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Friday, March 30, 2012

A Potpourri of Beauty and Skill - Meet CindyS Tatham EDD Graycloud Reporting...

 CindyS Tatham Photography

I’d like to introduce our readers to a multi-talented, skilled and gracious resident of Second Life. CindyS Tatham is one of those special idyllic people who have the ability to affect positively everyone she comes into contact with. Let’s have a peek at CindyS Tatham, shall we?

Mr /Ms MWC Modeling Contest

In Second Life you will find many residents that primarily have one or two exceptional talents, but seldom do you come across someone with multitudes of talent, skills and the open willingness to share all of that with others. CindyS Tatham is among other things a builder/creator; a model instructor as well as model; a photographer, artist and altruist. She sets the bar for many to reach and soar to. The following is the excerpt of my interview with her:

EDD: How did u discover SL?

CindyS Tatham: I was originally in another chat that became overwhelmingly filled with drama. It was very difficult to find solitude or exemption from it of any kind. When I heard about Second Life I decided to try it out. In Second Life I have the ability or choice to decide whether I will be involved in any kind of drama.

EDD: What do you build/create?

CindyS Tatham: I could tell you a little story here if you don't mind.

EDD: Not at all. Please go ahead

CindyS Tatham: I was fairly new to SL and had a job as a hostess at Dae's Cafe Casablanca. I didn't make many lindens, but between that and camping I bought a little place to put a house.

I went shopping for furniture and found some awesome furniture that I fell in love with. Still being relatively new to Second Life I sometimes had the tendency to lose things very easily. I was arranging everything on the land and had messed up editing the house. I became frustrated and thought I would just return everything to my inventory thinking it would all be there to try again later. I didn’t think I was doing that bad of a thing. Well, somehow I lost all of my furniture and was devastated to say the least. I went to the builder thinking of course she would have a little sympathy. I am laughing so hard about all of this now.  However, she had zero sympathy for me. She told me it wasn't her problem and I should have never returned it. Today I can laugh about this, but back then, I was more than upset. Ok … So when she treated me so poorly, I was determined to learn how to build. I started with a couch and it wasn't very good, but I kept it up. I created all of my own textures and refused to buy anything at that point. Lol

I then started making textures of chest of drawers and dressers until i had built an entire line of furniture - from the kitchens to the bedrooms. A friend of mine and I got together and rented a sim with the majority use being my shop. I started to get many clients requesting special things - from furniture to paintings to wallpaper. I still have an inventory filled with my furniture, but I haven't done a lot with it since that friend and I parted ways. My parents became ill and I had to spend less time in SL as I was now faced with taking over their business in an effort to support them and my sons.

A long-time friend of mine tried to get me to open a shop again, but for me it was too costly. I did have another friend of mine purchase a sim and at that point she hired me and another friend to build everything on it. That was both fun and rewarding.

EDD: If someone wanted to purchase your creations how could they contact you? ... Do you plan to open a shop or do you already have a pre-existing?

CindyS Tatham: I will always do custom work for my clients or anyone that would like to see some of my work. As for opening a new shop that isn't likely at the moment, but perhaps someday.

EDD: Tell me something about your modeling career and experience

CindyS Tatham: I originally went to EIMA for my modeling certificate. I didn't go to any other because I felt my real life modeling experience was enough to keep my sights in the right direction. I have always loved fashion and creating my fashion illustrations in real life.

Modeling Awards/Titles:

My most recent accomplishment was for my artwork in a fashion photo contest for Tres Beau Chic. I was the selected winner for styling in February, 2012. I also was given the opportunity to do my own photographic artwork for vendor ads that would be used in several SL magazines.

Miss Mohna Lisa Couture 2012

I also was 1st runner up for Miss Mohna Lisa Couture 2012 which took place in January of this year.

I was selected in the past to audition for Miss Virtual World, but was not selected to go on. I had dropped out of doing contests for several years, but in those prior years I did win placement in JCNY and the HOB contests for several months in a row.

EDD:Why did u become an instructor? How many models would u estimate you have sent into the industry?

CindyS Tatham: I was asked by my friend - Sandrina Baxton, owner of Baxton Modeling Agency, to become an instructor. She and Jasonkiep Naxos, choreographer for Baxton, currently work in the fashion world in their real lives, hence we all have common experiences and goals.

I have taught many models many things. Most of it wasn't as a formal instructor, but just as a person/friend that saw they needed help and offered them assistance. Overall I have taught or assisted over 20 models. All of my help or teaching has and is done on a one-to-one basis. I feel this gives the student/client the ability to seek the help needed as the situation(s) develop(s).

CindyS Tatham Photography

EDD: How did you become a photographer?

CindyS Tatham: I think being a real life photographer coupled with my artistic background it just flowed naturally into SL. I honestly believe that was fate. I used to build websites - mostly for political campaigns , but also one for an entertainment manager.

In the other chat there were no 3D avatars; it was based on pictures that we would get on the internet. I would paint them as well and enter contests and such.

EDD: How long have u been doing photography, both in real and Second Life?

CindyS Tatham: Well, I received my first camera when I was 16.

May I just say many years. (laughing) I honestly believe that was fate. I used to build websites - mostly for political campaigns and also one for an entertainment manager in Indy. Also, in the other chat there was no 3D avatars; it was based on pictures that we would get on the internet. I would paint them as well and enter contest and such. I think being a real life photographer, coupled with my artistic background just flowed naturally into SL.

I used to create my own artwork for my furniture shop along with getting artwork off the internet. I decided to do something that took less out of my real life because caring for two families made it almost impossible to bring any real money into SL. I started doing pictures for myself and few friends. I welcome new clients and believe my rates are very reasonable for them.

CindyS Tatham Designs

EDD: What are your short and long range goals that you'd like to share with our readers?

CindyS Tatham : The long and the short of CindyS Tatham in general is that I will always be who I am in both worlds. I strive to always be there and to be helpful to others. My main goal is to never become so full of myself that I lose the part of me that is always caring of others.

EDD: Any advice for young hopefuls/new residents, be it those that want to get into modeling, photography or/and building/creating?

CindyS Tatham : Always find your own uniqueness and never give up even when fellow artists aren't always as helpful as you would like them to be. There will always be someone that is more than willing to be kind and helpful to you. Also, when modeling and you are out there casting, entering contests and really hitting it hard to find your place ... Don't ever wear your feelings on your shirt sleeve. Never give up who you are just to fit in.

EDD : Thank you so much for your time, Cindy. I would like to wish you the best in all your future endeavors and please do continue with your wonderfully artistic creations.

Contact Cindy via  note card or IM.

See her images on Flickr!


  1. i've heard about Cindy in SL, it is nice to read about her finally !:) great article!

  2. This amazing woman was my private instructor for Baxton modelling agency. Congratulations on the article Cindy.


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