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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gibraltar Takes Over the SL Music Scene with Moonlight Music

Over a month ago, SLE's illustrious president came to me and asked that I check out Moonlight Music for a piece. At the time, I had never heard of the company or of the talent that resided within the company. Since that time, I have met the CEO and premiere talent of Moonlight, Wolfie Moonshadow, sat in on sets from Moonlight's artists, and rocked it out on March 27, 2011 as the company joined forces with SLE to bring Spring Jam to the grid.

Moonlight Music CEO Wolfie Moonshadow

Needless to say, I am now a huge believer of Moonshadow's vision for Moonlight, the uber-talented band of musicians that make-up the company, and how this company will spread like wildfire across the metaverse.

When I heard about Moonlight Music and its stable of artists, I was instantly intrigued. Great singers--all from Gibraltar? And not only are they all from Gibraltar--a country that is only 3 1/2 square miles and that sits at the very southern tip of Spain--but also they are all friends who sing from the same recording studio? To me, that sounded like either great fiction or a rare, once in a lifetime opportunity. It seemed that just as The Beatles invaded America many decades ago, Gibraltar was invading the SL music scene in a big way with Moonlight Music and its rising stars.

According to co-CEO CatherineG Walworth, "the purpose of Moonlight Music is to provide SL with undiscovered talent that is so prevalent in Gibraltar now. The musical ability of these people is brilliant and," she joked, "I just want to know what's in that water [there]."

To even speak of Moonlight Music, one must start at the beginning with its CEO Wolfie Moonshadow, a man with incredible talent who not only had a vision, but also had the drive to bring his vision to Second Life and to connect with people like Walworth who saw his vision as a strong, viable one.

Moonshadow belting out a tune at MM/SLE Spring Jam. A fan of Moonshadow's stated that listening to him sing was like watching colors flow from his mouth.

It was Moonshadow who secured a space in which to create his studio so that he could bring the talent of Gibraltar into SL...the same studio in which two other Moonlight artists, Jesse Ribeiro and Jaxxon Roxx would later join.

Moonlight Music artists Jesse Ribeiro and Jaxxon Roxx

Musical artists proliferate the grid. For every virtual dime I throw, I can hit ten SL singers. Some of them have incredible talent. Some of them actually perform original work. Some of them care about more than just collecting tips. But there was something different I experienced when I saw each Moonlight artist perform in individual sets and especially when I saw them together at the Spring Jam; there was an importance there I hadn't experienced before, an almost hunger to bring their absolute best to the stage for the audience and to make sure that when they left the stage they were not only happy with their performance, but also their fans were thrilled and eager to come back again and again to see how they would be wowed next.

Moonshadow's Moonlight Music is definitely not about just collecting tips, singing covers of others' songs and signing off. This is a company looking at the future, wanting to showcase the best of Gibraltar's musical talent across the metaverse, and developing real careers out of the endeavor.

To do these things takes plenty of work and commitment, both of which Moonshadow and those around him are all too eager to provide. Because of this, success comes quickly, and the future only looks brighter...and sounds fantastic.

What does hard work and commitment look like?

Wolfie dazzling the crowd

It looks like Moonshadow seeing the talent in others and bringing them on board so that everyone has a chance at success. It looks like Moonshadow making the decision to come into SL more during its nighttime peak hours, a move that saw Moonshadow's fan group triple in just two months. It looks like Moonshadow, along with Walworth, marketing and promoting the company, its mission and its artists, 7 days a week, 14+-hours a day so that everyone succeeds and grows in major ways.

When I attended Moonlight Music/SLE's Spring Jam, I was expecting magic, and what I received from the triple threat artists Wolfie Moonshadow, Jesse Ribeiro, and Jaxxon Roxx, was one of the best concerts I've seen in Second Life in a long, long time.

The rockin' musical stylings of (from l to r) Wolfie Moonshadow, Jesse Ribeiro, and Jaxxon Roxx

I love music; it's one of the main things I participate in while traversing Second Life; I listen to music, I go to clubs and dance to music, and I go to live concerts to be swept away by great vocals.

And this music lover couldn't be more thrilled.

Jesse Ribeiro

The week or two leading up to the mega event, I dropped in on individual sets by Moonshadow, Ribeiro, and Roxx, and at each set, I was blown away by their charisma, their voices, and their ability to connect with the audience with not only great songs but also great stage presence.

Jaxxon Roxx

By the time of the event, I was more than ready to see how these three talented men would interact on the stage together. From their individual sets, I knew all three artists to be great singers with fun personalities, but I also noticed their individual vibes.

Lanai Jarrico, SLE President, and Moonshadow's assistant manager Bellahope Molko

For me, Wolfie Moonshadow is that dark, sexy artist who can snare you with his rendition of "You Can Leave Your Hat On" and then belt out a hot Creed tune. Jesse Ribeiro is the balladeer who can make you cry as he tickles the ivories and soothes your ears with his beautiful voice, and Jaxxon Roxx, as his name suggests, is the rocker with fingers strumming guitar strings while he belts out INXS.

I just knew their eclectic styles would mesh in a way that would keep the music hot and the attendees rocking.

And I was right.

Ribeiro's manager, Chantal Memel

The vibe for the two-hour event was electric, and throughout the entire show, nearly 80 attendees rocked out to the triple threat from Gibraltar as they delighted us not only with their hilarious banter but also with their great renditions of well-known songs, such as "Soul Sister," "Purple Rain," "Candle in the Wind," and "Grenade."

Best indicator of just how good they are came when they joined together to sing one of my favorite songs, Prince's "Purple Rain." In one song, where we could concretely see and hear their individual talents, they managed to seamlessly meld those individual talents into one dynamic performance that left us all applauding, and left some women fainting on the lawn.

Another indicator? I kid you not, when Jesse Ribeiro sang Coldplay's hit "Fix You," I cried a little. It was that beautiful.

The current artists of Moonlight Music have the talent to make the women sweat, moan, and faint and make the men grab hold of those swooning women and move to the rhythms these artists orchestrate oh so perfectly.

Moonlight Music Co-CEO CatherineG Walworth

Yet another indicator? Well, not only do these artists offer fantastic renditions of songs we all know and love, but they also have original works--many of them performed during the Spring Jam.

Moonshadow is currently at work on his album, which will be sold in SL soon, and both Ribeiro and Roxx have SL albums available for purchase. You can contact CatherineG Walworth and Artist's Management in-world to learn more about how to purchase these albums and also how to subscribe to the artists' groups so that you can be kept abreast of the many sets they perform throughout Second Life.

Crowd rocking out

You can learn even more about these three awesome artists by checking out their individual bios: Wolfie Moonshadow, Jesse Ribeiro, and Jaxxon Roxx.

For those who are interested in seeing the talent of Moonlight Music off-world, you can head to the company's page at YouTube and on Facebook! To talk directly with someone at Moonlight Music, you can go in-world and speak with CEOs Wolfie Moonshadow and CatherineG Walworth. Moonlight Music is definitely a company on the rise, and with its musical stars and future endeavors, the sky is not even the limit for this company.


  1. Not only is Moonlight Music on fire across the grid right now, but I must say, behind all the flashing lights and paparazzi are some really great people that genuinely love what they do and love to spread their contagious positive energy to whoever they are in contact with.

    Hey Venue Owners! Be sure to book them, you will get a fantastic show! \m/ xoxo ~Lanai

  2. You don't see this kind of commitment in SL often. From Artists to Management, they are unparalleled. Their talent and onstage demeanor captures us, and holds us there. I have watched this group from inception, and am not surprised at their following. Wolfie, I thank you for seeing this "Moonlight Vision" and going for it! You are all pure talent!!If you are living on another SL planet and haven't seen them yet, I encourage everyone to check out their shows, book them, and share their talent with everyone you know.


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