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Monday, May 21, 2012

Rez Days in Second Life: What is the significance? -Pandora Drezelan Reporting...

In my previous article ‘Second Life - An Extension of Real Life or Just A Game?’ I pointed out my reasons regarding my opinion about Second Life being the virtual world that it is to me.
In this article I would like to reflect on the topic of our Second Life Rez Days - our Birthdays within Second Life.

I spoke with friends, Lanai Jarrico, Opal Edenflower and Kio Falconer about their Rez Day experiences and what it means to them. This is their Rez Day stories and views about Second Life.

Lanai's 6th Rez Day, 2011

Lanai Jarrico:

‘I have had a handful of rez days plus two. I’m not sure if I should be classified a virtual world junkie or an expert. The way I celebrate varies. For a couple of years, they consisted of DJ parties, then they progressed to sim crashing themed parties or other times nothing at all. Like this year. If it wasn’t for those that look forward to an annual display and my Facebook friends sending me shout outs on my page, I would have thought no one remembered.’

‘I spent my 7th rez day on May 9th, just me and a couple hours to explore the virtual range and window shopping. My friends would think it was a bad idea because I always managed to find myself in a situation equivalent to an emergency room visit. What I have noticed is that rez days are just milestones that I like to spend doing something besides work, like reminiscing with longtime friends and passing snapshots back and forth of the good times we have shared through the years. To me those are the special things I look forward to’.

Opal Edenflower

‘I started Second Life in May of 2009. My reasons for coming to Second Life are perhaps best stated in my profile. I came to Second Life to create something beautiful, and to explore new definitions of beauty. Since then, I've found a liking for inspiring others to create beautiful things as well.’

‘I have my interests in Second Life. I collect apple themed items for one, my favorite "hobby" is simply creation. I love to create gardens, avatar shapes, and more. I really enjoy dreaming up new concepts for my own avatar, such as perhaps a fairy outfit, I also enjoy shopping a little too much!’
‘In regards to my Rez Day. I suppose you might say that it's important to me personally, though it isn't as if I'd be upset if someone forgot it like a real life Birthday. Nevertheless, it's a day I do personally like to observe, because it marks the beginning of my explorations of myself in a whole new and unique way.’


Hio Falconer
‘I Joined Second Life in January 2010 I had read about Second Life in a couple of books and it was also mentioned in CSI, so guess I was curious.’

‘My Rez Day is not a big deal to me. I like building, hanging out with friends and trying different avatars and styles. On my Rez Day I try to do something wild and crazy.’


A Second Life profile says BORN as opposed to JOINED. I wondered how my friends felt about that and how they celebrate their Rez Day.

Lanai Jarrico:

‘I see Second Life as an extension of my real life. The time spent here, I am busy writing, working behind the scenes and handling my own business. I see my rez day as a milestone and I like to spend it doing something productive but fun. In a sense with virtual age comes knowledge more responsibility and respect amongst peers. I’m not new to the experiences that can be found in Second Life so big celebrations are not on my list of priorities each year. However, If friends plan something special for me or want to hang out and chat, I accept and have a great time either way’.


‘I suppose I'd never really given that one much thought about the ‘born’ part of the profile. I think it's rather appropriate, at least from my own point of view. I don't view Second Life as a game, but as an extension of my life in general.

‘For me, a Rez Day is more than just a 'join date. It's rather like a Birthday, but also much like an anniversary. It's that second thought which really leads to my reasons for celebrating such days. It is the day I entered a new world.’

‘I celebrate usually by buying myself a little something. My friends often celebrate with me as well, just as I do with them. Overall I don't do much of anything special other than perhaps turning on some music at my Second Life home and dancing around just for the fun of it.’


‘I Feel ‘born’ as opposed to ‘joined’ in a Second Life profile is appropriate, I tend to treat older avatars like my elders, *smile*.’

‘At first I didn't know about Rez Days, but when it was pointed out to me I decided that once I remember I'll go out of my way to step out of the mold. I've realized that we do tend to get into a rut in Second Life. Yet somehow make a version of ourselves from real life. I dedicated my Rez Day to break that rut.’

Pandora: What is the significance of Rez Days with friends?

Lanai Jarico:

‘Some parties are big affairs others are just gathering with friends. Last year I celebrated my 6th Rez day with a Formal Ball, Cinderella castle and all the fixing of a royal affair. This year I celebrated by treated myself on a little shopping trip in search of animal print’.

‘To me, If you have friends in Second Life that you can honestly say, they are not just your Second Life friend that is the most significant part about celebrating a rez day with them. There is a difference between a party full of people you don’t know and a room that contains people that are there for you’. If you aren’t the partying type. treating yourself or a friend with a Rez day shopping trip. It is a special way to recognize others and it can be just as fun for you’.

‘Many of my friends have similar feelings about their own Rez Days. I like to buy them a little present or perhaps make something for them. Sometimes we celebrate by making a day of it at some new location in-world. Mostly it's just a day for us to say and show how happy we are that we met here in Second Life, and how much we value our friendship. I'm a fairly simple person, and so are most of my friends. We all know it's the thought which counts, and Rez Days are a day for special thoughts of how glad we are that each of us came to be a part of Second Life and a part of each other's lives.’

‘It's a day to remember when I began a part of my life which has brought me some wonderful things. A day to remember the same for my friends, to celebrate being friends, and celebrate the many ways I've found to improve my understanding of myself and others. I suppose you might even say it's a day I celebrate life, both as we usually think of it and the virtual extension of it.’


‘It’s really not a major deal to me, but once I remember, I do something I don't normally do.’

‘So far I've explored the "underbelly" of Second Life. In my wandering around the "darker side" of Second Life, I've found out that people are just people. I've taken this into my real life experiences and I find now that I treat others more equally. I've learned that regardless of our gender or sexual preferences, we're all basically looking for the same thing, love and acceptance. So I'm looking forward to my next Rez Day adventure, I’m not sure what that is yet but I'm sure it would be exciting and I plan to make it a day of fun.’

Pandora Drezelan

‘I like to celebrate my Rez Day by visiting the places that I went to when I first came to Second Life.’ -Pandora Drezelan.

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  1. I joined Second Life in mid-December, which is a bit close to Christmas to be celebrating. And I wasn't logging in much for several months, so my rezz day doesn't mean much to me, unless friends make a deal out of it.


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