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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lanai’s Diary: Are Facebook Junkies taking it a little bit too far when it comes to friend lists, statuses and comments? -Lanai Jarrico reporting…

I have had facebook for the SL Enquirer, for a couple years and I must say I’m a Noob to everything except plastering update announcements, adding pics and accepting anyone who wishes to friend me.
 I think when Facebook is used properly it can be very beneficial to network with like minded people and promote events and whatnot. That is why I use it. This social network gives fans the choice to follow SLE updates  or use any of the other social networks we are also a part of like twitter, MySpace, YouTube, blogger, LinkedIn, Flickr, moolto, whatever. Or you can find us in Google search.
So in that respect, get up on my friend list, anyone is welcomed, just don’t expect to hear me crying about a broken nail or giving you a play by play of my rather hectic day. It is strictly SLE business and I’m very glad to say, I have had no problems with anyone on my list and appreciate the peaceful and productive nature of the content SLE fans share.

When it comes to having a personal facebook account, I’m a bit more guarded.  I  got my first personal one last summer under my government name so I can organize a family reunion in a quick and efficient way. 
 I must say, this social network is good for that. It saved me loads of time on rounding up my big ass family and gathering them in one location, but as soon as some of my family’s friends caught wind of my page, all of a sudden I was getting requests from people I barely knew, to downright strangers wanting to find out more about me. That’s nice and everything but I’m a pretty private person so that immediately made me uneasy.  After the reunion,  I cleaned up my friend list of people I don’t ever talk to but had requested me cause we had people we knew In common.

When I first let some of these randoms on my list, all I kept getting was all this crazy bi polar banter. Things seemed too personal for me. Why did I need to know about how my friend’s friend’s aunt’s sister’s BFF  got a colonoscopy?  I mean really?  Do I need to know this?

Another one announced that Jesus left her… I was so tempted to send her back a response to go back to church, but it turned out her ex’s name really was Jesus and she was pouring out her broken heart for whoever was into her soap opera.

After reading enough nonsense, I went all out and did a spring cleaning on my friend’s list because of stuff like that.  Why do people throw their business on front street like that?  Maybe facebook should offer  a new drama queen feature that sends ”I’m sorry to hear that” auto comments,  next to the like button or offer an official Facebook Drama Queen Badge that you can tag people in to warn others.

Anyway, I’ve never been one to air my business or  drama for everyone and their mama to see or never did care much to hear about everyone else’s daily routine from fighting with a lover, who got their hair and nails done or complaining about the day in the life of them.  Quite frankly, I could give BLEEP if you are standing in line at McDonald’s and not sure what to order.  FFS, it’s not that deep. Order a happy meal and STFU. It doesn’t mean I don’t care about the person on my list or what they are up to, I just won’t put up with petty garbage or waste my time reading half the nonsense they aren’t too embarrassed to post.  Delete friend and keep it movin'.

The ones that are on my list  know how I am and respect themselves enough to leave something for the imagination. 

Truth is when you put your business out there; it changes other’s perceptions of you. Someone may have thought you were cool and interesting until they learned way more about you then they needed to know.  I think the best way to handle facebook junkies and their BS is putting a stop to it before you are forced to read something you didn’t have to or sharing something you might regret.

 A phone call can be just as personal, if not better. Without everyone else’s opinions or likes about what you both have to say.

I understand other types of social butterflies use it to shove their business in other’s faces.  The recipients gladly accept and shove it back. To each his own in that dramatic cycle. That’s their business but I personally think all this Facebook drama is ridiculous and people need to chill out or I’ll just defriend myself of lists or  continue to go off on the ignorant facebook complainers.

I'm asking all those that get all offended over facebook statuses or other people’s friend lists and comments.  Please respect other’s space and allow them to control who they chose to have or not to have on their personal list.  For instance, their own family members, family members of family members, friends of family twice removed and so forth.

My rambling articles always come from some sort of inspiration and this one came to me just last night when I had to confront somebody.

I’m going to try putting my business out there one good time in hopes I can send a clear message to the person that decided to leave me a voicemail after Midnight, crying about why I deleted his wife’s family off my personal facebook page. 

I mean, His wife isn’t even on my friend’s list in the first place. So what’s the big deal?
 As soon as I heard the message, I sure did call this person right back and before they can even say anything other than Hi, I let him have it like a cold hearted coconut custard pie to a clown.

I  got upset by such a voicemail. The nerve of some people.  Here is what it said....
“Hey, I noticed that you removed all (Bleep’s) family from your facebook friend list and I was wondering what was up with that?”, “I feel offended.” That is when I reacted the way I did. 

 Excuse me for being my own person BUT I did not know deleting people from my Facebook page over a month ago was a crime important enough to call me after Midnight on a weekday to tell me that.  I also couldn't believe the fact that it would impact a person still on my friend list!  Maybe I should boot his ass off too, but then I might get a phone call from my mother, reminding me I need to be nice to my brother.

 My biggest gripe with this whole situation really is….Does it really matter that this person’s extended family members (through his marriage) no longer had access to stalk whatever I had to say on my wall?

 I’m not part of the “Most friends ever” facebook competition or anything like that so why should I have stale friends on my list that I don’t even talk to? Nor should I be forced to share anything with people who just sit on my list but don’t even talk to me in person or on my wall.

Maybe I shouldn’t have went off on him that late at night like an irate 1,000 word a minute pissed Puerto Rican but I did and it felt dam good to let him know  what I do with my personal life is my own damn business and shouldn’t concern him.  Especially since those ones removed haven’t complained not once to me. I’m sure it's because they know I’m a rude b*tch when I need to be, so maybe I did them the favor.

The moral of this article is, If you want to avoid launching your own Tiger blood Torpedo of Truth tour the sheen way,  please screen who you friend or you might just get a facebook junkie calling you at midnight to cry about what you do on your own page; unleashing you inner ninja warrior vatican assassin until you are down to your real circle of friends and WINNING this Dramedy.

Over it and Out.

~Lanai Jarrico


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