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Showing posts with label artist. Show all posts

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Art Korner Blog & Gallery Show Featuring Monique Beebe and Traci Ultsch Opening Party: April 13th 12-2pm SLT

 Art Korner Blog & Gallery Show Featuring Monique Beebe and Traci Ultsch

Opening Party: April 13th 12-2pm SLT

With Daddio Dow streaming the tunes. 

A new art exhibition featuring the work of Monique Beebe and Traci Ultsch kicks off on April 13th with an Opening Party from noon to 2:00 SLT at the Art Korner Blog and Gallery. The Art Korner show is a two-person display of work by Monique Beebe and her artistic soulmate, Traci. These two exceptional Second Life artists have had four shows together thus far. This will be there fifth show together. 

The opening promises to be a lot of fun because Moni and Traci are hilarious together: 

Monique: we are good at openings 

Traci: really I’m just her alt, used to explore the seedy parts of SL 

Monique: pinch your butt 

Traci: haha, you did invite me here, I blame you 

Monique: yes I did 

Traci: be funny if we are both Moni’s alts 

Fynn: hahahaha 

Monique: yep I like to talk to myself and pinch my butt 


 Monique and Traci. Photo By Fynn.


Their humorous interactions aside, they are serious artists. Monique began making images in Second Life in 2015, developing her skills over time she found her brilliance and inventiveness.  In a notecard she gave me it says, “She uses pure photomontage.  She does not use photography as a replacement for painting but uses the medium as an independent form of imagination.” And imagination and technique are clearly evident in her unique style. 

Her series of 12 pieces show the many faces of Monique. Titled, “Still Waters Run Deep,” we have a study in emotional hieroglyphics. Intense with broken darkness, her work reflects her emotions at any given point in time. Rich in multiple techniques, Monique uses several photo apps and PhotoShop to create the visual virtuosity found in her creations. The way she plays with balance and imbalance with intense emotion via close-up imagery is her message. In fact, PhotoShop is her favorite program for editing pictures. She also knows her way around with photo apps. 

 Look. By Monique.

She says she is her own worst critic. She needs to be “okay” with what is created. She can make 100 images and only one will be just right. The lighting, the angle, the right “look,” all must add up to the right emotion in her imagery. Her use of close-ups is for their emotional value, the facial expression, the eyes, the hair, the shadows, and more, all contributing to feelings associated with anger, depression, anxiety, trust, or lack thereof. “I want viewers to think what is behind it,” she told me. The interplay of balance and stress as her subject dances between the tension points of compositional framing adds to the feeling of her work. Indeed, Monique is an expert with close-up facial imagery and has done many profile images for her friends and acquaintances in SL.

Women. By Monique.

Her work is equally balanced between excellent graphical techniques and excellent avatar design. Moni is art herself, though she would never admit this. And so is Traci. Both avatars are studies in excellent and unique avatar design. Moni uses herself as a model for most of her images. A study in patience, style, beauty, and the transformative powers of Second Life avatar changeability, I am always awed by her look and fashion sense. In combination with the complexity of her image-making creativity, Monique’s art is thought-provoking and emotionally stimulating. But she hates exhibiting by herself and likes to exhibit with Traci. They met through a mutual friend. “I just ride her fame,” Traci told me in her modest, humorous way. 

In general, Traci doesn’t like talking about SL art, only her own work because, as she says, “I tend to upset people.” And really, isn’t that the point of art, to piss off some people? At least in my opinion, art as little meaning unless it does. Her part of the exhibit is called “Hell Is Other People.” It concerns the idea that people have a need to be seen to feel they exist. Most of her subjects are obscured in some way. 

Unlike Monique, who uses herself primarily as a subject for her imagery, Traci is in only one of hers. On Flickr she does more self-portraits, but she deletes everything every week or so. She doesn’t show her work twice either. As she told me, “I dislike my work after a while, lol.”  

Crash. By Traci.

She usually does more abstract stuff or landscapes. Portraits were a change for her, but she doesn’t ask people to pose. She takes photos as they do whatever they are doing and their choice of AO and the like, all adds to the person. Her photos are then layered with silhouettes from the area the photos were taken in over and around them, then some freehand drawing to add a few bits. Most are made up of a few different shots. A few other techniques such as printing the photos and hand drawing on them, scanning, and cutting them up help contribute to her unique style. 

She assists in running Eskol, the SL group, “Specialized in experimental music and art.” Traci is multi-talented in the arts arena. Having seen one of the recent audio-visual shows, one would get a good idea for her visual and musical talents. This non-mainstream group and space, take you for an experience that SL was made for. Join the group and receive notices for upcoming shows. Traci told me, “sl art really works when you look at people like adwehe and other light/sound artists like jade and cherry manga. Wonderful.” 


Crash (2). By Traci.

Speaking of her current work that will be shown at Art Korner, she says, “stuff like my portraits is just rl thinking in sl....too lazy, but it's odd, the way people think in rl terms when doing sl art, "well you can fit 9 images in this space . . . ” god forbid if you don’t have your art nice and tidy and up against the wall, in a virtual world we can fly in and be furry animals... but we still need to 'hang' art. 

Traci: I’m guilty myself 

Fynn: what would you do instead?

Traci: I don’t have an answer... but I think we all need to start thinking more about what sl can do with art, or at least how we experience it.

Go to the show and the Opening Party on April 13th. It’ll be fuuuUUUUUUUuuuuuuunnnnnnnn.


You can find more of Moni’s work on her Flickr page:

You can find more of Traci’s work on her Flickr page:



Thursday, February 24, 2022

Circle of Influence A New Art Installation by Monroe Snook


You are cordially invited to join us Sunday, 27 February from 12pm-2pm slt for Monroe Snook's special exhibit on Sinful Retreat II entitled, "Circle of Influence." Bsukmet and DJ Sussyk will bring their unique musical stylings to the fray. We are so excited to share this afternoon of art and music with you! ___________________________________________________________________ About the Artist: Monroe Snook - Multi-media artist (digital and analog), Fine Art and Abstract photography, Curator and owner of Studio 33, an SL art gallery active for about 10 years, SL fine art photography and SL fashion photographer for about 5 years. Art Maniacs Group founder. Monroe's first exhibits in SL showcased her RL floral photography depicting macro images of sensual structures of nature's plenty. In early 2008, she became passionate about SL photography - growing her skill and range within this medium just after the launch of wind-light prior to the explosions of filters and presets. Other artistic endeavors include digital abstracts, abstract photography, multi-media collage, watercolor, acrylic painting, pastel, and sketch work. Many of Monroe's works are award-winning from various SL photo and KoinUP SL photo contests. Her work has been featured in many blogs, SL magazine articles, and SL Best of Best. She was a featured artist of Avatriat and has exhibited work across the SL world. Thank you for visiting this Monroe Snook collection. As a curious artist, it seems my style and approach are ever in flux - there is always a new direction, a new technique, or inkpot I am excited to try. As a result, my exhibits are unpredictable. I like that. Boil it all down...Monroe is alive, does art, and is blessed to have such awesome friends.


Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Snook Sneaks Back with This & That at Janus Gallery II-Sunday January 30th at 12:0m SLT


You are cordially invited to join us Sunday, 30 January from 12pm-2pm slt for Monroe Snook's new exhibit at Janus Gallery II entitled, "Snook Sneaks Back with This and That" Zachh Cale and Fly Kugin will dual stream for the first hour followed by Maximillion Kleene. We're excited to share this afternoon of art and music with you! 12pm slt: Zachh Cale & Fly Kugin 1pm Maximillion Kleene About the Artist: Monroe Snook - Multi-media artist (digital and analog), Fine Art and Abstract photography, Curator and owner of Studio 33, an SL art gallery active for about 10 years, SL fine art photography, and SL fashion photographer for about 5 years. Art Maniacs Group founder. Monroe's first exhibits in SL showcased her RL floral photography depicting macro images of sensual structures of nature's plenty. In early 2008, she became passionate about SL photography - growing her skill and range within this medium just after the launch of wind-light prior to the explosions of filters and presets. Other artistic endeavors include digital abstracts, abstract photography, multi-media collage, watercolor, acrylic painting, pastel, and sketch work.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

A MODICUM OF COLOR: An in depth interview with SL Artist Ilyra Chardin - Dean Lawson Reporting


Ilyra Chardin is a real life and Second Life artist. In a previous interview I had a chance to discuss Ilyra's Second Life images, this time Ilyra treated me to a tour of her art installation “A Modicum of Color”.
Dean : Hi, thanks for taking the time to meet with me, is the name “A Modicum of Color” intended to be ironic?
Ilyra : Well, no.  there are tiny bits of color here and there … like the flowers over by the barn ... or the red or blue sailboats ... tiny bits of color here and there.  that was the intention

Dean : We both seem to be dressed for this installation, with grey clothes ... Did you build the objects in the installation or did you modify objects to reduce the color?
Ilyra : A little of both.  i uploaded tons of new textures.  and i also built some things from scratch.  I didn't do any mesh for this installation, but I am currently working on brand new - original - and I hope unique - meshes for the next installation, which is planned for sometime in March.

Dean : What inspired you to create an installation that is primarily black and white?
Ilyra : The primary reason was to create a 3 dimensional environment that highlighted pockets of color.  I thought a predominately black, white and grey build would create a dreamlike environment.  I also thought it would be soothing ... I thought, too, that anyone coming to pose here would stand out - their av and their clothing - if they wore colorful clothes
Dean : You mentioned that there was a problem with the color of the sky as seen through your viewer, for people to get the best effect of your installation is there a windlight setting they should choose incase it doesn't automatically adjust when they arrive at the installation?
Ilyra : Phototools B/W Light 02 … let me show the garden of flowers that i had mentioned … this was one of the first things that I envisioned and built - the flowers with parts of color.  I later made the flowerr painters and had them painting sections of the flowers.

Dean : It's very nice, why didn't you give color to all the flowers?
Ilyra : i really wanted to show the transition from greyscale to a colorful world ... and really highlight it by coloring just pieces of the flowers
Dean : What’s next on our tour?
Ilyra : This is Art in the Park - a gallery with other artists - some of my work - that is in theme - in tandem with A Modicum of Color … Sandi is a close friend ... she shot that on the sim as I was building it.

To find out more about Art in the Park or Ilyra Chardin you can visit her blog or visit the art installation “A Modicum Of Color"

Dean Lawson

Friday, February 17, 2017

VIKING VUE: An In Depth Interview with Second Life Artist Sapphire Viking - Dean Lawson Reporting


Sapphire Viking is an artist whose whimsical work celebrates the raw nature of mutable female emotions. Sometimes fantastical, other times dark.  Her paintings and drawings reflects personal experiences expressed through metaphors of color and femininity. I had the good fortune to interview Sapphire and talk to her about her work.
Dean : How did you first learn about Second Life and what appeals to you about living in the virtual universe?
Sapphire : I was traveling and read an article about Second Life in the in-flight magazine.  That was 10 years ago and I don't remember where I was going.  But I am glad that I remembered to go home and check out this new virtual world. The most appealing thing to me about SL is the wealth of imagination, the totally uninhibited creativity.  It is ever changing with magical surprises. I am thrilled to meet people from all over the world and see how similar we human beings are.  I love that I can go sailing in the morning, fly home in a helicopter,  work on my own art gallery,  then go dancing at 5 clubs in the same night.  I guess you could say SL appeals to my restless nature and need to explore.
Dean : A lot of your work seems to feature female forms. Does all of your work revolve around representing the female form? If so, why?
Sapphire : Much of my work is autobiographical. The females represent different events in my life or an emotional state I am trying to express.  As I was growing up, I had a difficult time verbalizing my emotions because I did not feel safe to do so.  I found sanity by getting those feelings out through visual art.  On a pragmatic level, I find the female form to have many more options for expression and use of color.
Dean : The painting "Non Sine Soleiris" reminds me of the movie "Il Casanova" by Frederico Fellini, while "CRAWLING" reminds me of Japanese Anime. Could you tell me about your artistic influences?
Sapphire : My father was an artist and my mother always made sure I had supplies. I would go to my father's studio while he worked.  I remember the smell of musty old wood and oil paint.  He would sit me down with pens and paper or clay and tools and let me go to town.  When we were at his studio it was a peaceful, happy time and I still have that feeling when I work today.  The other artists who have influenced me are many.  I admire line work so some of the early influences were; Aubrey Beardsley, Alphonse Mucha, Egon Schiele, George Grosz and the artists of Mad Magazine. I also read about the women of the surrealist movement so for me Remedios Varo, Leonor Fini & Leonora Carrington.  Frida Kahlo, her vibrant colors and the way she opened herself up so fearlessly was a big influence.  Margaret Keene, when I was a little girl I was delighted to buy small cardboard prints of her paintings at the local drug store!  I do enjoy the art of anime and am also a fan of artists Takashi Murikami and Yoshitomo Nara.  Growing up in Los Angeles I was influenced by films and enjoyed watching the old classics.  I was fascinated by the elegant yet strong women portrayed in films, stars like Betty Davis, Joan Crawford and Rosalind Russell. I also find new artists that I enjoy on Instagram.   These days my favorite Instagram artist is a woman named Grace Passerottti.  In SL I love the work of Cica Ghost and can't wait for her newest installation. The way she uses the SL environment to express emotion is profound. 

Dean : The painting "The Gift" portrays a woman tied up in a ribbon, from her expression she doesn't seem too thrilled about it. The painting "The Bow" portrays a woman gagged by a bow, what are your views on bondage, and sado masochistic relationships? Do you explore this lifestyle in real life or Second Life or both?
Sapphire : When I was a child my house was filled with art history books.  I remember being fascinated with the Hieronymus Bosch masterpiece the Garden of Earthly Delights. Particularly the depiction of hell.  The drama and dynamics were thrilling to me. When I was a teen I was into punk rock and that was my first real life introduction to BDSM but I was too young to understand what it was. After my first serious relationship broke up, I felt it was due to the constant power struggle that is the demise of many "vanilla" relationships.  I already had an unexplored interest in BDSM and as I tend to do, jumped in feet first.  It changed my life.  While the physical side, the whips and chains are dramatic and look good in movies they are external. In my opinion, the basis of BDSM is a method of communication and understanding of roles. My RL experiences were another form of self-exploration and inspired many of the paintings that I display in my SL gallery.  I have been active in the Los Angeles BDSM scene on and off for about 15 years.  During that time, even though I am naturally dominant, I was trained as both a Domme and a sub.  Neither role is greater or less than and can not exist without the other. In SL I have been active in the Femdom scene for about 9 years.  My RL experience helps me when I meet those who come to the Femdom simply out of curiosity or a life long desire. Because of my RL experience in both roles, I have a good understanding of the dynamics and the big picture.
Dean: Is there anything you would like our readers to know about you or your work?
One day I was perving profiles and someone wrote in theirs, "Second Life is my art".  That really struck me and I started looking at SL differently.  I wanted to make it part of my art too. I felt that the colorful world of SL was a good fit for my aesthetic. I have been taking classes at Builder's Brewery in hopes of expanding my horizons within the SL environment. As I mentioned, I am inspired by the in-world installations of Cica Ghost as well as others that I have visited.  I would eventually like to create some type of installation.  I don't know how long it will take or what it will be exactly, but it is something I am formulating in the back of my mind. Thank you Dean, for your thoughtful questions and this opportunity to reach out to the Second Life community.
To learn more about Sapphire Viking and her work click on the following link or visit her art gallery “Viking Vue” at the following SLURL

Dean Lawson

Monday, December 26, 2016

Art for art’s Sake : Top five Virtual Galleries- Ceciliaroslie Reporting...

There is no price on creativity and it can only be estimated according to the difference it makes to those who embrace it. Numerous talented artists have chosen to express themselves through digital art by adding colour to our second life. For those who enjoy some quality time surrounded by masterpieces, the SL Enquirer presents the best galleries on the grid.
First stop to our artistic destination guide is Fractal Insanity, Timamoon  Arts. There you can find the abstract work of Milly Sharple, with a variety of interesting patterns and colours from vivid to dark it is certain that in this gallery you will find something  to hang on your living room wall. Iit is worth the visit.

Next stop is the exhibition of Peter Vos; a real life painting display which is set up by his son. White canvas and black ink can create artistic miracles when in the right hands. The exhibits are not set for sale but for those who can’t enjoy real art from first hand exhibition visits. This is a  a great opportunity to experience it in Second Life.

A visit to  Galleria Mexico is a must. You will love it if you are a collector. It hosts the works of a great number of artist who are very well known. I spent quite some time viewing all the exhibits, so I can assure you there’s a lot to see and it caters to every taste and style.

Moving on to the Windlight Art Gallery. It is said to be one of the biggest in SL with a new exhibition every month, featuring both new and established artists. Be sure to check it out.

Last but not least, the Lost Unicorn Gallery. The place where magical realism is expressed through fine arts. Featuring paintings with magical themes and mystical creatures. Ideal for those who love fairy tale and believe in magic.

This world is but a canvas to our imagination.
-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Interview with SL Photographer Dixmix Souce -Seersha Heart Reporting...

Becoming a resident of Second Life in November of 2006, Dixmix Souce has been active in the SL photography scene for almost ten years.  In 2012, he was one of the artists who provided tours for the Virtual Ability Tour group and in that same year was part of GIFT [GA International Fine Arts Tour].  This year he has curated Escape In Landscapes in July and has recently opened Dixmix Gallery.  Dixmix Gallery is a new venue for 2D and 3D artists in world.

 Let’s get personal with Dixmix.

Saoirse Heart:  Welcome Dixmix and thank you so much for talking to me today.  I thought I would start off with a basic curiosity question, tell me how you got into Second Life.

Dixmix:  When I rezzed I thought SL was a chat room.  It took me one week to jump over the wall around the house where I was!  Then I met someone who taught me the basics of Second Life.  It did not take me long to discover the camera and take my first pictures.  My first house was a NY loft and of course it was also my first gallery.  I got into the photography scene and got brand new friends.  Some of those friends are still here and have not disappeared.  Others sadly died or maybe they just TP to heaven.

Saoirse Heart:  You have collaborated a lot with well resident Megan Prumier.  She built the new gallery.  She is the creator of the darkly enjoyable builds Crimarizon and Deadpool.  How did you meet her?

Dixmix:  It was in September 2011 at the Blacksilk academy, she went there with a mutual friend for some kind of fun or maybe just to see my exhibition.  Later Megan asked me if I would like to be the curator of the gallery she was building in a strange jungle sim called Crimarizon.  I accepted the job even though I already own my gallery.  Within a few months she had rebuilt it wonderfully.  Since then we have done a lot together and have a strong friendship. We both are Capricorn maybe it helps us to understand each other.

Saoirse Heart:  Let me ask you about something another artist said to me.  He said that "chicks dig artists'.  Do you find that to be a true statement?

Dixmix:  To be an sl artist, and it’s the same in rl too, you need to be alone. In my solitude is where I find my inspiration and my time to shoot.  Yes you can be surrounded by some cute AVI, who is smart and funny but when you’re starting a photo session you don’t have much time to talk.  You have to set the light, select the poses, have a look on every detail of the outfit.  Usually I tell them, sort your messy inventory or get ready for the next outfit.  Otherwise I have close friends, close enough to know the name of our children, talk about life, bitching about the weather, like many others I believe have in world.

Saoirse Heart:  On Saveme Oh’s blog she posted dialog from the one of your gallery openings in September 2016.  You were gracious and polite, yet her behavior earned her an ejection.  What is the most outrageous thing someone has done for your attention?

Dixmix:  I will not talk about about Saveme oh.  For me nothing is outrageous, I respect every kind of second life choices; you can be human, elf, hobbit, monkey, wear strange clothes or even a fashion addict. We are all pixel, but if you talk to me for 10 minutes, you will understand I'm real I'm not role playing as an artist or as a curator. I'm always talking to the person in front the screen.  I save my RP for some places where I always keep my clothes on.

Saoirse Heart:  Many artists and builders use ALTs as part of their creative process.  Do you use an ALT for creating or other purposes?

Dixmix;  Not really.  I’ve an Alt but he’s my banker.  Some years ago, someone stole my money by a script when I didn’t have much L$.  So I have him saving my money, no friend no group no sl just an account. But I know some have for different reasons, last week I spoke with someone who said ‘I’m the alt of my alt’.  I don’t really need to hide myself under another AVI.  I like the light and the darkness I can mix both in one SL.

Saoirse Heart:  Brings me to my next question, what do you do in second life besides your art?

Dixmix:  I wander a lot, shops, galleries, nice sims, thematic lands.  I chat with friends online and discovering new people.  My friends are not only photographers. Some are builders, sculptors, designers, DJs, dancers, Bloggers, famous models even some weak submissives owned by some kind of pixels master.  It’s a network but I’m very busy with photography and curating the gallery. 

Saoirse Heart:  It has been said that 'everyone is an artist in second life' do you believe this to be a true statement?  What do you think of this statement?

Dixmix:  Everything in SL has been created by someone.  Yes everyone is an artist there some are amazing and while some suck.

Saoirse Heart:  Some artists and builders work on multiple platforms.  Have you ventured onto other grids/platforms to create such as the O/S grid or High Fidelity?

Dixmix:  Not yet, I’ve enough with SL.  You know maybe one day SL will be out of date or will get stronger after the next metaverse revolution. 
The Dixmix gallery is a realistic gallery now playing host to SL’s Art, Photography, Sculpture and Music.  Built by Megan Prumier, it celebrates five years of collaboration between she and Dixmix.  Artists now on display are Ariel Brearly [entrance], Grazia Horwitz [first SL exhibition, black and white in Black Gallery], Ziki Quest [Grey Gallery], Megan Premier [pink images behind the Atom] and Dixmix photography [3 shades of monochrome, a selection of B&W].  A great place to hang around and see works from talented artists.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Outlandish Blazon of Art at Daphne Gallery: Frencha la mode showcase of surrealistic artworks – Triuzla Reporting...

An exhibition “Beautiful Bizarre” highlights 12 renowned artists, trying to fathom out the reasons influencing the unconventional charm usually comprehended as abnormal. Consistently returning to issues of vision and perception the authors inspect the nature of distressing emotions and feelings. One of the halls of DaphneArts Gallery is devoted solely to the unique sculpture crafted by virtuoso Theda.

DaphneArts is a virtual art complex named after the Greek myth of Apollo and Daphne. The atmosphere here is both breathtaking and provoking deep thoughtfulness, calling for a serious contemplation on the artworks. Spaces created specially for comfortable conceptual consideration of the exclusive works will make you come back again and again, discovering new details in familiar pieces of art. It’s also worth of admitting that classical music playing at the site helps to “turn on, tune in, and drop out”.      

The exhibition features 12 2D objects and one 3D sculpture and is already been open for more than two month. I admitted many artists among attendances looking for inspiration. Guests can be found hypnotized by highlights of an attractive object, which they truly admire. The atmosphere of intimacy can be regarded as a big advantage of DaphneArts. The works call attention to the tension between beauty and bizarreness, attracting, therefore, those, who got accustomed to ambivalent perceptions. One can be gazing at the Loki’s masterpiece named “Vicariously” for hours. In case if you fell in love with “Eyes Unseen” by Paradox Messmer, you can buy it just for 296 L. However, “Tarantula” by Sabbian Paine or “There’s nothing left to take” by Rainbow Mubble could have caused some blood-curdling screams in those who are too impressionable. Turbulence and gradient of emotions can definitely come to their climax while staring at “Deceitful Beauty” created by Angelica Corral.  

Theda’s “beauty in strange feelings” can be undoubtedly called the hidden pearl of the exhibition. Renaissance backgrounds with photorealistic layers cause an effect of burdening mix of emotions, thoughts, and excitements left unspoken. It feels like there’s some hidden message you are ready to catch, which is missed all the time. Is it true that in order to form imaginary ideal identity one rejects the parts of self that are inconvenient or incongruent with the identity he/she choose to accept? How’s is it like to conform to the standards of beauty? There’s nothing surprising that the artwork can hit some hidden stereotypes living at the ceiling of our souls.  

The sculpture work “Bizarre is always beautiful” by Theda displayed at the separate red hall stimulates another flood of experiences one is left to filter and consciously formulate after leaving the exhibition. Silhouettes levitating with a bunch of pieces will live your heart squeezing at the thought of beings suffering so cruelly. It clearly calls us to meditate on the Greek Myth of Appollo and Daphne and impossibility of love between perfect avatars.


An exhibition “Beautiful Bizarre” highlights 12 renowned artists, trying to fathom out the reasons influencing the unconventional charm to be comprehended as abnormal. Consistently returning to issues of vision and perception the authors inspect the nature of distressing emotions and feelings.

Interview with Theda

Triuzla: How did you manage to showcase your works at the exhibition? Was there any open-call or a curator addressed directly to you?

Theda: Daphne owners asked me to do 1 2d work and 1 3d and gave me the theme.

Triuzla: Could you kindly tell us about the originating of "Beauty in strange feelings"? What was your mood and thoughts while creating it?

Theda: when I think about bizarre I see the beauty in it and all weird feelings a bizarre image can touch us. And I guess all my works are a bit bizarre. Well not sure if I can explain well, English is not my native language, as I am from Brazil. I tried to show how we are all bizarre in all our deep/hidden feelings and it can be beautiful too.

Triuzla: Sorry, I wish I could ask questions in Portuguese, but “Obrigado” is all I can say. Pre-last question. Did you take part at UWA 3D Art&Design Challenge?

Theda: no problem. I have a work at UWA for Immaterial show; it’s called “Ethereal”. I was thinking about immaterial, something I can't touch. I imagine the angels flying and their aura and good feeling they send, so I tried to show it with slowly movements. I am at LEA too. My site: If you are interested, have a look, please.

Triuzla: Oh yeah, I watched it patiently and saw a poem under the painting called “Bluebird”…

Theda: Oh “Bluebird” is an art installation I made inspired by Charles Bukowski 's poem... He is my favorite, because he is so bizarre. But my last installation is based on a singer ~Sainkho Namtchylak. I also like Sylvia Plath poems... colors of Pedro Almodovar films... It’s a mix!

Triuzla: My final question would be a technical one. Which software do you operate while working on your 3D and 2D pieces of art?

Theda: I work on Blender and for 2d I take pictures IW and manipulate them on Photoshop.

Triuzla: I am very grateful for your time. It was a pleasure to talk to you. Maybe you'll give any final advice for those, who come to watch your works?

Theda: hmmm… I try to show a soul behind the avatar. Thank you for your interest on my work.

SLURL Link Hint:

Additional Information:  
Group: DaphneArts Gallery