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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spotlight on Ribbons Magic, Owner of Le Magique and Magique Fantasies Sims Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

    Le Magique and Magique Fantasies are two sims that offer some of the most beautiful structures in Second Life. Owned and operated by Ribbons Magic.

For the most part when I am in Second Life, I am on the business side of the grid, but when I can, I like to dress up and have some fun with my friends. I’m not a real Princess, but I have the tiaras, gowns, shoes and jewels to pretend to be. That’s the beauty of Second Life; it is our imagination that takes us on whichever path we chose, doing whatever our hearts desire while spreading the love and loving what we do.

Ribbon Magic is the kind of spirit that provides a place of wonder and enchantment where avatars are able to go back to a time when innocence and imagination are entwined. She really found her place in this virtual world and provides fantasy and enchantment for residents to enjoy...

Lanai: Hi Ribbons, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule for an Interview. With all of the unique ways people have flocked to Second Life, can you tell me what brought you here?

Ribbons: I came to Second Life with some friends I have known for years at other online places. We all came on the same day. I remember them saying "you have to see this place, that I would love it”, so I thought I would try it. I honestly didn't believe it was something I would be interested in, however as we all know after the initial shock and learning to walk, talk, and move around, it's very interesting and I love meeting and being around people.

Lanai: I really love coming to Second Life and meeting great people like you, Would you consider yourself more on the business or role play side of the grid, or Both?

Ribbons: I am here to have fun and run some businesses. I'm not really involved in role playing games, for those that enjoy RP; I have 2 lovely sims that can be rented for all kinds of events.

Lanai: With the versatility of this virtual world, to be and do whatever you can imagine, what does Second Life mean to you?

Ribbons: Second Life gives me an avenue to share things and help make others smile and be happy. I care more about that than any part of Second Life. I love doing what I think I do best, which is communicating with people and seeing what I can do to help them have a good time.

Lanai: From what I have witnessed, you have mastered that. Would you consider SL an extension of your real life or just a game to pass the time?

Ribbons: SL is certainly not a pass time for me. I work very hard at SL. However I do have fun as well. People who say it is not an extension of real life don't use SL like I do. It has to be an extension of my real life, because I care about the people that come into my life and the ones that are customers. You can't turn off the computer and not think about the hours you have put into SL and not carry over those feelings in my real life.

Lanai's 6h Rezzday Royal Ball

Lanai: I agree. Second Life is not a game when emotions are involved. I care about my friends here when I log of too. I have to say, the Royal Ball you created for me at Le Magique Castle on May 11th is the talk of the grid. Thank you so much for all your hard work making my 6th Rezzday such an event. Everyone had a blast. Can you please tell me a little about what inspired you to become an event planner here in Second Life?

Ribbons: First of all Lanai, I had a wonderful time planning your event, you're most welcome. I decided to become an event planner because of some of my real life experiences. It's nice to see people have parties, enjoy something they may not have the opportunity to if not at SL. Talking to people comes easy for me, and it takes that to be an event planner. You have to make people feel comfortable, to trust you with their parties, to give them the best you can and know they will be happy and have fun and even some of their dreams come true.

Lanai: It shows in your work. So, who else is involved in helping you make avatars fantasies spring to life?

Valen Serpente & Ribbons Magic

Ribbons: I have several levels of people who help me. Valen Serpente and Tiffa Sweetwater are both business partners and also are very close to me. Valen has so many talents and ideas it would take a book to write them all down. He's one very talented, kind, caring, and wonderful man. We have a bond that I don't have with anyone else at SL. People should take a look at his work, he is creative and is able to put that together with his talents and honestly makes the most unique items I've seen at SL. Tiffa Sweetwater has been my best friend for over 12 years and works with me on the events as well as other aspects of the store. She also is the head photographer at Le Magique and has her own Photography business. I have to mention she is a very busy lady, and her husband Quinton Diavolo is one of SL's top musicians. I work with Darkmoon Lilliehook, he does the Intan dances and owns DMC. He is building 2 adjacent sims to mine for his businesses to expand. As you know Dragonheart introduced us Lanai, and does a wonderful job networking and writing. He owns Imagine Magazine and is always there to help when needed.

Dragonheart Spiritweaver

Lanai: There are many role play locations and options across the grid for avatars to try out. I’d like to learn me more about what makes up Magique Fantasies and all the great surprises it has to offer.

Le Magique Castle

Ribbons: Magique Fantasies has 2 very different castles on the hilltops. One is a Cinderella Castle much like the one at Disney Land and the other Castle owned by Valen Serpente is possibly the largest castle in SL. That castle has so many levels and has special rooms unique in themes. The texturing is a must see. There's the Magique Church of a 100 looks, interior and exterior. This awesome church with a push of a button can turn from an elegant church, to an old English wooden church, to a dark gothic church. The Lost White Knight Fort is in front of the castle and church. It makes an perfect place for anyone's wedding and when the interior of the church is derezzed makes a fun and interesting place for parties. There are ballrooms inside the castles and one under the castle that connects to a 3 level fantasy cave off the board walk. Also there is The Lookout - An open air venue for dancing with DJ's or Musicians. This sim is wonderful for parties, even a progression party that starts in one area and goes to different areas on the sim.

Lanai: What is your vision for the future of Le Magique, Magique Fantasies?

Ribbons: To create an atmosphere that is elegant, fun, and entertaining. One that when people leave say "Wow!" Le Magique already has a full floor of elegant skins, and there are more lines coming. I offer custom skins and custom sculpting and that's something you don't see in most of the stores at SL.

Lanai: Using my royal rezzday party as an example, Do you think it Role Play will evolve into something much greater? If so, feel free to share your thoughts.

Ribbons: I believe your party wasn't just role-playing; it was a celebration of you being here 6 years. Its fact, it's real, it involves real feelings, there are emotions, and to me none of those are really role playing. I hope to continue to see people celebrate and bring happiness to their lives. When you deal with people, you find if you try hard you can reach down and almost touch their hearts and if you are lucky enough to do that, you get a feeling of accomplishment that is rewarding and makes you know you aren't just another business/sim/person.

Lanai: True it wasn’t a role play party, but I did feel like a Princess for a day. I was lucky enough to meet you through a great mutual friend but for our readers, how can avatars contact you for event planning or renting locations on these SIMS for their own magical fantasies?

Ribbons: Everything I have on the 2 sims can be rented. I usually do the decorating and event planning so people don't have to worry about it. However, if someone just wants to use, as an example the Ballrooms, or The Venue, those can be rented by the day. I have a retreat that is very private for honeymoons or anniversaries or "just because". It's a lovely home with dozens of places around it to explore, to be with the person you love, to make your dreams come true.

This Magique Retreat is available to be seen by appointment only. I created it for total privacy and it stays that way.

Lanai: I want to thank you so much for your time and end this interview with one final thought from you. Can you tell my readers what makes Second Life a wonderful experience for you and share your thoughts on how others can find their place in this virtual world?

Ribbons: I would like to thank you Lanai for the interview. Doing your party was fun and exciting. My wish in SL for everyone is to smile and have fun. There's no room for drama, for unhappiness, or jealousy in my life. I believe everyone should strive to make their Second Life a place to look forward to coming to, to have friends with lots of happiness each day. Please send me a note card or you can try an im if you would like to consider using the sims. : ))

~~Be Kind

Ribbons Magic

Le Magique Owner

Magique Fantasies Owner

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  1. I knew Ribbons from the very first day she came to SL and we have been friends ever since. So it is with much sadness to say that Ribbons past away in RL on 2nd August 2013. She will be greatly missed in Second Life and Real Life. She was such a kind and loving person who wanted always to give and be friendly to everyone she met. Once again God has taken back one of his angels, we must remember her kindness and sweet friendship and to be thankful that a virtual world like Second Life gave us the chance to know her for just a short while. This wonderful article will be a reminder to everyone about how a virtual world and just one person with a loving heart came make a huge difference and bring so much good to so many real life people. For my very dear friend Ribbons, I will miss you so much. Issobelle Brimm


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