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Showing posts with label wrestling. Show all posts
Showing posts with label wrestling. Show all posts

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Ukraine vs Russia, Settled The Old Fashioned Way - Stacey Cardalines Reporting


"You can't do that, it is an act of depravity!"

"'Controversy creates cash.'"

You are a fly on the wall at a meeting of Show Managers for Divas Wrestling sim. In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a "Spokesmodel" at this sim. One of the managers, who may be a Spokesmodel with a newspaper job on the side, is proposing a particularly brutal main event for one of the Divas shows. Before we go further, we must explain a few things about wrestling on SL.

There are two kinds of SL wrestling. One is done with a hud, and is a sport/game. Two wrestlers use a hud to have an actual competition against each other. The Virtual Wrestling Alliance, who advertise with this paper, are this sort of league. While they may use some sort of plot contrivance, they are selling the sport more than the spectacle. I do not know if the wrestlers are paid by the league, paid by tips from the audience at shows, or not paid at all.

The other sort of wrestling is poseball wrestling, which is more of a Performance Art. The matches, while not fixed, are contrived, and the opponents cooperate rather than compete. There is a heavy emphasis on personality, conflict, good/bad girls and just making a scene. The wrestlers live off the tip money from the crowd, so whatever they do to draw attention to themselves is fair game. Divas Wrestling is this sort of wrestling.

Pro Wrestling in general is a sketchy business. Her roots lay in barnstorming carnival shows, the anything-that-draws-attention motif was in full effect as far back as when Grover Cleveland was the President and elements of it stretch back to the Dark Ages. When your show is two people fighting, you don't really need to waste as much money/time/effort on developing scripts or hiring gifted writers. You can be very ham-handed with the presentation.

Thusly, wrestling tends to have broad, easily understood storylines. The dastardly Mean Girl is fighting the adorable All American girl, stuff like that. Wrestlers can be cowboys, European royalty, cheerleaders, bikers, musclemen, axe murderers, surfers, college boys, cannibals, karate guys, etc... pretty much anything that can be painted with a broad stroke and understood by children.

One easy way to perform this task is the Ripped From The Headlines motif, where your storyline reflects some current news event. This motif is good because FOX or CNN or NBC News do the backstory for you, all you need to do after is provide the militia guy or the evil comic book heroine ripoff and your story pretty much writes itself. 

With that in mind, it was almost inevitable that, at some point in 2022, this (see below) meeting among wrestling show producers was going to happen:

"We need a main event that gets people riled up."

"I have one."

"Do tell..."

"It's ripped from the headlines."

"Aren't they all?"

"We get a Russian girl and a Ukrainian girl to fight."


"It'll rule."

"You can't do that, it is an act of depravity."

"Controversy creates cash."

"Thousands of people are dying over there, we can't make light of it."

"The crowd will love it."

"Where would you even FIND a girl from Russia or the Ukraine?"

"I have a Ukraine t-shirt and shorts."

"You're French."

"Close enough."

"Where do you plan to get the Russian?"

"My friend Courtney, she does some model work for me with the SL Enquirer."

"She's from the Ukraine?"

"Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA."


"We'll get her a Soviet Union gymnast outfit I saw at a store."

(second pause)

"She's blonde... she'll look Slavic."

"The idea that someone might be offended by this never popped into your head."

"I have a filter which blocks things like that."

"This idea has been terminated with extreme prejudice."

The road to the castle gates is not always the high road, and one has to step on a lot of nice people as they claw their way to the top. The person proposing the fight wasn't a monster. She was just ahead of the curve.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Catch VWE Defiance Fridays 6PM SLT


Intense virtual wrestling action and drama, as men and women fight for championships, pride, and to settle personal scores.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Maximum Impact Charity Event: Stacey Cardalines Reporting



In this era of Covid-19, it is easy to forget that lots of things kill lots of people. Not all of them are the Rona. A million people a year across the world die of Malaria. That's double what the Rona did in America in a year. 67% of malaria deaths involve children under the age of 5. You should already be reaching for your wallet, folks.

Of course, why just write a check when you can instead write a check after watching supermodels fight for 2-4 hours? Money is awful hard to get these days, and one should expect a little bang for their buck.

Dylan Thomas once advised us to "rage, rage against the dying of the light." With that in mind, allow me to remind you that the Friday Morning Fight show ("Fight show" is one word, in this case, editor) is hosting a Maximum Impact Charity Event, with the proceeds being donated to the Malaria cause through the GiveWell charity apparatus. The Fight show is a professional wrestling event. If punching a girl in the face isn't Rage enough for you... well, to be quite frank, you might be a little too Hardcore for me.

This event is packed with action. This columnist has fought Sue Plex before, and Friday's audience is in for a show when she steps into the ring. Sue, who hails from the blood-soaked slums of Colorado, is widely feared throughout SL for her sadism. Vendetta is also on the card, and there are rumors around SL that she may have killed several girls in underground fights. The only distinction she makes between "Opponent" and "Innocent People In The Crowd" is that she doesn't get a paycheck when she attacks people in the crowd. They even have a fighter who looks like an anthropomorphic fox.

If you need more prompting than that, it's on you, not me. The show is Friday, May 21st, 10 AM SLT. In these dark times of plague, fight back against us by joining us for some Apocalyptic Asskicking!

Monday, February 24, 2020


Just when you think you have seen it all, heard it all, done it all in SL.  Guess what? You haven’t. I’m talking to the tens of thousands of you out there who have never observed a wrestling match in SL.  Premier Wrestling has elevated this contact sport to an art form seldom seen anywhere on the Grid today. Their uniquely modern treatment of a sport that is as old as mankind is truly worth your time to see. 

The owners Vince Aftermath and Trey Steele-Legendary™  (DrNeurotic Resident) have combined experience of almost 20 years in SL wrestling.  The Chief Operating Officer, Jasmine Tryce, has also been in SL wrestling for over 5 years. Recently I had the very real pleasure of meeting these folks, along with Premier wrestler Shereif “The Ace” and they shared with me some of the reasons for the success enjoyed by Premier Wrestling in SecondLife.

Josh Bellic (JB):  How long have you been involved with Premier Wrestling in SL? 

Vince Aftermath (VA):  I've been involved with Premier since the very beginning which was about a year ago. Trey Steele and I sat down together in real life and said “Let's do it”. While I was away for while dealing with the real world I had a tremendous amount of support from so many of my friends who wanted me to return in some way shape or form.  Some of you reading this may know me from the VAW days when I was the owner there. I believe when VAW was around it changed the game in many areas. We created the first Fan Interaction HUD and we were the only federation at the time to travel from Sim to Sim for almost an entire year all around Second Life. Now I’m back...Trey and I came back into the game with a different perspective on how SL Wrestling could be presented, taking our craft to a whole new level!

JB:  I understand there are several wrestling Sims in SL.  How is what you have here any different from all the other wrestling venues out there?

Shereif “The Ace” (SA):  Most wrestling shows are live shows only, fans go watch live.  Premier wrestling is different that its main focus is its YouTube channel.  We still have fans come and watch but with a limit of 15 tickets per show, every show we do is fully taped and uploaded online for our wider range fans to watch. Also a major difference is that we are the only federation that pays its staff and wrestlers per show

JB:  You limit your ticket sales for events to only 15 people? Why is that?

Jasmine Tryce (JT):  We only limit each episode show to fifteen people because we want to keep the lag down to a minimum so the wrestlers can perform their matches to the best of their ability, without being hindered by the monster called lag. We also do what is called a  “House Show”. This is a show we usually have off-sim and sponsor land. This is to help them not only bring traffic to their land but it also helps up get the word out about SL wrestling and Premier in general. Anyone can have a show at their land for a small fee, they just need to get in contact with me.

SA:  Since our priority is on the quality of the videos.. we don't want the sim or the performers to lag when too many fans attend at same time. You said we limit it to 15, but it's more like we removed the limit all together and upload to YouTube so even 100 or 200 can watch without any lag issues.

JB:  How can our readers learn of upcoming events? 

VA:  YouTube is our main network so please please please Subscribe. You can also follow us on our Website. So why are we pushing YouTube? By being on YouTube we are able to capture many fans across the world and not just in Second Life. This allows us to not only show them what Premier Wrestling can do but can also show everyone just how powerful the Second Life engine is. By doing this more people will come into SL for the first time wanting to participate in what Second Life has to offer. That is a good thing Josh!

JB:  Vince, who would you say is the greatest wrestler of all SL Time?

VA:  I'm not entirely sure, that is a very interesting question. There are three things that make a good wrestler into a star. First, you have to have the look..meaning that you have to stand out from the crowd.  Second, is voicing... You connect better with the fans when you are able to talk and show your emotion. A lot of people use text while calling out their foe but that doesn't have the same effect as voicing. Last but not least is in-ring performance.  Back in the day it wasn't such a big deal. Everyone had the same moveset for the most part but now, thanks to Team Wildfire and specifically the Prime Hud, you are able to do things that at one point seemed impossible to do in Second Life. If you have two out of three of these, you are on your way to becoming a huge star in the Second Life Wrestling business.

 JB:  Are there prizes for winning?  And if so, who funds those prizes?

Trey Steele (DrNeurotic Resident) (TS):  The prize for winning, is well.. You move up in standings. Each match you compete in could put you closer to the ultimate prize, the World Heavyweight Championship for the men and the Women's Championship for the women.

SA:  Winning or losing doesn’t matter in our business, it's not a competition, it's a performance.  We all work together (some in backstage and some in ring) to make the perfect show come to life every week so fans can enjoy it.  Everyone who works gets paid by Premier Wrestling. We have partners sponsoring us in return for getting promoted on our shows, on our social medias and in our videos. We can even go throw a show on their lands to bring them traffic.

JB:  In RL Wrestling, it is widely assumed that the matches are all "fixed"  and the winner is usually the one with the most elaborate costume. So, your secret is safe with me (and our 30,000 viewers each month)....Are the results of Premier Wrestling Matches "pre-determined"? 

VA:  Haha.  Well there is only one way to find out. To all 30,000 of you reading this  we are always hiring. We are always looking for that next star that is ready to make an impact in Premier Wrestling. If anyone wants to know, including you, Josh, sign up and tell me how your first match goes. Hahaha.

JT:  Well, let me ask you this? Would a magician tell you how he does his tricks? SecondLife Wrestling is an art form. It is a sport, it is also a skill that people work very hard to hone and perfect. Wrestlers work tirelessly to perfect their match and make it look flawless. They do it by hard work and dedication - Upgrading their moves, working on their ring skills and their presence. Are the results of Premier Wrestling matches pre-determined you ask? I ask you:  Does it really matter as long as the fans are enjoying what they are seeing and having fun at the shows?

TS:  Pre-determined?! I tell you what.. You step into the ring with me and I'll let you decide if its pre-determined or not. Lol

JB:  Thanks for that generous offer Trey, but I think I will take a “pain-check” on that, if its OK with you. Anything else you guys would like to share with our SLE Readers?

JT:  Join our in world group and go to a live house show and judge for yourselves. I think you will like what you see and if you would like to get involved we are always looking for wrestlers commentators, valets and also now extras for our shows. So if you would like to join the fastest growing wrestling federation in SecondLife, please IM me Jasmine Tryce and I can let you know how. And also check us out on YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter and our in world fan group. Thank you for your time.

If someone is interested to be a premier partner they go to this website:


So, there you have it folks.  Premier Wrestling! Now available on a YouTube channel near you


Saturday, February 24, 2018

DCWF Presents WrestleFest X! February 24th at 12pm SLT

The DCWF is the first and longest-running wrestling federation in Second life. On February 24, we will be celebrating WrestleFest X: 10 years of professional wrestling in Second Life!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

DCWF Sunday Warzone Sunday February 18th at 2pm SLT


 It's time for DCWF's Sunday Warzone and we are less than ONE WEEK away from WrestleFest X: celebrating 10 years of professional wrestling in Second Life! 

MHP and the Duffield Clan are drawing their lines in the sand and preparing to settle scores! But what surprises will be thrown at them today? "Artist to the Stars" Calico takes on Asha "Bunny" Lane! DCWF Women's Champion Whiskers Savage tangles with Ery! And in our Main Event: The Duffield Clan's Bazza Windlow & Mr. Magnificent vs. MHP's Voodoo Cooperstone &  Ace Nightfire! All this much more! DCWF: Champions Made Here!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sam's Catfight Cantina Returns with more Action! Sept 21st 12pm SLT

Come down to Sam's Catfight Cantina and enjoy the finest in catfighting and female wrestling!  Catfight Cantina returns 12PM-2PM SL time, Thursday, September 21, 2017.  Your hostesses are Aen Aenis and Sam Mullery.  Come on down and make some noise and watch some non-stop action!

See you ring side!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

SL Events: Pro Wrestling! DCWF Sunday Warzone Jan 22 at 2pm SLT

Come see the superstars of the DCWF battle it out every weekend in the VERY BEST and longest running professional wrestling show in Second Life! 

Champions "The Duke" Sparkles Von Quinworth, "The Showgirl" Kendra Chemistry, "The Tomahawk" Henry Parker and "Big Momma" Antonia Foggerty headline the card, as well as big names like "Speedy" Lei Hamada, "The Bear" Voodoo Cooperstone, "The Stoner" Honey Bluntz and Misuto Mishima! 

We have two shows weekly, Saturday Showdown @ Noon SL time and Sunday Warzone @ 2 PM SL time, and don't miss our Bi-Monthly Blockbuster SuperCard shows! 

Come check out the action, get souvenirs of your favorite wrestlers, and maybe fill out an application to get in on the fun and be a superstar yourself!

*SLE picks retrieved from SL Events

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Female Wrestling of Second life……The Sexy, The Tough, and the Brave! Sunny Love Holiday Reporting

I have been a fan of wrestling in Rl since the days of the late, great dusty Rhodes, Rick Flare and the Four Horseman, and the late great Rowdy Roddy Piper. I can remember being especially intrigued with the females of wrestling.  I enjoyed The Fabulous Moolah dominate prominent reign of the women's championship in what is now known as The WWE for 30 years as well as the evolution of the female present in wrestling from Miss Elizabeth to the Bella twins. Once I found out there was a group of ladies in SL that brought the strength of wrestling to the grid, I was eager to dive off the top rope right into their world and find out as much information as I could.

My journey begins at The Jungle Gym at inhibitions. A place designed for Cave-girl Cat-fighting. As I walked around amazed by the scenery, I ran into AleenaZon Resident. Ms. Aleena has done some RL wrestling in her younger days and has many years of cyber wresting steaming back over 5 years, starting with an online chat room "cyber fighting”. Once she learns of SL wrestling, her friend got her started and she has been wrestling on the grid ever since. After learning this I felt she would be a perfect person to learn the history of female wrestling and began asking questions. I was grateful that she was cheerfully willing to speak with me.

“There are two types of wrestling styles in Sl”, Aleena explained. “One is Pose ball wrestling which is more for the Cat-fighting style. This can be kind of some catty stuff...and even erotic.  Normally, what you do in these types of matches...whether public at an event...or in private one on you emote as you do the moves. Pose ball also have some Pro-style matches, which has more of the power moves in them.  Would you like to climb in the ring and give it a try? Afterwards I can explain the other style a bit more.” I stood there and thought for a moment about whether or not I was willing to get in the ring with such an experienced wrestler. I don’t have a scary bone in my body so I smiled and said “sure” and quickly changed into my bikini and climbed in the ring.

Being in the ring was a huge thrill for me. I channeled my favorite female wrestler of all time, Lita and really did good at 1st. However, just like anyone’s 1st time in the ring, I made a rookie mistake and ended up getting my butt handed to me. After laughing a bit at my loss, Aleena continued to drop knowledge. “So, this is a Diva's mat...they are one of the original companies that made wrestling mats. They do mainly pro-style rings ....but also have a catfight mat...and a catfight sofa. There are many events across the grid featuring these types of matches as well as the second style of wrestling……Hud Style Wrestling.”

It was explained to me by Aleena and a few girls I met at the pose style Divas after Dark event I attended the next evening that HUD Style wresting is formatted more like Real Life wresting shows. Wrestlers follow a story line, Have heels and Faces, posters and tee shirts for fans to buy, ring announcers and commentators. I was completely interested is learning a bit more about HUD style, but 1st grabbed a seat and totally immersed myself is a great pose style match featuring  Chiyokotoi Resident vs JoJo Poliatevska with JoJo being the victor.

After the match I was able to grab JoJo Poliatevska for a few questions. Beaming off her victory, explained what she liked most about being a Sl Female wrestler. “For me it is a community event. Everyone gathers at the matches, and it is like a big festival at times. There may be a DJ , there may be a band or something else going on. I will say, it has changed a lot since I first arrived 7 years ago. Back then there was only like 2 or 3 places to fight and the mats and menus were not that complicated.”  Now there are many fighting sims with hundreds of wrestler from all over the world. Both JoJo and Chiyokotoi suggested that if I wanted to know more about HUD style wrestling I should attend the WPWF the next evening and speak to the owner Tyress Serevi.

Walking into the WPWF arena was a surreal experience. I have been to many WWE house and Pay Per View Live shows and entering the arena felt very close to the real thing. Tyress Serevi greeted me with a friendly smile and escorted me to the middle of the ring to discuss her style. “I’ve been in SL wrestling for 6 years + now. There used to be another all females wrestling federation that was HUD based, however they didn’t focus on training the newer Talents. So, I decided to create WPWF as a development federation kind of like an Indy federation that focus on training the new and old talents to refine them into better wrestlers.” Even though I love the fact that this was an all-female federation, I could help but to ask why she decide to focus solely on females. “When you look at the HUD Based Wrestling community, you pretty much only see intergender federations. However, most of the federations out there got really good male talents, and some sadly tends to go easy on their females instead of trying to unlock their potential. I felt the women could use a place to get trained, and get the help they want and need from the ring skills to character. Also highlight them since the males often get the main spotlight on their shows.”

“Do you have titles, and if so, what are they and who holds them?” I asked eager to hear the answer. “At the moment we got two championship titles, the Mid card title would be the Siren Rising Championship, which is held by Alexa Zlatkis, then we have the main title, which is the WPWF Women's Championship, which is held by Ayane Tamatzui.” Tyress explained. By pure coincidence Ayane enter the arena with the presence of a true heel. Ayane has been the WPWF Women’s Championship for about 5 years. When asked what’s the most was challenging thing being the champ, she said “Oh, especially here in WPWF to stand out... because we got a lot of great talent, so it´s a challenge to really show why you are the top dog in the federation.”  “Do you have any advice for any upcoming talent wanting to get started?” I asked. “Yes, soak in everything you can from whoever you can; don´t let anybody tell you they know the right way to do things... you always got to figure out your own way to have fun with this. The best way is and always was from me to learn from others that do this for ages now. Other than that, find a nice place where you feel comfortable and have fun.”

My suggestion to anyone who wants to become your wrestler or simply want to enjoy a match every now and again is go and experience it all. There are many talented and friendly people involved in female wrestling that will be willing to help guide you in the direction of what suits you most. One thing is for sure……Sunny Love Holiday is now a diehard fan of these hard working ladies. When you attend and event, we can share some popcorn, because more than likely, I will be there!!!

Additional Information:
               Divas After Dark:

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hellkatz Angels Wrestling X-Treme is Closing its Doors

Longtime running all female federation HAWx (Hellkatz Angels Wrestling X-Treme) will be closing its doors permanently on Sunday, February 22nd, 2015. HAWx is the 1st and fore-most all Women's Wrestling promotion within Second Life that has ran steadfast within the circuit for over 6 years. HoneyBluntz Resident, founder and curator of this fantastic fed says that she feels rather pleased with this decision, but is ensuring that the federation goes out with a "bang" for sure! 

Throughout the week there's a celebratory function so come out and join in as this legendary faction, comes to an end.
Starting TODAY!! 

✭✭ Wednesday ✭✭

Sim Opens to the Public! 

Arcade is open and you can win tickets to get some kewl hawx prizes as well as at the end of the week, the highest scores on games win special one of a kinda prizes!!! The Arcade will be open 24/7 until Saturday before the Legends show!

✭✭ Thursday ✭✭

Live Music Thursday!

DJ's and Performers times to be announced
5pm - Lil's Rock On.

✭✭ Friday ✭✭

Fun Day! Games, game shows, races and just some all out fun!

??pm - Hot Ass Wrestling - Poseball Wrestling

✭✭ Saturday ✭✭

1pm - Auction & Arcade Results 

2pm - HAWX Legends Show
            - Come and watch as some past HAWX Legends come and step into the ring one more time!

5pm - HAWX Awards Show!
            - This will be HAWX's first ever awards show commemorating  both past and present acheivments in HAWX Wrestling!

✭✭ Sunday ✭✭

10am - APW Ignition Roadshow

1pm - HAWX Endings!!!

Here's the Lineup


Sybille Halsey


Rosilin "The Black Panther"


Misaki Yumako


Kamikaze Chiyoko


KO Match
Ms A Rae


Tag Team Championship



Izzy and Anarchy Fateweaver


15 Minutes of Hell Match

1st 15 minutes is totally unsantioned!  at the end of that 15 minutes the match starts!

Michelle Snyder


Honey Bluntz


Hellkatz & Hardcore Championship Unification Match

Kendra Chemistry 


La Gata Loca


HAWX Championship

Hell in a Cell

Lily Martinez


Christina Krovac


✭✭Please make sure you are in the HAWX Fan group so that we can update you with times and if anything changes!!  Please use the  URI below to Join!!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

“Spotlight on DCWF’s Commissioner Rossini, Second Life’s true Proximus”- Mony Markova Reporting

As I was going through some stormed days –I wasn’t looking for who did it, but for someone to pay for it... Nah not really, let’s try again… let’s say that I needed to find a way to cleanse my karma off really bad vibes out of my last secondlifean adventure. That’s better, but it has to be special because the SL Enquirer has set the bar high in readership numbers, comments and well, land shaking in-you–know-what adventure.

And the perfect assignment jumped right at me, an amazing, fun thing to do. So let’s get down to it, because there is only one good reason to check wrestling in SL, and it is the same good reason to do it in any life. To have a blast of a day.

Be wild, meet wrestlers, see the action and maybe we can chat with the very own, DCWF’s Commissioner Numbers Rossini, a cool guy in all his right.
By now, I already have found out that the DCWF or Digital Championship Wrestling Federation, does not use pose balls to play out the matches. In other words, the outcomes can be determined by skill and cunning of the amazing wrestlers. Just as an example, the ring ropes are flexible people, yes physics all around!

They have achieved these feats because the DCWF is not new, it’s the longest running professional wrestling organization in SL and yes, it uses a secret sauce –all I am saying is- that the NexGen Wrestling System, requires practice to master it. Just like RL they have a head trainer. I tried one part of the HUD, and I still don’t know how they do it. I couldn’t wait to see my first show, for me it was on Wednesday at 3:00 SLT. They also have matches on Saturdays 12:00 SLT and Sundays but it’s better to follow the schedules through their Facebook page, or group.
But enough with unveilings.

First we need to get to Slam City, the home to the DCWF Arena, grab the free gestures since you –the fan- are welcome to be a loud part of the show. Outside the arena there is a marina, a park and a hot dog stand. Slam City it’s also home of Hellkatz Angels Wrestling Extreme and HAWX, all-women's professional wrestling organization in SL, the finest, I hear.

I really don’t know what to expect, because we all know this is Second Life with all its limitations and circumstances. I will say this, if you like detailed things, you can come to appreciate the Arena. Take time to explore it, in the corridors to your seats you can see the a ring of honor with pendants of some of the gladiators, you can see Katherine Blackadder, Ace Nightfire, Misaki, Jerico Scarbridge, Victoria Vain, Jeffery Fireguard, Ms. A. Rae, Voodoo, Phara Akula, Mythil, Heidih Himmel, The General, Sir Quinworth, Bazza Windlow, Rosalind and more.

There is an executive suit, that –it’s not locked— you can see why the reporters are always drunk, smoked, and are basically spoiled people.  Cooton McKnight, Pepper Brooks and Blade Burner are commentators, it’s live! The wrestlers enter the match with special effects and in average 20 people are present in one clash.
After a violent outcome the wrestler -Andrea Dalca- was furious, she kicked the commentator’s table and just took a championship belt and she just didn’t care! Thanks God they have a referee –a constant boo target. Dalca left in a blaze as the winner laid on the mat. Crazy how they do this! But it was only the beginning!

Then was a hot Marcus Raimond versus Mister Mafioso, who is a cheater! -There I said it! But I found myself cracking when Mr. Mafioso had to crawl out of the ring after a bad hit he took. The announcers explain the moves, they are allowed to say Fuc** at this sim…. Quite refreshing from where I come from in SL. But if you have SL families and avatarian kids, please do bring them, they can get autographs, t-shirts and learn how to grow big and hot like Marcus or way scary like Jack O’Lantern.

-Look! There is the commissioner Numbers Rossini lets catch him. He has been difficult to get.
Mony: Mister Commissioner, a couple of questions. What does Success mean for you and all the people associated with the Federation?

Commissioner Rossini: Success is putting on a product that is true to wrestling tradition and its ideals.  It’s important to the DCWF to give a pure honest Professional Wrestling product. Success also means simply entertaining the fans in a way that they can walk away from the show and know that even though they were only in the audience, the show was for, about, and involved them.

Mony: Bad blood- between the wrestlers?

Commissioner Rossini: Professional Wrestling is a very competitive sport, and it takes all kinds. Some people like to cheat, others like to play within the rules. Often times rivalries heat up and people get mixed up with each other, that’s the nature of the business. We are fortunate that quite often the fallout from those rivalries and disputes happens in our arena, in our ring, and in front of our fans.

Mony: Commissioner, what do you see as the future of your loved sport?

Commissioner Rossini: Man, there are so many dynamics to SL Wrestling as a whole, that’s a hard question to answer. It’s been around for 7 years now and at the very least I'd love to see it hit the 10 year mark. It has changed, evolved and grown so much, it’s hard to tell what it will look like a few years from now but I look forward to seeing how it shapes, even if I’m no longer a part of it.

Mon: And I ran out of space, but I cannot go without mentioned that the Commissioner was especially thankful and to all the people that makes this sport possible and named them in length, unfortunately we are on tight space here.
If you are looking to see something awesome in SL, go check them! And please add on the comments which is appreciated and helps make the article more visible around the metaverse.
Over and out!
Follow the DCWF on its facebook page