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Showing posts with label builder. Show all posts

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Spotlight on TX Gear Mainstore and the man behind High Quality and Innovative Gadgets and Script Packages, Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Tractors, Helicoptors, Media and more- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

In Second Life if you can imagine it, you can build it or have it build for you by a creator. What takes many of us just minutes to purchase takes top creators months and even years to perfect. One such creator has spent the last 2 years out of 8 focused on realistic vehicles with high quality scripts and innovative products.
Tech Robonaught has pushed the Second Life industrial market into high gear. Approximately 98% of what he sells is full permissions and affordable. That is almost unheard of. Tech also invented the first trailering and fueling systems as well as a tow package, hydraulics, gadgets and more for those who like big trucks and highly detailed vehicles.

Interview with Tech Robonaught
Congratulations on become an SL Millionaire in you’re the first year with TX Mainstore.  That means your creations are in high demand. I’ve seen many vehicles in Second Life but not to the degree of your work. What inspired you to build the truck and tractor trailer market in Second Life? Are these vehicles fully operational?

Tech:  Thanks.  The reason behind the invention of the TX Trailer and Tow, (which was the first release or the scriptset which has evolved into TX Truck and Trailer) is pretty simple.  I got angry. I can explain ...  A couple of years ago, everyone was building cars and bikes and I wanted to build Tractors and Trailers.  The vehicle scripts were plentiful to make the trucks, but absolutely nothing was available for making Trailers.  I visited the one shop I could find that had a couple of trailers for sale.  (copy- no modify) I tried to inquire as to how they worked.  Builder wouldnt discuss it.  So that made me angry and I proposed I would invent something ANYONE could use and build trailers with. So I did. I found out only recently, his trailers were purely physical and had a speed limit before disconnecting of about 30 Kmph.  So they wouldnt have been the answer I wanted anyways.  Mine are part physics and part scripting, can go as fast as sim conditions will allow, up and down hills, have working features like lights and air brakes and more ... Once the trailer was done, I found normal vehicle scripts lacked things I wanted, like inverted reverse steering, for backing trailers up, is a more natural way to steer, slower speeds and lower / closer together gear ratios, brakes, locking mechanisms and such for the trailers built into the truck again, caused me to wrote my own ... what I couldn't figure out, I hired out.   I'm rambling now ... anyhow, its spawned an entire new market, not only for vehicle builders, but for truck shells, trailer shells, sound and pose makers as well.  To finish my answer, yes, your Truck and Trailer package some with a fully assembled roadworthy Tractor and Trailer. Full permissions.

Besides creators, many don’t really understand the detailed work what goes into designing and building functional vehicles. Finding the right textures and scripts to make them as realistic as possible is a big part of it. Can you give our readers a little insight on what it takes to create one of your trucks?
Tech: Blender is a great tool so is photoshop.  Once your mesh model is in world and textured its set up very much the same way that one would build a bike or a car. Main scripts and sounds and poses go into your root prim along with engine scripts ... the Truck also has whats called a Soft Lock ... a specially desinged prim that holds a script to call and attach the trailer ... about 6 months ago we invented an autoconnect that automatically connects the trailer int he correct position with the hitch so with a couple of button presses in the menu the trailer is connected. Prior to that it took edit mode or some real good driving. Once the trailer is connected, another script relays information to things like brakes and lights so all the brake lights, reverse lights, 4 way flashers even the turn signals work on the trailers even tho they are not linked in anyway to the truck. Its just being pulled behind. 

Scripting is definitely for those with patience and attention to detail. Do you create your own scripts?
Tech:  I do 90% of my own work. In the instance I cant figure something out, or lack time, I hire it done. So I too contribute to the economy.

Not only do you create trucks, you also build trailer attachments. What is the trailering system and how do it work?
Tech:  (I think I covered it above?) Sorry?  lol

I’ve seen mock gas stations in SL but never a fueling system. Can you explain what it is used?
Tech:  There are a couple of other fueling systems in SL. But neither of them allow the owner of the gas station to make money selling fuel, and neither of them are vehicle specific.  For example, my system uses real mpg. So therefore you wouldn't expect a compact car to get the same mileage as a Tractor Trailer right?  With mine they don't. Mileage varies, and, the station owner can not only regulate their own prices, they can sell gasoline or diesel fuel. What?  You don't think I'm going to build Semi trucks and run them on gasoline do you?  :D  By the way, the vehicle portion of the TXAGO Fuel system is available for free on my sim so vehicle owners can outfit their vehicles with my fuel system for free...

Can you share with our readers the other type of vehicles, add ons and gadgets that can be found at TX Mainstore?

Tech:  There are a few lightweight handy scripts ive written, a Hydraulics Script kit with a HUD, Helicopter Script Kit, a Police Package with a very nice Police Car shell inside + Scripted police lights of various types, siren, wheels, pushbar, even a working radar gun... I also offer a beginners Chopper scriptset for 699L for those on a budget who want to build bikes.  My latest invention is TX Drive and Drag... a vehicle scriptset that can be used in two modes, for Drag racing, or normal every day driving.  Tons of features ... are we posting pics?  Like you mentioned before, about 95 % of my scripting is full permissions, so I encourage people to tear it apart and learn from it... I'm sure I am forgetting stuff ...

Many avies in SL like to find unique things that no one else has.  Do you create custom vehicles? If so, how can they be ordered?
Tech:  No.  That is one thing I do not do.  LOL!  BUT that being said I know plenty of VERY talented builders who have built amazing and unique things using my scripts and parts, and they love to show off ...

Your work is very impressive. You don’t just build vehicles and their accessories. You also dabble in media. I noticed your shop with TVs and Radios. How do they differ from the other media tools available in SL?

Tech:  I have a couple of unique 'old school" land radios. one displays the Station Song and Artist on the front screen in a variety of colors ... not xyz text on a prim, self serving prim html is used, the rest of my stuff is either again for builders or even home builders, using media on a prim technology I am able to host the web that is served up on them and people can use them ot make interesting and unique things... now you can watch a movie anywhere in SL or listen to your radio on your bike and others can hear it too as you drive by, media on a prim has made possibilities almost endless if you have the know how to toss up a website... (which I do) ... another unique thing ive done is hidden those links form the everyday passerby ... so our content cant be stolen and served up on someone elses TV or (yes people have even made movie theatres with it) ...

There are reseller vendors available. What is the incentive for merchants who wish to sell your products?
Tech:  25% is the incentive.  Many things I have created this year I havent had time to vendor yet, but I will, eventually, if I ever stop having ideas ...

I am impressed by your talent and sure there is more to come. Is there anything  you’d like to share with our readers about your upcoming creations?

Tech:  Thank you Lanai ... I'd just like to remind our readers that we are always dropping new vehicle shells for builders and always coming up with innovative products... the SL builders community has been good to me and I plan on sticking around to continue to make new exciting stuff for everyone to enjoy ... here's a hint ... do you know your car sounds different from the front than from the back?  Think about that .... 

Additional information:
Group:  secondlife:///app/group/796e6fad-d120-0feb-294b-eba840babe3e/about

Preferred Contact: email ... or in world...

Friday, February 13, 2015

Spotlight on Maximillian Merlin; Challenge Creative and Entrepreneurial minds. -Bimala Tagore Reporting

Gone are the days when the artist was integral and versatile such as Leonardo Da Vinci or Vincent Van Gogh. The new times impose their value systems, and several times the artist is prevented from exercises their freedom and will. However, those limits have not stopped Maximillian Merlin. He is a beautiful bouquet of creative qualities: poet, inventor, digital artist, scripter, builder, mentor, also is promoter of cultural and artistic events. He excels in each project.

Maximillian Merlin transcends all limited forms as builder of imaginary 3d virtual worlds. He started “Buildwerk group”. It is a collection of trustworthy and very creative designers in Second Life acting together on a common vision: providing the best service to customers.

He also writes impressive codes, giving a breathe of life and motion into all types of objects. Similarly he founded “CYXXUS Creators Network”. The role of CYXXYS is supporting innovative and new technology projects which are warmly received in virtual worlds.

Thanks to the digital age we live in, the line between real poets and robot poets is becoming progressively difficult to separate. Max also developed an artistic robot called Quasimodo. He writes three poems and one painting per day without losing his inspiration along the way.

 New technologies are having a revolutionary and fundamental impact in the world. What is most precious today is how Max’s work is adapted to new times efficiently.

Become part of Maximillian Merlin´s world. He is a real wizard possessing an overwhelming personal power.
I am sure this interview is going to pleasantly surprise you.

Bimala: Can you tell SLE about you? What brought you to Second Life and your experiences such as becoming a scripter?

Maximillian Merlin: In 2007 I read an article about SL in a German “Spiegel” magazine. I could not believe that people would pay real money for a pair of digital shoes and wanted to see that. On my first day in SL I met a woman who was riding a very nice animated horse. As I had already worked with other 3D software like Poser at that time, I could really imagine how much work someone had to put into this horse to make it work. And so I could also understand immediately why people would pay for such beautiful work.

From this moment on I was fascinated by the creative possibilities of this virtual world.
I remember that still on my first day I downloaded clothing templates from somewhere and created a shirt. Then I discovered that I had to pay for the upload. Luckily at that time there were a lot of camping chairs und Linden trees where you could get some money. While I was picking money from such a tree, I met a very nice person who gave me 100 Linden Dollar after a long chat about creativity and art. Unfortunately we forgot to add each others to our friendlists, so I never met him again. But I had the money for 10 Uploads now and started to make the first shirts for my avatar.
After hanging out in my favorite Sandbox Mauve for a while, I discovered that LSL scripting is a powerful tool to bring your creations to live. So I started to look out for other scripters. If I got stuck with a script that did not work, I asked them to explain my mistakes, so i could learn. I also learned by writing scripts for friends. That is how I became a scripter.

What amazing experience…With respect to explore virtual building.  What is the biggest challenge building Sims in SL?

Maximillian Merlin: Developing a completely new Sim in SL is always a like dancing on a rope. Usually you have a fixed budget to pay the builders and scripters and a customer who wants you create a whole universe.  First thing is to get a reliable team that can stand the critique of a person who is responsible to make the project fit into the financial and technical limitations. Unfortunately some people in digital worlds tend to be pretty unreliable. That is why I founded the Buildwerk group ( It is a group of reliable creators. We often collaborate on creating new things. I met the most of them in RL already and some became also good RL friends. My job in this projects is usually to create a conception together with the customer. Then find way to realize it together with the creation team.  This is what I call “dance on the rope” part: If you have ever tried to tell a designer that his 2500 prim house is nice but he has to get rid of at least 800 prims to lower the land impact, then you can imagine how it feels to manage such a thing. If want the good designers and scripters you have to deal with highly creative people, that gain their creativity by not following strict rules. My philosophy is: Form follows function. Depending on the purpose of the Sims and in permanent close communication with the customer during the creation process, we finally create the things the customer needs within the given limitations.

Bimala: Your team and you do a great job…What do you like the most about what you do?

Maximillian Merlin: In SL I love the wide variety of people from different cultures and countries. I also found the most SL Residents are very open minded people. The most fun part is that your age, your skin color, or your nationality does not matter. My eldest SL friend just celebrated her 80th birthday. I would probably not have met her in RL. Someone I met said: “In SL you meet the people from inside to outside. You see their soul before you see the body. In RL it’s the other way round.” People in virtual world often reveal some hidden parts of their personality and their desires. It is exciting for me to help on projects that are the visualizations of my customer’s dreams. Often these “customers” turn into friends later. Last not least I met a lot of people from SL in real life and some of them became close friends.

Bimala: You are the founder of “CYXXUS Creators Network” Established in 2007, how has your organization evolved all this time?

The CYXXUS Network was founded by some artist friends and me in 2002 in Germany. The SL group was founded in 2007. The name was created for an RL art Installation named “Inside Alien Lab” It was an Art Labyrinth created by several artists involving sounds, interactive computer installations, and some other really creepy installations. The name CYXXUS is an artificial word. it’s made from the words Cyber and Plexus. A plexus (from the Latin for "braid") is a branching network of vessels or nerves. In SL CYXXUS is mostly used to share information about SL events and other interesting projects. Beside CYXXUS I am moderating the Orange22 group and my own store group with around 500 members.

Bimala Tagore: You are the spirit behind your artistic bot. Can your bot be as creative as human artists?

Maximillian Merlin:  That depends how we define creativity. If we define creativity as “artistic productivity” (the amount out artistic output) and the “newishness” (no one did it before that way), bots can be way more productive. They can handle a larger amount of data in shorter time than humans. A simple example: “In his collected writings, Shakespeare used 31,534 different words.  Using statistical techniques, it's possible to estimate how many words he knew but didn't use. This means that in addition the 31,534 words that Shakespeare knew and used, there were approximately 35,000 words that he knew but didn't use. Thus, we can estimate that Shakespeare knew approximately 66,534 words.
According to one estimate, the average speaker of English knows between 10,000-20,000 words.” (Source :

My bot Quasimodo knows more than 100,000 English words in his rhyme engine. This does not make him a better poet than Shakespeare but indeed he can find more and sometimes really surprising rhymes. He uses the BBC newsfeed to find words to rhyme on and blogs 2 to 3 poems of vogon poetry and a newly created picture per day. I know personally some musicians in the Hiphop business who love Quasimodos attitude to words: They have no meanings for him, so he uses them phonetically like a child.
But finally I think, the day when bots will replace lawyers will come before the day when bots replace poets and painters.

Bimala Tagore: “Like father, like son”. Good legacy. On the other hand, what comes to mind when you hear the word “magic” and what role does magic play in your buildings?
Maximillian Merlin:  I started to perform magic tricks when I was 12. My RL work is as a magic entertainer for over 25 years. Please understand that I prefer my digital work separated from my RL work and I will not provide links to my website. In my buildings I love to surprise people with some “magic” functions. I think the fact that scripting makes your creations alive has a lot in common with magic. Indeed programming in general has a lot in common with what people understand as “magic”: Someone is writing words (code) that normal people do not understand to make something “magically” happen. As Arthur C. Clarke stated in the third law of "Clarke's Three Laws": Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Bimala Tagore: Giving your formal opinion. For those who may want to learn more about mesh, what are the advantages and disadvantages of mesh versus prims?

Maximillian Merlin:  Let’s leave the wonderful rigged (wearable) meshes out because I do not create them. But I can tell you that one of the biggest advantages of meshes can be a lower Land impact if they are used intelligently. If you just want to replace your prims by mesh, you should always consider that the displaying of Meshes depends on the viewer’s LOD factor and the number of vertices in the mesh used for Low display. If you raise the LOD the Land impact raises too. I have some very nice builds in my inventory that I cannot use, because they “break way” too much when look you at them from a long distance. I love to create “sim” with several viewpoints that allow nice photos. They simply spoil the “view”. Another advantage of mesh is, that they can be really “sculpted” in a software like Blender. I like to use mesh for low Land impact in world displays that show information’s or pictures in stores or at community places. It’s also nice to use them for details inside buildings that are mostly sighted from a short distance. For this purpose I can recommend the in world tools like Mesh studio from The Black Box and (for in world sculpting also) and all the tools from Naonao Watanabe.

Bimala Tagore: Besides building what other things do you do to keep busy in SL?

Maximillian Merlin:  I am still administrating one of our creations from 2009: The Orange22 Sim and manage the event planning and access options there. I also support several NGOs in SL as a scripting and security advisor. When I am bored I work on my AI Quasimodo Merlin. He is the “bot” that writes poetry and stories.

Bimala: You are so versatile. Do you have an eye for talent or an ear for music?

Maximillian Merlin:  I hope that I have an eye for talent. Whenever I meet a creative person, I connect. The Buildwerk group grew exactly this way. We are collecting talented people and synergize. I love music of nearly all kinds. I listen to everything from techno over jazz to opera or classical music.  At the moment my favorite singer is the Julia Lezhneva (google her). I love her voice. I do hear a wrong tone when others play it, but somehow I have no talent to make music. When I was child I had a private guitar teacher for 6 years. It did not help. :-( When my RL partner and me moved together many years ago, we found her old flute in one of the cartons. I tried to play it. My cat nearly scratched himself through the front door to get out. I bought a nice second hand keyboard. My RL partner does not allow me to play it any more on speakers. I have to wear an earphones...

Bimala:    How do you balance everything you do?
Maximillian Merlin:  I eat when I am hungry. I sleep when I am tired. I listen to my friends. I meditate.

Bimala: You are an experienced SL resident. Do you have any advice to new members looking to be productive in Second life?

Maximillian Merlin:  For really new people I would recommend to start off at NEW RESIDENT ISLAND with one of their awesome volunteer mentors. (Link: They help newbies to learn how the viewer works and prevent them from wasting money for scams.  Before you open up a “whatever” business, I would strongly recommend to explore SL, meet intelligent people that are already doing something like want to do. Join groups that meet your interests. Do not be shy to leave them again if they are dorming or too spammy. Stay away from any kind of drama. Just do not get involved. Do not go for just the money, go for your interests. If you are good at what you do, create a little project. Finish it! Pack it. Before you sell it, give it to some experienced friends. Let them test it. Ask them for an honest critique. Listen to their words. If you are not out to create freebies, let them also check the permissions they have got on this items. Be nice! Help other new residents.

Bimala: You give good advice. With the New Year beginning, what new things would you like to do and what can your fans expect from you?

Maximillian Merlin:  We are preparing a gamelike sim, opening later this year. We also still work on the Actor in a box project ( It is a real time animation and camera system for Machinima creators.

Bimala: Good news…Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Maximillian Merlin:  Yes, it’s a quote: “There exists only the present instant... a Now which always and without end is itself new. There is no yesterday nor any tomorrow, but only Now, as it was a thousand years ago and as it will be a thousand years hence.” Meister Eckhart (1260 – 1327)

Thank you for giving us this interview. It has been really interesting and stimulating.

Additional Information:

Preferred Contact:
The Buildwerk Group:

Realtime Animation Machinima System:

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Freecilla Kuhn: Master 3D Builder in Second Life- Bimala Tagore Reporting...

 Building plays a vital role in Second Life. Tallstructures, magic cities and warm communities marvel us day after day as an integral part of virtual urban experience. 3D building is a skill to be mastered.  The builders behind these constructions are what we love.  The following lady has paved the way for creative and daring designs in Second Life.

 Freecilla Kuhn has risen to become a well-respected builder. Her work at TRP360 is widely recognized and covers extensive ground ranging from the  official oval office of the President of the United State, the fastest racing cars on the grid, Fun Houses filled with joy and adventure, restaurants with a stunning view of Toronto, rolling hills, dunes, tunnels, and an urban lifestyle with unique shopping.
You can find inspiration simply by visiting them and discovering their special backgrounds.

Interview with Freecilla:

Bimala: In my opinion, 3d builders are “creation spirits”. You have some kind of “divine power” in Second Life because everything we see around us was designed by intelligent and artistic people like you. Please, tell us about your “divine qualities” in Second Life. 
Freecilla: “As an artist I find SL to be a great way to create because it crosses a variety of skill sets. First you can build in 3D, secondly you can create the textures for the 3D builds and third you can then add scripting so others can interact with your creations instead of just looking at them. An added joy is the ability to see others enjoying the environments you have created over and over again that is the best reward.”

Bimala: Definitely you made your work stand out in order to draw the viewer's eye.   Explain to our readers about your finest passion of 3D building and what kind of structures do you prefer to build? 
Freecilla: “In total I have 7 listings in the SL Destination Guide all located in my one simulation. I love building real life places and neighborhoods because I get to go in to detail but my favorite is building the fun house experience. I have 2 fun houses, a small with 25 rooms and a big one with 86 rooms in it. I would like to make more but I cannot afford it or the land I would need. In fun houses I can choose any theme for each room and find a way to add jokes, surprises and freebies. I try to make each room a, "this is so cool" moment for the visitors. Everyone has their favorite rooms and they are all different from each other’s favorites, which are funny.”

Bimala: Enlighten us a little bit more about your Fun Houses from underworld, where you go in, but you don't return. I will never forget that amazing tour!
Freecilla: “The best part of making the Fun Houses is to make it easy for people to find the way so they will not get frustrated but also make each room interesting enough that will be delayed by enjoying the elements in each room based on the theme. Each room has a touch if the familiar, (swing blades as you walk on the ledge or you are a giant in the room or you are as small as a bug) but we can actually be there in the situation and we cannot really get hurt. If people expect to go one way then the other way is usually the right way. Other rooms are just there for us to play in because it is fun, the way out is super easy but people stay a few minutes just to experience the silliness. I think it help to have simple fun added to the more difficult rooms for a more rounded adventure.”

Bimala: I had a great time there. I didn’t know where I was going and I was more into just having good time. I was impressed. I can tell by your  builds where all the fun happens, you take work seriously. The role of professional support you give to your clients is important to note. The quality of your service is handy to mention too.

Freecilla: “When building virtual simulations for others I tell them to make a list of changes and additions needed as often as possible. It is important they understand I can make whatever they want but I have to know in great detail what it is that they want so I can make it. Everything is totally customizable and can be made to match anyone's imagination. This has to be a close personal relationship so they are happy with what they end up with in the end. I also enjoy adding my own details based on the build which can be removed or built upon to enhance the final simulation as they see fit.”

Bimala: I have also visited many of the cities you have set in your profile. I appreciated the quality of your constructions and mostly they are based on real world building. Are you concerned about detail in your constructions?

Freecilla: “I have 20 years of real life experience in interior/exterior design and construction. I believe this helps me a great deal since I know how and why buildings are built the way they are in real life. A small example is when people build a house in virtual reality they never start with a foundation and wonder why something does not look right but they cannot put their finger on it. There are many more examples or these types’ elements one must use when building in 3D. I use the word "detail" quite a bit because it is very important and so much fun in the fine tuning of an environment, it makes a build complete.”

Bimala: I am impressed with Stonehenge. You made a wonderful prehistoric monument for the residents of Second Life to tour. Tell us a little bit more about this mystic build.

Freecilla: “I have seen many builds of Stonehenge in virtual reality; unfortunately they are all built the way it looks now. I wanted the recreate it brand new, the way it looked when it was first built in real life, to scale and full size. After building it I was not impressed because we can fly virtual reality and flying around it made it seem too simple looking so I put it up in outer space with many clickable rides, (planets, comets etc.) all around it so people would have something do, again, instead of just something to look at. Originally when I came to SL they had classic clouds and my Stonehenge was set just above those clouds so they acted as the floor to make it more mystical and so we could not see the ground.”

Bimala: What is your opinion about huge buildings in meshes? Do they work well for everybody?
Freecilla: “For me personally right now the huge mesh builds are a disaster. My computer, like that of many others, is too old so it is not compatible with the new SL viewer so I can only see mesh in its prim form. All walls and floors are flat spheres and furniture is big balls, I cannot see when I go into any mesh building. Maybe one day in the future when I can afford a new computer I will have a better way to reply to this question. I do however get a lot of compliments that my Virtual Toronto has so much detail but there is no lag, this is because it is all made with prims, limited simple sculpts and no mesh, maybe that's why it's lag free.”
Take a look at her beautiful buildings. They always leave us with our mouths opens

TRP360 - SL Destination Guide Listings:
·         Virtual Toronto:
·         Virtual Oval Office:
·         TRP360 Fun House:
·         TRP360 Fun House 2:
·         StoneHenge Outer Space Park:
·         360 Global Racing:
·         The Dunes Raceway:

Monday, June 9, 2014

Somebunny Cheetah; A Master of SL Trades- Mikile Vinciolo Reporting…

It is something to be a creative content creator in Second Life, but it is something else to be a Jane of all trades. Somebunny Cheetah has mastered a number of trades by  immersing herself in building, scripting, designing clothes, creating useful tools and  even DJ-ing.

These are just a few of her many skills. However, at the SL Enquirer she is known for her creative take on event invitations. I had the pleasure of seeing two of her amazing creations per Lanai Jarrico, who uses her services for SLE events.  Her work was love at first sight. I had never before seen innovation such as this in Second Life. It became my mission to discover who the creator of these magnificent conceptions were, and speak with her to find her source of inspiration.

I sat down Somebunny Cheetah, or simply Bunny to learn more about her and what she does in Second Life

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

To Catch A Spider... Jaded Exonar Reporting...

Spider Designs has long been synonymous with quality and innovation-But what about the man behind the web? I managed to secure an invitation from Spider Carnot, to find out more.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Spotlight on Marina Tigerfish, Owner of Marina Creation -Lanai Jarrico Reporting


Second Life is a place to be creative, meet new people from all over the globe while taking a journey of self discovery in a virtual world.

Marina Tigerfish is an SL resident that has found her place in the virtual world in the 4 years she has been here. She is a creator and designer with a passion for 80’s music, exploring beautiful landscapes and even hitting the virtual waves on her down time. When she is not working, Marina focuses her attention on her store; Marina's Creation.

Meet Marina Tigefish

Friday, March 30, 2012

A Potpourri of Beauty and Skill - Meet CindyS Tatham EDD Graycloud Reporting...

 CindyS Tatham Photography

I’d like to introduce our readers to a multi-talented, skilled and gracious resident of Second Life. CindyS Tatham is one of those special idyllic people who have the ability to affect positively everyone she comes into contact with. Let’s have a peek at CindyS Tatham, shall we?