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Showing posts with label Shay Dalek. Show all posts

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Venue Review: Rockers Nightclub rocks its Roadies!! Shay Dalek Reporting...

August 20th was certainly a night to remember, that was the night Rockers Nightclub closed its doors on its former sim to reopen at a brand new location. Let me say, if you have ever been to the old Rockers, the new location is absolutely incredible. Roadies had been teased for weeks about the upcoming move and the build was kept strictly out of prying eyes. The anticipation was enough to make a grown man squeal and when the evening finally came around, Roadies descended upon its new club in droves.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

SLE Review: Atlantis Swingers Resort and Spa is the place to see it all! FEATURING A NEW BAND EVERY SUNDAY @ 6PM SLT Shay Dalek Reporting...

Shay Dalek Meditating

Atlantis Swingers Spa and Resort officially opened its doors last Sunday with a huge bang .Drawing over 50 people to its first live concert on the beach, party goers were treated to Def Leopard presented by the Rock Shoppe.  Shortly before 6pm SLT, the crowd began to gather and mingle and the atmosphere was electrifying.  People began to fall in from the midnight sky, from the prompt patron to the fashionably late, all gathered to claim their spot on the beach.  It isn’t a rock concert unless there is at least one head-banger in the crowd, and that night, there were several.  From the itty bitty bikinis to the full onslaught of head to toe leather ensembles, Def Leopard lovers gathered from far and wide, and beneath the glittery tropical night sky, a fantastic time was had by all.