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Monday, January 25, 2010

SLE Police Report-Adore babies Nightmare Report -Part 2 Confirmed last week's Hall Of Shame Inducte

Staff Reporter
• Monday, January 25, 2010
Common “Since” or Common BLEEP? ~Lanai Jarrico Reporting...
It was reported by Star2 Aurbierre that last week's Hall of Shamer caused her grief too in what was supposed to be a very special moment of her second Life.

It is sad that more and more of these reports are trickling because of the article I did last week about Precious Beverly the Bad Business Owner of Adore Babies. I just hope others dont become victims.

This conversation between these two women clearly shows Ms. Beverly treating Star2 badly and even admitting to offering a free service out of the “kindness of her heart” and then contradicting herself by becoming a nasty No Show Midwife who does a half assed job and then making it look like poor Star2 was at the wrong for simply wanting to know when they can reschedule to get her baby delivered since it was offered to her. 

“I was supposed to be delivered Dec. 19th at 4pm SL... she (Precious Beverly) didn't show up and I got nothing saying she was gonna be away, or didn't have some sort of assistant to pass any messages.. 2 HOURS I waited.. and i left her many msgs seeing if she was on.. i didn't have her on friends list so i couldn't see if she was on or not.. then she took it like i was attacking her and was looking for something in return.. aactuallycome to think of it .. i was.. for her bad "business". So instead of delivering me the next day like most ppl would for messing up a appt.. they would take you next day promptly... nu uh.. not her.. instead she passed me my baby. This is all i had in my logs.. i hope you get enough information from it.. that bitch needs to go down!”~ Star2 Aurbierre

Below is the actual conversation between Star2 and Precious,

[2009/12/20 9:59] Precious Beverly: when i get time hun.

[2009/12/20 10:01] Star2 Aurbierre: so since we had a scheduled time be4.. and i had no way in knowing you had rl in the way u could have had an asst tell me what was going on instead I waited 2 hrs for you ... you said in yer notes to be prompt.. I was prompt.. how am I supposed to feel when I don't get anything in return? I didn't know what was going on.

[2009/12/20 10:07] Precious Beverly: Common since should come into play, that this is a virtual world, and if I am not here that you can IM me and I can get back to you when I am available. For you to come at me like you did, even to the point of saying that you hope you get something other than just a baby deliverd, is rude. It is the Holiday Season a season to be happy and rehoice, not throw fits, over a free service that was offerd to you, out of the kindness of my heart. Common since would tell me things come up in real life. One message would have been fine. Not a bunch of messages, as if I work for you and am on your payfroll. You paid 4500L for your baby. The services were included free. All you needed to do was send a message to let me know you were here and want your baby deliverd when i am available.

[2009/12/20 10:08] Star2 Aurbierre: so when is a good time for you?

[2009/12/20 10:08] Precious Beverly: None hun, I will pas you your baby shortly.
[2009/12/20 10:12] Precious Beverly: Enjoy your baby

[2009/12/20 10:12] Star2 Aurbierre: ty
[2009/12/20 10:13] Precious Beverly: yw

How's that for a painless and swift delivery... What Precious fails to realize is that her word to her customers is just as valuable as her reputation and the 4500L her clients pay her for a “precious” experience is not chump change. Good customers service should be expected for that price. Especially if she made a commitment time and date which was clearly reported for December 19 4:00 pm SLT.

If you have a bad business or Griefer to report, Don't hesitate to contact The SL Enquirer to launch an investigation of our own and get you justice while making others aware of these menaces to our Second life Society.



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