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Monday, March 5, 2012

Mountaincrest Castle- New Medieval Role-Play Sim – NemzKat Resident Reporting

 Mountaincrest Castle is a Medieval/Fantasy RPing sim. It is looking for new members to join!

Here ye! Here ye! I have an important message from the Lady and Lord of Mountaincrest!

Mountaincrest is a non-gor Role-play sim and plans to stay that way. It was founded by its king and queen, Ceazar Xaris and Millyonaire Resident. It is home to the queen and king, their daughter, the royal pets: horses and monkeys, fairies, elves, humans, wizards, furries, animals and tons more and wants to keep expanding. The owners want the members of Mountaincrest to have a story behind them that helps them in their role-play.

Here is an example of one; the owner of the story wishes to stay anonymous:

“____ parents abandoned her and her twin brother at 5 years old. When she was 10 she discovered she had Avariel (winded elves) powers she didn't know what to do. She talked to her friend who was a young librarian that told her tales of her ancestors it fascinated her so she chose to do more research. When she found out how rare her people were, she and her brother ran away to find more of their race. Rumors of a kingdom called Mountaincrest were full of Avariels like them. So she flew out to the kingdom and stopped in a nearby forest. Knowing of the dangers if she was discovered as an Avariel, she stopped in the forest and tried to hide her wings. It was no use so she made her wings into a cloak. There were few people in the kingdom to know the truth about her. When she fly and her wings came out she claimed to be a fairy. No one ever thought otherwise. Not even by her pointy ears. That’s how rare her people really are. The tales of Avariels had come to an end in that town about a year before she had come and she knew she was safe. Mountaincrest would become her escape from the hunters. She was disappointed when she realized the rumors were just lies. But she loved the kingdom so much she stayed. No one ever found out her and her brother's true identity but the three people she trusted the most.
Role: A diplomat and artist from peaceful society of thinkers and religious scholars.
Mood: Cheerful but judgmental to those who can't fly but is unaware of her terrible habit.

The Sim also has its own story behind it. The story is sweet and simple and is to follow.

"Prophecy foretold of 2 strangers who would come unto the land and make it into a Kingdom. They along with the inhibitors of the land secretly took over a fortress that was claimed by gor and made it their own. Slowly building a formidable army against the evils of gor, together they have become a force to be dealt with. The Queen with the love of her state and the King’s unwavering fellowship, along with all the inhabitants of this great land have become what is now known as Mountaincrest."

The sim is in the region of Smartie [SLurl]. The sim consists of two things; land with a castle also known is Mountaincrest Castle and a full sim known as Mountaincrest Village. This will be the capital of Mountaincrest. There will be roads leading to all parts of the sim. Some things you can suspect to see there are a village square, rental homes, a pub, a stable, and more! And of course don’t forget to check out the many people/creatures that live in the realm. It was made for people who want a place to role-play but don’t like or are turned off by gor Sims. It’s a beautiful sim with no lag and friendly people to talk to.

King and Queen, Ceazar Xaris and Millyonaire Resident

Requirements to RP at Mountaincrest:

  • Always dress in medieval attire when visiting the sim
  • Do not do force RP
  • No slavery
  • NO gor what so ever!

You do not have to live in the sim to be a RP member. It would be fun if you could, but it is not a requirement.

Who is the Sim for? The sim is for everyone. There is no age limit or anything. Families are welcome and encouraged to come. Family RP would be a great part of the sim!

How much realism will the sim have? The sim will have 100% realism. The goal is for role-players to feel back in the Mid-Evil times with a fairy-tale twist to make it more interesting. Or even Lord of the Rings if you will.

There are a few rules the queen has if you want to stay in the castle:

  1. No open chat sex. Use IM. 
  2. No spying. This action is an invasion of privacy. Taking picture of a resident without their permission is harassment. 
  3. Do not enter someone's apartment without their permission. 
  4. Do not build or rezz objects outside your rental space. 
  5. Respect your neighbors. If you have issues contact the King or Queen 
  6. No rotating or flashing signs or structures. 
  7. No security system. We already have one so there is no need for others. 
  8. No scripts or objects that have a severe impact on the frame rate of other clients (or the servers).
  9. No mega prims. (Mega prim is classified as a one prim object larger than the standard 10x10.) 
  10. No temporary prim rezzers. 
  11. Tenants will be required to stay active in Mountaincrest Group, anyone not signing into SL after 2 weeks will lose their apartment and it will be given to someone else. 
  12. No drama or griefers, this will not be tolerated and you will be removed from the castle and group immediately.

The sim’s goals, straight from the Lord and Lady himself and herself, include the building of valleys, fields of wheat, forests, and villages that run themselves; having other kingdoms beneath them, humans to the north, fairies to the west, and elves to the south; seeing continuous sims join together; and ultimately adding investors along the way to build upon the kingdom.

If you are interested in becoming a part of RP at Mountaincrest, contact Caezar Xaris or Millyonaire Resident.


  1. I always find it problematic when someone decides to create "an RP sim" with building a huge castle and giving himself/herself the title of the ruler - and only this starting point is the fundament for the "roleplay". Obviously it's nothing else than the expression of the owners' inner fantasy dream about self-expression that must become true, at least virtually.
    I don't judge or mind if anybody wants to be a virtual king/queen and wants to live in a huuuuge castle (though it's a bit freudian for my taste). But - I wouldn't call it roleplay, and I'm sure it won't work as a roleplay. For the question why not, the answer is simple: nobody wants to play in a game where there are only two categories: we two are the king/queen - and you are "people". Roleplayers would like to play interesting specific parts that they can feel to be important, significant, remarkable. If a sim is built upon the importance of a royal couple, and the others are hardly more than worshippers or mere tenants, then it can work as a "medieval themed residential sim", but it's not roleplay.
    I have seen many examples for this in SL - all of them disappeared after max. 6 months.


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