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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MUSICIAN MANAGER SPOTLIGHT on Michaela Rookstown, CEO of Starlight Oasis Music Management. “No One Artist Makes SL...There is NO BEST” Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

The Last Musician Manager that was in the blazin SLE Spotlight was asked these same questions and it was great to see them share similar values of Music Awareness in Second Life. Each Musician Manager that is successful at what they do is clearly dedicated to promoting their Musicians and is all part of the driving force that keeps the Music industry booming here in Second Life.

Through the years, I’ve met several musician managers. Some have unfortunately vanished and others have managed to stick around accumulate new and talented musicians to their booking list.

It is definitely an exciting time to be a virtual world junkie with a creative talent to share on a global stage.  Musicians have flocked to Second Life by the hundreds, yet there are just a handful of Managers that are hiding behind the scenes bringing Music to a sim near you. My job is to shine a big ol Spotlight on them.

Please meet this week’s Musician Manager, Michaela Rookstown

Lanai: Hi Michaela,  I’d like to know from your own words what qualities does it takes for Musicians to be successful in the SL Music scene?

Michaela: Patience, determination and devotion

Lanai: What advice could you give to others Managers that are starting out in Second Life?

Michaela: I would tell them to stay grounded.  Make goals,  achieve them one at a time and always remember to work hard ;devote themselves and remember  Rome wasn’t built in a day , also remember it isn’t quantity that’s needed in sl music its quality .

Lanai: What is your take on the SL music management industry in Second Life and musicians you have come across?

Michaela: I think music is a wonderful addition to SL and I take my hat off to all that work and perform in the music community on a daily basis. Most that I have met take this job seriously as a way to promote their talents... some as in everything humans do … take this as a game and don’t commit themselves to it ... for those people I feel sorry. SL music is growing and will continue to grow and I look forward to being a part of it for some time to come. 

Lanai: What is the biggest problem you face in your position?

Michaela: Musicians that charge too much for their fees and the unwillingness to work with the paying venues on this fee.  Over charging a venue leaves the budget of that venue in shambles and makes it hard for them to remain in business, which in turn makes booking the artist charging reasonable rates harder and sometimes impossible. 

Lanai: What do you think the SL community can do to help the Music Industry in Second Life grow and continue to thrive in a positive way?

Michaela: Be aware of the 
Music industry... support it when and if they can attend shows and make others aware that music does exist in SL.

Lanai: What are some problems you see that can be fixed?

Michaela:  I think the biggest issue in SL music at present is the argument that track singers aren’t artist but instead karaoke singers... MY take on this is... the VOICE itself is an instrument and just because an artist cannot pick up an instrument and play it DOES NOT  mean that they are any less an artist than those that do play and instrument .. And I also feel like any and all problems that exist in SL can be fixed with the unity of the entire music community... “Together we stand Divided we Fall "

Lanai: How do you feel about working with other Managers in SL?

Michaela:  I personally am always willing to help another manager... I’m not so big in SL nor so busy to remember what it was to get started in this business and the struggles I had while establishing my name here. I would like to think that if the time came when I needed the advise or help from another manager I could get it... so in turn my door is never closed to those that come to me seeking advice or help in any fashion . 

Lanai: Would you please tell me about your 
Music Management Company and who you are currently representing?

Michaela:  I established Starlight Music Management with Ryleigh Sorbet over a year ago and started out with just one artist... with that one artist I slowly began to build a reputation for myself and my company, As my stable began to grow I hired staff to assist with the needs of my artist, along with Ryleigh Sorbet (slo manager) I also have Chizay Bluebird as a slo manager. I staff several assistants and host to attend shows with my artists.  At present I personally manage VladVoivode Diavolo ... Strummer Vultee... Phil setner and Benisiom Luik. Ryleigh manages Dee Timeless... ZiZO Galicia and OrangeLife Holmer... Chizay manages Hazie Moonwall and Don Cabassoun.

Lanai: How did you get started in the SL Music Management?

Michaela:  I started out in the music community as a hostess in a club when I was only days old... I work my way up in that club from hostess to manager... then I opened my own venue and became interested in what made the music community run... I did some research and decided artist management is what I wanted to do I actively searched for an artist and began managing... and here we are today 

Lanai: My next question has to do with your own personal code of ethics and how you conduct your business.  What do you look for when you are approached to represent a client?

 Michaela:  I look for commitment... loyality... and awareness of what SL music is and how it progresses for each artist. 

Lanai: About the Musicians you work with, what kind of things do you want to see with your current artists and when you meet a new one needing your services?

Michaela: The artist I reps are professionals and act accordingly... When its showtime they work and give their all  ... and that is all I can ask of any artist in my agency. 

Lanai: What things make you hesitant about working with someone?

Michaela: I find I put distance between myself and those that refuse to work as a team with my staff and the music community... No One Artist Makes SL...There is NO BEST... every artist that shows up on a stage to sing is the best... it takes a lot of courage and pride to be willing to stand on a stage sing and be judged by those that listen and the refusal to acknowledge everyone that vocally or with instrument give their all to perform and entertain for the residents of sl truly back me off.. 

Lanai: From when you first began managing talent in SL, Have you noticed any changes in the SL Music scene or is there anything you see happening now?

Michaela: Basically I would say that things have remained the same with a heightened sense of awareness when it comes to music in SL by the residents. 

Lanai: Where do you see the SL Music scene in a couple years?

Michaela: I see music being the leader in entertainment and night life in SL

Lanai: With the wild and crazy reputation of real world rock stars, it makes me curious, have you ever had to deal with a diva or divo?  If so, please tell me how you handled that.

Michaela: Rofl... They are all divas or divos each wanting sole attention of their management team... but what wonderful individuals they each are... love all you guys!!! And girls!!!

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