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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spotlight feature: LET THE RACES BEGIN! Champion Horses & Interview with Janeatte Finchy, certified Champion Jockey & Trainer- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Racing horses for entertainment has a long history since way back in ancient times as the sport of Kings.  Horses and chariots come to mind when I think of how they were used in the ancient Greek Olympics, Egypt and in the Roman Empire coliseum.

 Today it is still practiced in the United States, Canada, Europe and around the world and is regarded as an equestrian sport.  

I have been to a RL horse track and Betting Arenas. They were filled with people from different places, coming together to enjoy the splendors of the Socialites and atmosphere while witnesses some real horses power in action.

In Second Life the fun of this Royal Sport is just beginning with Champion Horses…  

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watching the races

I recently took a tour of Champion Horses and all they have to offer to the virtual high Society and new comers alike.  From my perspective this organization has captured the essence of what you would find at some of the most Prestigious Tracks and Equestrian clubs in the world.  I have been to some fancy places both in and out of Second Life and I was  amazed at what I saw.

  Arriving in a Silver ruffled shirt with a matching detailed vest from Utopia, coupled with prim tight black jeans I borrowed from a Posh Spice’s pre-pregnancy collection and a pair of N-Core black belted boots…. I thought I was good to go until I rezzed in and realized I forgot something; my big decorative hat.

Luckily there was a hat designer by the name of RowennaSpiritor Resident in the crowd that quietly handed me one of her creations and it finished off my look perfectly.  If you are looking for a hat for this or any special occasion, be sure to look her up.
Lanai Jarrico and Janeatte Finchy

If you are new to this, here are some quick tips on Horse Race Etiquette and what to expect if this is your first time exploring this skilled Sport.

Hats are a trademark part of the attire. Ladies, if you are wondering what type of hat to wear to a Horse Race, I would suggest the bigger it is, the better.  Don’t be shy, wear it proudly.  But, I would find something that matches your pants, jacket or dress. Straw Sun hats are always lovely or Parasol umbrella for the bolder Socialites with big hair and bell shaped dresses.

For Gentlemen, hats are optional.  If you are unsure, go with a white fedora, banded with your accent color.  These are usually worn by the more prominent business men of SL society that like a taste of the good SLife and are not afraid to express themselves with fashion too intense for the average sports enthusiasts.

A touch of class never hurt nobody...

As I sat quietly in the stands watching the Jockeys steer their horses to the starting line and listening to the announcer, Anya Bulloch introducing their unique names. What I witnessed was an evening of excitement surrounded by elegance and interesting people all for the love of horses, sports and socializing in styles. This sport is intense and Champion Horses captures the essence of only the highest standards of virtual racing with only the highest quality of horse breedables available.

Champion Horses and Jockeys

One of the main attractions of horse racing is placing bets. We all know no gambling is permitted in Second Life according to the TOS, but apparently the Lindens have approved of Champion Horses because it is a skilled sport.

The Racetrack

 I interviewed Janeatte Finchy Champion Jockey & Trainer to find out more about Champion Horses and how you can get involved.

Lanai Jarrico, Janeatte Finchy and Frolic Mills of BOSL in the VIP Section

Lanai Jarrico: Hi Janeatte, it’s good to see you, Thank you so much for the tour of Champion Horses. I had a fabulous time and will definitely be back to show my support! Since my readers like to hear the scoop from the inside, I wanted to ask you some questions about Champion Horses. For starters can you tell me a little bit about what you do here in Second Life and how you come to be a Champion Jockey & trainer?

Janeatte Finchy: I came to Champion Horses through a friend that was already involved in Champion. We were playing a game one night and she started discussing her horses and how she was excited about the upcoming events within Champion. She took me to her sim to show me the horses and allowed me to ride one of them. Since Champion Horses have a great realism and unique component besides being a breedable - I was hooked. I bought my first horse from her on the spot.

Champion Breeds

Lanai Jarrico: Horse Racing in Second Life is relatively new now that the breedables have matured into high performance Steeds. Can you tell me more about Champion Horses?

Janeatte Finchy: The Champion Horse Racing is relatively new yes. Speed and Endurance races started about two months ago, and Steeplechase races started a few weeks ago. New events are being added including cross country/show jumping, barrel racing, dressage and even sulky races. I think the amazing part of this breedable is they take it a step further with allowing the owner to train, and take part in events with these horses.

Lanai Jarrico: How can SL Jockeys gets involved and purchase a high performance horse for racing?

Janeatte Finchy: Champion has a school in which you learn to be a jockey/trainer. It requires three class times in which you learn the rules and procedures, and then you are given a practical. At the end of your course you are required to take an exam. If you pass the exam then you are awarded a certification. This certification must be given to the officials at race time to ensure you are aware of the rules and procedures during race day. Although there is a tuition for the school - I believe most jockeys will agree that you can easily get a return on your investment by entering a few races.

Lanai and Janeatte chatting it up

Lanai Jarrico: I have to say the Track, Stables and surrounding area are impressive. I really felt like I was at a Fancy Race Park & Country Club. Who are the Masterminds behind this beautifully detailed structure and race track?

Janeatte Finchy: Ken Edge is the founder of Champion Horses. The grandstands, paddock, information center, clubhouse, and racing track are his dream. This dream was brought to fruition by Ryu Quasimodo and Beth33 Beaumont.

The Masterminds

Lanai Jarrico: You mentioned that there are actual horse betting going on at these events? Have the Lindens approved of this and how does it work?

Janeatte Finchy: Yes Linden Labs is aware of Champion Horse Racing. Champion Horses require time training, proper schooling and time for jockeys to practice. The outcome of the races depends on nothing more than the skill of the jockey and the performance of their bred and trained horse. It is considered a skilled sport.

Next event July 9, 2011

Lanai Jarrico: How often do you have races? When is the next one?

Janeatte Finchy: Currently races are held 3 times a week. Tuesdays and Thursday at 6pm SLT and Saturdays at Noon SLT. Since new events are being added daily - it’s a good idea to check out the Champion Information Center for a detailed weekly schedule.

Lanai Jarrico: Are there any important rules that visitors must be aware of?

Janeatte Finchy: Yes. The setup is on several sims. The paddock and grandstands are located on the edge of one sim, while the racing track is located on a sim all by itself. There are things in place to ensure that spectators do not hinder jockeys during the race by increasing lag on the sim. Therefore if a spectator cams to far while in the grandstands, or even wears over a certain amount of scripts - they will be ejected from the sim. They are more than welcome to come back and take another seat. Just be careful not to cam too far or wear items to lag down the sim. We want to make sure everyone has a great experience.

Lanai Jarrico: How can avatars sponsor these races?

Janeatte Finchy: They can visit the Champion Horse Information Center where they can find information pertaining to everything Champion.

The Winner's Circle

Lanai Jarrico: This is an exciting time for Champion Horses as it builds up its momentum here in Second Life and I would be honored to be a Sponsor. Before we hit the races, is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Janeatte Finchy: I am so delighted to hear that you would like to be a sponsor. Yes, I'd like to inform all the readers that there are no longer starter packs available for this breedable. The only way to get a Champion Horse at this time is to visit and participate in an auction. For current auction listings, and information pertaining to Champion Horses please visit the Information center. I thank you so much for your time and I hope to see you back in the grandstands soon!

The Grandstands


Champion Horses

URL for all things racing -

More Great Pictures of Champion Horses!

Champion Horse Race Schedule

The VIP Section

The CH Clubhouse

Lanai Riding a Champion Horse

Lanai attempting to get off...

Lanai eyeing up a Black Stallion

The Paddock

The VIP Bar


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