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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gossip & Griefers- THIS JUST IN! Precious Beverly gets inducted into the Hall Of Shame- An Exclusive SLE Report

Precious Beverly, Adore babies Owner -Hall of Shame Mugshot ~SLE Paparazzi
The Linden Gods must be telling me something because I just got booted and banned for showing up at a Prim Baby Store. Lanai Jarrico Reporting...
In the past I have expressed my opinion on baby and child avies. I live a perfectly happy second Life without the maternal need for a prim attached to my hip wanting me to rock it to sleep, feed it and do all the duties the hud provides. But after today...Are Baby Shopkeepers fighting back against me and any adult that want to rid the grid of them, or is this particular Prim Baby Vendor suffering from a serious issue of paranoia with her bloomers in a bunch over window shoppers who refuse to buy and perhaps any media who show up?
Come on people, is the economy here in such a peril where window shoppers and random visitors get booted for not putting out...lindens that is. I would hope not and for the trend of Mediaphobia.... That really sucks for peeps like that because News, Good or Bad is here to stay.
It's anyone' s guess why people who choose to enjoy a second life want to included the stress of having a child and finding ways to provide for it.. There is a fee to go thru the stages one would expect from role playing a gestation period whether it lasts just 9 days or 9 weeks...
After purchasing your Belly Kits, Maternity Clothes, Baby Furniture, having babies showers , labor and delivery . About a week of playing with the new bundle of prims, it usually goes straight to Inventory.
For many. it's the whole rush of having all hands and attention on the big belly. It kinda loses it's luster unless you like to role play being a stay at home mom pretending to go thru the diaper changes, sleepless nights and party restrictions. The whole idea of bringing prim children into this vitural world seems a bit pointless and a waste of time and lindens..Especially if you spend it dealing with the owner of this place....
On Wednesday, January 20, This plea to the SL Community was reported to The SL Enquirer
“ I wanted to make everyone aware of a Maternity Shop/ Hospital that was extremely rude to me. On January 19th, 2010 I went to Adore Babies. Precious Beverly IM'd me and asked me if I needed some help. I told her I was looking for some Maternity clothes, but that the pregnancy was for an RP. Well she asked me if I was going to purchase anything. I said I had to look around first. BAM! I was ejected back to my home and I was banned from the shop! I was very polite and civil with Precious Beverly. Katherine Atlas also went to the same shop and she was banned as well. This is unacceptable behavior and I think we should pass this on and inform people of their bad business practices!”
The Following was added with Katherine Atlas's Permission
[17:42] Precious Beverly: welvome to Adore Babies
[17:42] Precious's translator: welvome a adorar a los bebés
[17:42] Katherine Atlas: hello
[17:42] Precious Beverly: Welcome8
[17:42] Precious's translator: Welcome8
[17:42] Katherine Atlas: y friend was just in here
[17:42] Katherine Atlas: and she is very upset
[17:43] Katherine Atlas: she was looking for clothes and got ban caues she did not want to buy your babies
[17:43] Katherine Atlas: is this true?
[17:43] Precious Beverly ejected and banned you from this land.
Her Husband , Georgeroger Wisent was also banned simply for being with Katherine Atlas. This is completely and totally unacceptable! Please pass this onto your friends. Only if we all do something will business practices like this cease.
(Note card By Raenitha Dowler)
After receiving such a note I decided to investigate this claim myself and give this “Precious” Baby Shop Keeper the benefit of the doubt.
Upon landing I received an auto IM Spam Notice of sorts by someone named Jodi Panache who congratulated me for arriving at the shop...
“ Hi Lanai Jarrico Congradulations, you have arrived, Adore Babies really does have the best babies in SL. We are a full Maternity Hospital, here to make your experience with adding to your family the best it can be. We have newborn single, twin babies, triplets etc. Our babies come with prenatal care, and the delivery of your baby free. You can also add upgrades such as age progression, walking, talking, crawling, and natural baby movement. The purple self help pannel explains how to place your order. Take a look at the notecards I passed you, and IM Precious Beverly for additional help or to answer any additionl questions.You choose your babies name(s) eyes hair and skin tone."
After an IM full from this shop aid, I was then greeted by Precious Beverly herself who welcomed me and asked what I was interested in purchasing. I said I just wanted to look around and I even complimented her on a set of twin babies on the wall. They were cute but nothing I would take home. Then out of nowhere, Ms Beverly's prozac wore off and she got on some sort of rant attack with tacky ghetto gestures and whatnot. So flustered by my presence her typos kicked in along with some spanish translations just in case I didn't understand her typos. (see I can act ghetto too and don't need a gesture for it). So anyways, Here's How the actually Boot went down...
[8:56] Precious Beverly: ~',','Oh..kay..kay..kay',','~
[8:56] Precious Beverly: well it seems to me that this is art of a buncjh of mess that has been started by ignorant people
[8:56] Precious's translator: así me parece que este es el arte de un buncjh de desorden que ha sido iniciado por la gente ignorante
[8:56] Precious Beverly: I don't haqve time for games
[8:56] Precious's translator: Tiempo que no haqve para juegos
[8:56] Lanai Jarrico: what is going on I'm sorry?
[8:56] Adore Babies: We look forward to making your experience the best sl has to offer, Lanai Jarrico.
[8:57] Precious Beverly: Lanai, you are here because I suppose you were told by this ignorant person who is harrassing me, some negative things
[8:57] Precious's translator: Lanai, ustedes están aquí porque supongo que le han dicho por esta persona ignorante que es hostigar a mí, algunas cosas negativas
[8:57] Precious Beverly: And i gather you are looking to write a story about hear say
[8:57] Precious's translator: Y tengo entendido que usted está buscando para escribir una historia acerca de oír decir que
[8:57] Lanai Jarrico: If you need assistance with griefers you can report them to LL
[8:58] Lanai Jarrico: If I wanted to report hearsay I wouldn't be here.
[8:58] Precious Beverly: I don't need any assistance, I have plenty of family here in SL
[8:58] Precious's translator: Yo no necesito ninguna ayuda, tengo mucha familia aquí en SL
[8:58] Precious Beverly: But i don;t need you coming here looking to start trouble rither
[8:58] Precious's translator: Pero no, necesito que vengas aquí buscando crear problemas rither
[8:58] Precious Beverly: And I need you to leave
[8:58] Precious's translator: Y yo necesito que te vayas
[8:58] Lanai Jarrico: sure no problem
And that's when I got BOOTED & BANNED !
After returning to the Media Center all amped up and ready to whip up this report, All I can say is, If you witness an uptight individuals with a poor attitude trying to make a SL Living from hard working and friendly avies. The least we can do as a sl community is stomp them out with a more professional business otherwise continuing to shop at locations with poor customer service is allowing this kind of behavior to be part of our Virtual World. Pass the memo and the birth control people and someone please give Precious Beverly some Midol....
~Lanai Jarrico
Alynn Gracemount
JAN 21  •  Wow, we need more reports like these. I have wasted tons of lindens on faulty merchasdise, and no help from creator.
sharonna spyker
JAN 21  •  I'm sure that kharma will kick in eventually and someone like that will not stay in business for long. Thank you for exposing this Lanai!


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