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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Spotlight: Interview with the Grim Reaper Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Halloween is the time of year when they say the veil between our world and the spiritual world is the thinnest. It’s a time when all the freaks supposedly come out, but here in Second Life it’s a freak fiasco all year long. 

Many avatars like to break out their Halloween costumes and run amuck doing pumpkin hunts, costume parties and whatnot. This year I decided I’d hunt for Halloween icons. I originally wanted to interview the headless Horseman but apparently someone sold his horse in one of the breedable black markets and he is now on foot. The headless and horseless horseman eventually made it to our meeting late but his head never showed so we had to cancel...

The second interview attempt was with a vampire but he seemed to want to be my soul-mate and tried to bite me! Needless to say, I had to put a restraining order on him after temporarily blinding him with garlic spray.

I couldn’t’ get a hold of a werewolf I met last year because he was banned for harassing a furry and eating a breeder’s collection of rare bunnies.

 As my search went on, I was feeling as though my attempts to interview a Halloween icon would be a bust until I came across the Grim Reaper crying hysterically near what appeared to be a smoldering campfire.

 I approached him and he agreed to an interview under one condition. I go out on a date with him and help him find his scythe. Initially the Grim Reaper invited me back to his place but there was no air conditioner so we decided it was best to meet at a local cemetery. Hopefully I can keep him occupied long enough to save some souls…

Interview with the Grim Reaper

Lanai: Hi Grim Reaper, I know you are very busy this time of year and all but you really shouldn’t be expressing your emotions out in public like this. It is a sign of weakness and takes away from the fear of you.

Grim Reaper: Oh Hi Lanai Jarrico… yes I know this is shameful even for me, but I’m just so upset because I lost my scythe. BTW, I have heard about you and have even received notes from a few disgruntle avatars that want you gone, but no worries, you aren’t on my list this year. In fact, if you help me find my tool, you can give me your blacklist and I’ll get the job done.

Lanai: Wow ok thanks for the perks. Not that I currently have any enemies but I will keep that in mind.  So anyways, what brought you to this location and why are you so upset, what happened to it?

Grim Reaper: Well, to make a long story short. I let my cousin, the Prince of Darkness, borrow my Scythe because he was having his annual BBQ and needed something sharp to cut his meats with. The next thing I know….poof he’s gone with it.   I basically got jacked.

Lanai: Aww maaaan. Well that’s too bad. Can’t you find another one from a vendor?

Grim Reaper: Absolutely not. Have you any idea how many souls I racked up using that scythe.

Lanai: No. Sorry for suggesting an alternative… So tell me where you think it could be so we can get on with this interview.

Grim Reaper: If I had a clue, don’t you think I would have found it by now?

 Lanai: You are right but what makes you think I can help you?

 Grim Reaper: Lanai, have you forgotten that I’ve been watching you closely? I know you like to do research. Besides that, you owe me a date.

Lanai: Ok fine, I’ll help you look for it but if you think I want to pursue anything further, I’m going to have to decline any gestures of courtship… I don’t really want to mix and mingle with death and I do not like the heat.

Grim Reaper:  Fine whatever. So, what questions did you want to ask me?

 Lanai: Well since Halloween is just around the corner and to be honest you would have been my last resort for an interview, but since I found you here crying and embarrassing yourself. I’m seizing the opportunity.

Grim Reaper: How sweet. I like a woman that tries to play with fire.

Lanai : I admit that I do, but you don’t want to get burnt by me.

Grim Reaper: Oh! Low blow.

Lanai : Grim, can I call you that?  How did you come to be this way?

Grim Reaper: Sure call me what you like if I can call you tomorrow. I was a former ladies man and SL model.

Lanai: you don’t say….

Grim Reaper: Yes it’s true… I strutted my stuff down some of the top SL runways and had the girls melting all over me more than a sloppy stack of pancakes. It got lonely feeling like an Adonis. I even got my feeling crushed by a gender imposter at one of the Jazz clubs. I won’t mention any names that would cause more hate mail to me about you but after that, I pretty much applied for the position and took an oath to gather as many souls as I could. The pay isn’t that great because I only work on commission. If you notice, Second Life residents don’t die off easily, they just come back as alts and go on being cruel and deceitful to others.

Lanai: Wow Grim, so you do have a little heart left in you. I think I sensed some compassion in your twisted views. You do what you do because you want to actually save avatars from emotional distress.

Grim: That does sound good and all but no. I thought I would have hot chicks all the time but it seems either they are dying to be with me or they run away screaming. I haven’t really had a decent conversation with anyone nearly as cute as you in a long time.

 Lanai: well thank you for the compliment but let’s not fall off track here. So you are saying you did it for hot chicks? Can’t you find any at your cousin’s place?

Grim: Oh noooooooo way! The chicks he spends time with are hideous. You would think the prince of Darkness would have a harem of smoking hot mamas but that isn’t the case for him.

Lanai: ok that’s a low blow to him…. So tell me what are your plans when we find this scythe of yours?

Grim: well if I told you I would have to kill you.

Lanai: Ok. Interview over. BTW,  here you go. You can have your tool of destruction back. You must have left it at the media center.  A bit of advice, next time you blame your cousin for taking your scythe when you were really trying to stalk me. I’ll use it on you.

Grim Reaper: …

I ended the interview because trying to get questions answered by the Grim Reaper was like trying to bob for apples with no teeth.

 Be safe and have a Happy Halloween!


  1. Hilarious! I want to party with you next Halloween... xox

  2. Next time you see the Grim Reaper, tell him I said hi and I would love to meet him; despite me being 14 as of 2012 XD I think he's just. . . Epic. XD


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