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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pets R Us SL's #1 Virtual Breedable Pet Store Cynamon Pearl Reporting...

Pets R Us is an in-world virtual pet store that carries every imaginable virtual breedable pet available in the Second Life market. In fact, grid wide Pets R Us sells every species including the most current releases. Just ask store owner and operator, Warbo Mint who assures that all of your breedable pet needs can be found in-store under the same roof.

I discovered the world of breedables recently during a visit and was astounded by the level of creativity and detail that goes into manufacturing these fascinating creatures. Pet store owner Warbo has been going strong for six months.When asked what the advantage of owning a breedable pet was, Warbo shared what all the rave is about, “They look pretty and breed offspring that can be sold, and further it’s an investment and a hobby” he says. He then demonstrated a thirty second birth of a Fairy, which I have to admit, was pretty cool. Warbo says, “Most breedables have a class; common or uncommon. The more rare the species the more valuable they are”.

We stopped and chatted with shop owner Pandorarose who breeds blooming butterflies and says that the Pets R Us family is very close. She was touched by a warm gesture from the Pets R Us family where they had a butterfly set with a scripted message to welcome the birth of her unborn child. It was totally customized.

I had heard a lot about Meeroos and by now was becoming more intrigued. There was a lot to take in and Warbo didn’t disappoint. Not only did I get to see a Meeroo, but I was able to pet one. “Meeroos have set the market line to follow”, Warbo says. Apparently Meeroos are most interactive of all breedables. The owner can pet them, or give them to friends, cuddle, search for hidden objects and this no other breedable can do thus far.

Have you ever ridden a Dodo bird? I doubt it, you’ve probably never even seen one except in pictures because they are extinct in real life, yet in Second Life they are in abundance here at Pets R Us. That right, Pets R Us sells Dodos, and you can ride them.

That is not all, Pets R Us sell, Precious dragons; Breagons (magical dragons); horses and sheep. Did I leave any out? Oh yes, Warbo says, soon cows and pigs are next to be released. How about Sliggets? Do you remember the little trolls from back in the day? Well they farm themselves. It doesn’t end there, Pets R Us keeps expanding with every new release. Please contact Warbo Mint in-world, Second Life for all of your breedable pet inquiries or follow URL.


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