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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Humorous Stories in Second Life- Pandora Drezelan Reporting…

I spoke to a few friends of mine, Shadowfeign Spiritor, CindyS Tatham, Hatake Kohime and Solcar Amat, we were comparing our humorous experiences in Second Life, it was such a laugh, and this is what we came up with.

Our funniest moments in Second Life:

Shadowfeign: ‘A friend tried this AO she found in her inventory. It was insane. The typing animation looked like someone doing sign language at a really fast pace, the walk was worse than someone power walking and as for the flying, a headless chicken couldn't flap its wings faster. We were both laughing so hard that we were crying.’

Pandora: ‘I had made all the classic newbie mistakes, like walking into walls and falling downstairs or upstairs for that matter, on a regular basis, but the best one would have to be when I was in my skybox editing a dance hud and when I went to take it back into my inventory I took my skybox by mistake, so I ended up falling and landing on my house, it never even occurred to me to fly. I was too busy IM’ing a friend for help.’

CindyS: ‘When I was fairly new to Second Life, I went pose shopping with a male friend of mine. We landed in what looked like a mountain with the top carved out and inside were several people all testing the poses. We were in a place that we didn’t really know about nor understand at the time. We had hopped on and off of several poses and everything seemed to be the norm for us. Then suddenly we realized we were in the middle of what seemed to be an orgy. I had hopped on a ball and he didn’t quite make it before someone else had hopped on and I hadn’t realized it. Suddenly he is laughing so hard and I am asking him what was so funny. He couldn’t even get the words out because he knew what my reaction would be if I knew. At the time I didn’t really know how to use my camera very well, however when I did cam in on myself I realized why he was laughing so hard. I hopped up and was like a skittish lil school girl trying to TP out and laughing at myself at the same time.’

Hatake: ‘One day, me and some good friends were at a friend's place and just trying out gestures. We got the brilliant idea to start a round of Super Dances, and then the random deformations ensued. My neck, arms and legs were so contorted, that it was quite hilarious watching me crawl around on the floor as I walked. It was like I was walking on the floor with stubs for legs. Oh, the laughs that were had from this. Out of all of Second Life's offerings, I'd have to say deformers are my favorite slices of the They're so random, and have so many possible outcomes, that it's impossible to NOT have a laugh at them from time to time.

Solcar: ‘I work for The Virtual Kennel Club (VKC) with the VKC dogs and the funniest situation was when I saw a person using a dog avatar and making people believe he was an Artificial Intelligent DOG and was acting like one: sitting, standing, barking etc, when asked to do so and obeying all the commands, it was hysterical.’

Embarrassing times:

Shadowfeign: ‘I was about a month old, when I met my former Liege. He took me to his sim and showed me around etc. We were walking along the beach, and he asked me if I'd like to sit down. So I sat, and then he sat too, the next thing I know, I'm sitting on his chest while my heels are pinning his wrist to the ground... I felt like I had given him the wrong idea and I nearly died of fright, seriously I jumped up soooo fast.’

Pandora: ‘Well this is fun and I’m trying to keep things PG rated with NO success, a friend and I were experimenting with my new bed and I thought I’d be clever and change the menu. I wasn’t looking and I clicked on a random TP instead and ended up at a club naked. I never found out who sent the TP and I don’t want to know. Just remember to look before you click ...... on anything.’

CindyS: ‘Yes these moments for me are when you TP into a public place completely nude and you are thinking you are completely dressed. I have done this so many times as I am sure most of us have, thank God this isn’t happening as much anymore.’

Hatake: ‘I think my most embarrassing moment would have to be when I accidentally sent a message about some random n00b who IM'd me out of the blue TO that random n00b. The message? I was TRYING to tell a friend of my plans to remove him from my friends list the second he logged out. Instead? It went to HIS IM box instead of HERS. Typical ‘wrong window syndrome.’ Fortunately, he never questioned the comment, but I also never heard from him again. I felt bad for a minute or two, and then went on with life. Such is the life of n00bs. IM someone you don't know, add them out of the blue and then get served a dose of "oops, wrong window" and you're poof- gone! :D’

Solcar: ‘I also work as an animator and now and then I use my female shape to test my products. My job includes attending calls at VKC to help people. My avatar is an old bald guy with a beard and one day I had a call while working on animations and went to a park to attend a call. I noticed that the person who made the call left very soon after I solved his problem. (Usually they stay chatting for a while) There were few more avatars around there but if I went close to chat to them they would leave straight away, till one of them dared to ask me if I was female or male... I was puzzled about the question until I moved my camera around and saw that I was an old bald and bearded man, wearing a swim suit dress complete with a nice female shape and a pair of nice female attributes o.0’

The craziest things we’ve done in Second Life:

Shadowfeign: ‘Parachuting! There is no way in hell I'd do that real life, but I figured if my chute doesn't open, what the hell I can fly!!’

Pandora: ‘It was my Second Rez Day so I went to a nude beach just for the fun of it, wearing only my angel wings and stilettos.’

CindyS: ‘Crazy for me may not be crazy for some, so I am stating from the beginning I am not trying to offend anyone. A friend and I went exploring one day and happened upon this dungeon with a lot of really different things, Meaning unknown to us, we walked into this one room and in it was what appeared to be some sort of alien creatures with pose balls. Feeling adventurous I started hopping on some of the pose balls and was quite amazed at what they were for.’

Hatake: ‘The craziest thing I've done is simple. I joined the Phoenix/Firestorm Viewer Support Team. Why? One of the requirements for the team is you HAVE to be crazy, or Big Boss Merriman won't let you join. He'll bounce you out so hard. I mean... Ed's a great guy. In The crazy part keeps you sane most days. It's a blizzard of frustrations and all directed toward you. Keeping a little bit crazy keeps you from completely blowing a fuse. Well, that and good patience.’

Solcar: ‘When I was with a group of friends and we wore invisible suits and made a newbie believe that he had a graphic card problem and that was why he couldn’t see us :-P’

Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences with me and here’s to many more funny moments in Second Life.   -Pandora.


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