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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lanai's Diary: June 7, 2012- A Zombie Apocolypes in Real Life? Maybe we are safer in Second Life... - Lanai Jarrico

Lanai Jarrico on Zombie Patrol

There is so much madness going on these days, that it makes the things I have to deal with in my day to day life, seem petty and mundane and believe me in the last month, I’ve been dealt a hand of all Jokers in an impossible card game. I’m so glad I can log into Second Life as an escape and do what I love. Write and stay busy. Lately some real world news has been catching my attention. There have been reports of crazy zombie-like cannibals on the loose. Some of these cases sound like they are straight out of a horror flick or a regular Thursday night in Second Life’s role play scene.

The incidents in the last weeks in South Beach, Miami left a homeless man mauled,faceless and dead by a naked madman high on bath salt. In Maryland, a guy confessed to eating his roommate’s heart and part of his brain in some bizarre incident. A mentally ill woman eat her baby’s brain and toes. If that doesn’t make you cringe, in New Jersey a man disembowels himself, flinging parts of his intestines and skin at police. That right there takes some serious guts. No pun intended...

It seems to be a real zombie apocalypse out there and it ain’t even December, 21, 2012 yet? 

Mayan Temple in Second Life

Oh wait. According to reports, they just found the older Mayan calendar suggesting that these ancient peeps simply must have run out of materials on that “Dooms Date” before they fled due to climate change.


I guess aliens will be taking over before the giant asteroid plunges earth back into the ice age. I’m not sure if I should start saving bottled water, canned goods and ramen noodle soup or digging a bunker first.

 Seriously though, I think it is safe to say, stuff is really getting out of hand and it seems to just be escalating. Not to mention harsh weather and natural disaster affecting those around the world. What can we do to avoid becoming a victim of out of control zombies?

I decided to explore Second Life and see what type of places offer some kind of protections or refuge from the madness or at least prepare you for the Zombie Apocalypse coming to a city near you!

 These role play locations offer free combat huds and special instructions.  Zombie hunting is a great way to get involved in group activities or with a friend. Please be sure to read the rules and respect them to avoid being eliminated in an undignified manner. Bath Salt not included nor recommended.

Junkyard- Zombie Combat, La Grande Motte.

This location offers a city in distress with the living dead coming from all directions, bloodied and groaning they are attracted to the scent of the living. Be sure to have your gun loaded and ready to go.

Brutul Zombie City of the Dead,  Area 13 offers the perfect atmosphere for picking off Zombies. Just be sure to load up on the weapons and wear your group tag!

Zombie Attack, Cayuga

There is an epidemic of Zombies at this location. They wonder the streets in groups and follow you. You can't hide because they will find you!

If you aren' t much into Zombie slaying, you can always go bowling...

Bowl-A-Rama Bowling Center and Game Room


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