oct. 8th Nocturne Estates will be hosting a Lollapalooza style grand opening.  We have had an incredible group of talented live artists and DJ mixologists to help celebrate our opening.

SLE: Congratulations on your grand opening!  Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about Nocturne Estates?

Fiore di Luna: Nocturne Estates would like to send you a personal invite to the grand opening. Please reach out to divakadupul, celeste.pinkney, brooks.conundrum, pegasaurus.waifu, or kimmiewest for an invitation.

Additional Information: