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Monday, May 28, 2012

Virtual Attitude Wrestling, Coming soon to a Sim Near You- Lukes Lionheart Reporting...

It's about to get ugly

 Have you ever found yourself bored on a Tuesday night in SL? You could go to the club….again. Shopping? *Yawn!* Hey, I know! How about WRESTLING? That’s right SL Pro wrestling! One of the more fun things I have found on SL. Though wrestling isn’t exactly new on SL, there is a federation on the gird that is sitting the wrestling community on fire. Say hello to the “VAW”, Virtual Attitude Wrestling, SL’s only traveling pro wrestling show. 

Vince Aftermath

  Attitude is the operative word here. Founder Vince Aftermath had been working in upper management for another sports entertainment company when he got the idea to do it himself. Prompted and supported by his friend and Pro Wrestler, Professor James W (JW) Beeswing, Aftermath set out to build a sports entertainment company that was bigger, more bad, and more absorbing than any other on the gird. Six months into it and the “VAW” has become just that. Now an organization that employs a creative team, a promotions department, headed by Beeswing, and a stable of eager, talented wrestlers, Aftermath leads his merry band of bad-asses on a smack down invasion to a new sim every week

James W Beeswing

The creative team, consisting of Lily, Frank Osborn, Mat Brucato, Nyle Nightfire, Valley Solo, and JW Beeswing have developed a storyline that can only be described as utter Chaos. In keeping with their mission to bring attitude to the Wrestling world, some of their antics have included Aftermath being kidnapped, Beeswing having more heart attacks than Fred Sanford (don’t worry folks, he always seems to make a remarkable recovery.), to the arena being stuck by lightening. They’ve even been known to grief their own show. These guys aren’t messing around, they write story lines to keep the fans entertained. They intentionally blur the line between what you think is scripted and what’s not. The result is more fun than one should be allowed to have on a boring Tuesday night.

Though they do have a home arena, thanks to their partnering with “The Potomac Center”, headed by Slinky Gravois, Aftermath has stayed with the traveling show strategy. This is to widen the “VAW” visibility and to add new fans. This affords them the opportunity to produce two shows a week. Tuesdays at 5:00 pm slt they take the show on the road and Thursdays at 3:00 pm slt they come back to their home arena at “The Potomac Center”. Seems like sound reasoning to me. In another stroke of marketing genius, Aftermath also started the “MCF”, Mixed Combat Fighting, a mixed martial arts (MMA) federation.

Brandon Ghost

    As much as the “VAW” raised the bar for sl sports entertainment, headed by Brandon Ghost, the “MCF” does exactly that for sl MMA. And while the “VAW” is a wild, testosterone driven, scripted sports show, the “MCF” taps into pure, intense, unscripted, competition combat. Their Friday Night Fight bouts, starting at 4:00 pm slt, regularly draw upwards of seventy spectators to their very own home arena, also at “The Potomac Center”.

Both of Aftermaths federations also look to improve the quality of combat sports and entertainment on SL. Members of the organizational team are involved in creating scripts, animations and HUDs to, hopefully, develop a balanced standard for the combat sports community. Both federations also endorse the concept of developing a fair governing body to unite the community and promote a higher standard of performances and competition across the SL. combat landscape.

Now ,it’s almost 4:00 pm slt on a boring Thursday afternoon. What to do? BING, I get the group notice “VAW Turbulence” is starting in 10 min! I’m saved! I TP to the arena, which is starting to fill up. I listen to the pre show commentary as I find a seat. The commentary is very informative and helps me catch up on what’s going on with the story line. The buzz is all about J.W. He had a heart attack in the ring right after his match last week. Apparently he is still in critical condition. This brings words of sympathy and comfort from his friends, and threats and laughter from his foes. There is already a special edition of “VAW Inside View” posted on the “VAW” You Tube station about it. What is this going to mean for the federation? How is this going to affect the rankings? Will J.W. make a full recovery and return to the ring? Tonight, “The Baker Boy” is going to demand the title bout he thinks he deserves. Other new stars will try to make a name for themselves in the vacuum left by J.Ws’ absence. On the card tonight; Match One- Matty Aghurabor Vs. Hugie Fivo, Match Two- Usher Ibor Vs. Kravyn, Main Event (Hardcore Rules) Dannyboy Vs. Grim Darkthorn. The lights go down, the media screens burst to life and the first wrestler makes his way to the ring. Oh, it’s ON! I’m not even a wrestling fan in RL but I cannot wait to see how the story plays out tonight, Nor can I wait to see the MCF fights on Friday. I think I might have found a new past time on SL. Come check it out with me sometime.

wrestler waiting for his opponent

 VAW every Tuesday @ 5:00 pm slt and Thursday @ 3:00 pm slt. MCF every Friday 4:00 pm Slt
Event location(s): Variable on Tuesdays, Thursdays at home arena at "The Potomac Center"SLURL:

Press Release:!home/mainPage

Vince Aftermath : Founder
James W. Beeswing : Promotions and PR
Brandon Ghost: MCF Director


  1. i do belive that one ari dimanovic is not only on the creative team but has helped out imensly with along side with vince and the fact that she is not mentioned any were in this article is a blatant smack in her face i for one support what she does for that company

  2. This simply looks to me like a Vince Aftermath ass kissing note. There is several more import names missin from this. people that have been there from the begining and have worked harder than JW for the company. For one Ari Dimanovic. Also the training team of Anarchy Fang and Davmac Linata.

  3. Well ,thanks for your opinion Anonymous one. But how bout we see who got VAW this interview an who has been giving Vince ideas an so forth and so on. Just Saying you sound bitter by these comments.


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