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Monday, March 12, 2012

Do You Need Lindens? -- NemzKat Resident Reporting

Podex Bank is the cheapest Linden Exchange in Second Life; it is even cheaper than Linden Labs.

COMPARE US WITH OTHERS (based off their website):
~Dx Exchange
4, 59 €
3, 29 €
3, 58 €
~Podex Exchange
2, 95 €
4, 00 €
3, 98 €
3, 37 €
3, 07 €
3, 41 €
~VM Exchange
3, 74 €

Podex Bank is a linden exchange. It has been on the Second Life market since May 2007. For those of you who do not know what that are, it's where you exchange your real life money for second life Lindens, or vice versa. The payments are done through international companies like Dotpay, PayPal and money bookers using credit cards. The program used by the company is Dotpay. Also, there are no hidden fees unlike other linden exchanges!

Here are some words on their website: "We have been successfully operating on Second Life market since May 2007 gradually widening our services by helping avatars to find their own land without registration Premium Account, offering virtual credit card to our best customers and the affiliate program.

We are registered as an official Linden Lab reseller and Risk Api operator in Second Life, and we can guarantee the absolute legality of all transactions.

All personal data processing is done outside of Podex by Dotpay, international money transfer company
Dotpay. This makes Podex one of the safest services of lindens exchange in Second Life.

We are glad to help you in all cases regarding our services, and in general Second Life matter. Feel free to contact us via our Support page or in Second Life.

Try out our service – thousands of our satisfied customers can not be wrong." -Jacek Shuftan – Podex Exchange CEO

Also, on the website there are several different languages for non-English speakers, and on the site, there is the real life number nearest to you, the address and bank account number. It is found under the support section of the website.

Is this legal?
JS: Yes. We have Risk Api - so you have guarantee that LS are legal. What is illegal is to take deposits and offer (interest). Exchanging Lindens, i.e., buying and selling, is legal. Linden Labs allows it. The catch is it can be risky. But there are ways to minimize the risk.”

Why should you trust this program?
JS: It is on the Trustworthy list of sellers by LL. Here is some proof of that claim here. If you are cheated, the company does not hide their address so you are always able to sue the company. That hasn't happened yet or they would not be on the market.

How easy is it?
JS: Very easy. Special registration, accounts, and verification are not required to be in this program. You just pay, and as soon as your transaction is accepted, you’ll get your lindens.

How does Podex give back?
JS: Apart from exchange services, I run nonprofit web page with Second Life movies. There is also a web page where you can buy RL things for LS (in Polish only). I also sponsor the Polish Orgy Room (P.O.R.) in Second Life.

Podex Bank's Services:

Jacek Shuftan’s Podex Exchange is in the Moonberry sim at (26, 223, 34), and exchanges Lindens for several world currencies.


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