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Showing posts with label female wrestling. Show all posts

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Female Wrestling of Second life……The Sexy, The Tough, and the Brave! Sunny Love Holiday Reporting

I have been a fan of wrestling in Rl since the days of the late, great dusty Rhodes, Rick Flare and the Four Horseman, and the late great Rowdy Roddy Piper. I can remember being especially intrigued with the females of wrestling.  I enjoyed The Fabulous Moolah dominate prominent reign of the women's championship in what is now known as The WWE for 30 years as well as the evolution of the female present in wrestling from Miss Elizabeth to the Bella twins. Once I found out there was a group of ladies in SL that brought the strength of wrestling to the grid, I was eager to dive off the top rope right into their world and find out as much information as I could.

My journey begins at The Jungle Gym at inhibitions. A place designed for Cave-girl Cat-fighting. As I walked around amazed by the scenery, I ran into AleenaZon Resident. Ms. Aleena has done some RL wrestling in her younger days and has many years of cyber wresting steaming back over 5 years, starting with an online chat room "cyber fighting”. Once she learns of SL wrestling, her friend got her started and she has been wrestling on the grid ever since. After learning this I felt she would be a perfect person to learn the history of female wrestling and began asking questions. I was grateful that she was cheerfully willing to speak with me.

“There are two types of wrestling styles in Sl”, Aleena explained. “One is Pose ball wrestling which is more for the Cat-fighting style. This can be kind of some catty stuff...and even erotic.  Normally, what you do in these types of matches...whether public at an event...or in private one on you emote as you do the moves. Pose ball also have some Pro-style matches, which has more of the power moves in them.  Would you like to climb in the ring and give it a try? Afterwards I can explain the other style a bit more.” I stood there and thought for a moment about whether or not I was willing to get in the ring with such an experienced wrestler. I don’t have a scary bone in my body so I smiled and said “sure” and quickly changed into my bikini and climbed in the ring.

Being in the ring was a huge thrill for me. I channeled my favorite female wrestler of all time, Lita and really did good at 1st. However, just like anyone’s 1st time in the ring, I made a rookie mistake and ended up getting my butt handed to me. After laughing a bit at my loss, Aleena continued to drop knowledge. “So, this is a Diva's mat...they are one of the original companies that made wrestling mats. They do mainly pro-style rings ....but also have a catfight mat...and a catfight sofa. There are many events across the grid featuring these types of matches as well as the second style of wrestling……Hud Style Wrestling.”

It was explained to me by Aleena and a few girls I met at the pose style Divas after Dark event I attended the next evening that HUD Style wresting is formatted more like Real Life wresting shows. Wrestlers follow a story line, Have heels and Faces, posters and tee shirts for fans to buy, ring announcers and commentators. I was completely interested is learning a bit more about HUD style, but 1st grabbed a seat and totally immersed myself is a great pose style match featuring  Chiyokotoi Resident vs JoJo Poliatevska with JoJo being the victor.

After the match I was able to grab JoJo Poliatevska for a few questions. Beaming off her victory, explained what she liked most about being a Sl Female wrestler. “For me it is a community event. Everyone gathers at the matches, and it is like a big festival at times. There may be a DJ , there may be a band or something else going on. I will say, it has changed a lot since I first arrived 7 years ago. Back then there was only like 2 or 3 places to fight and the mats and menus were not that complicated.”  Now there are many fighting sims with hundreds of wrestler from all over the world. Both JoJo and Chiyokotoi suggested that if I wanted to know more about HUD style wrestling I should attend the WPWF the next evening and speak to the owner Tyress Serevi.

Walking into the WPWF arena was a surreal experience. I have been to many WWE house and Pay Per View Live shows and entering the arena felt very close to the real thing. Tyress Serevi greeted me with a friendly smile and escorted me to the middle of the ring to discuss her style. “I’ve been in SL wrestling for 6 years + now. There used to be another all females wrestling federation that was HUD based, however they didn’t focus on training the newer Talents. So, I decided to create WPWF as a development federation kind of like an Indy federation that focus on training the new and old talents to refine them into better wrestlers.” Even though I love the fact that this was an all-female federation, I could help but to ask why she decide to focus solely on females. “When you look at the HUD Based Wrestling community, you pretty much only see intergender federations. However, most of the federations out there got really good male talents, and some sadly tends to go easy on their females instead of trying to unlock their potential. I felt the women could use a place to get trained, and get the help they want and need from the ring skills to character. Also highlight them since the males often get the main spotlight on their shows.”

“Do you have titles, and if so, what are they and who holds them?” I asked eager to hear the answer. “At the moment we got two championship titles, the Mid card title would be the Siren Rising Championship, which is held by Alexa Zlatkis, then we have the main title, which is the WPWF Women's Championship, which is held by Ayane Tamatzui.” Tyress explained. By pure coincidence Ayane enter the arena with the presence of a true heel. Ayane has been the WPWF Women’s Championship for about 5 years. When asked what’s the most was challenging thing being the champ, she said “Oh, especially here in WPWF to stand out... because we got a lot of great talent, so it´s a challenge to really show why you are the top dog in the federation.”  “Do you have any advice for any upcoming talent wanting to get started?” I asked. “Yes, soak in everything you can from whoever you can; don´t let anybody tell you they know the right way to do things... you always got to figure out your own way to have fun with this. The best way is and always was from me to learn from others that do this for ages now. Other than that, find a nice place where you feel comfortable and have fun.”

My suggestion to anyone who wants to become your wrestler or simply want to enjoy a match every now and again is go and experience it all. There are many talented and friendly people involved in female wrestling that will be willing to help guide you in the direction of what suits you most. One thing is for sure……Sunny Love Holiday is now a diehard fan of these hard working ladies. When you attend and event, we can share some popcorn, because more than likely, I will be there!!!

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Spotlight on VictoriaMuller Resident NemzKat Resident Reporting...

After doing a report on Intense Wrestling I figured why not do a report on a wrestler. So here is an interview of VictoriaMuller Resident a female wrestler.

VictoriaMuller Resident's background: