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Sunday, July 29, 2012

GODS OF VALOR: Do You Have What It Takes?


Ancient Rome and Gladiators come alive with historical role-play in Gods of Valor in Second Life.

2012-07-27 - Lake Tairov, SecondLife - In real world history, the town of Casilinum is located 3 miles northwest of Capua in the Campania region an area known for producing the finest gladiators in all of Rome. Today, in SecondLife, Casilinum comes alive once more only this time, her arch rival in the gladiatorial games is Capua, each city wanting to see their finest gladiators reach the Colosseum in Rome. The rivalry is so great that Capua has tried to annex Casilinum creating bitter rivalry and debate. This is the setting for the new role-play sim opening this weekend in SecondLife called "Gods of Valor."


Set in 15BC during the rule of Rome's first Emperor, Augustus Caesar, role-players come together to portray everything from slaves to shop keeps, gladiators to Lanista's -- all with the singular purpose of bringing history alive through the role-play experience. Corrupt politicians, religious leaders and even villainous businessmen abound in Casilinum.

Magistrate Romulus Bestavian, formerly Magistrate in Capua until his position and wealth were compromised by a young Senator out for blood, has his heart set on catapulting Casilinum into the limelight in Rome now that the new Ludus has moved in. Little does he know, the Lanista is hiding behind lies and front men having fled some very powerful people in Rome. The quiet backwoods town of Casilinum was chosen very carefully by others who live here, not just this Lanista. The Magistrate's desire to bring Rome's focus home is creating Civil unrest and perhaps an underground movement to protect the city's anonymity.

"While building the sim," states Filipa Thespian, co-owner of Gods of Valor and the Lanista-in-hiding, "I focused on creating a rural town, off the beaten path that shows signs of having had better days. As with all my builds, I researched architecture in history and built as close as SL would allow to real Ancient Roman buildings. Additionally, each structure or area is created with the key thought, 'what kind of role-play will happen here and how will this space support it?'" she shared.
"Ancient Roman role-play is a passion of mine," Crito Galtier, co-owner and Gladiator for House Thespian shared. "I'd been role-playing with Filipa for a while and knew, when the opportunity presented itself, that I wanted to create more historical Roman role-play opportunities for residents."

Sixty-seven active people strong in the sim's resident group and growing quickly, Gods of Valor promises to deliver hours of amazing role-play experiences every day. "We have some of the most amazing, creative and strong para role-players in SecondLife here weaving stories around themselves and those around them, it is positively fascinating to watch and be a part of," Filipa adds.

Using the GM Meter for the purpose of keeping Gladiatorial combat exciting for spectators, Crito was insistent on ensuring that, "role-play is in no way diminished, quite the contrary. When sparring or fighting in the arena, each combatant must roleplay around their wins and losses, incorporate the reactions of the crowd, do their pre-fight posturing and even emote around fighting animals such as lions." He was also quick to mention that the sim's Arena Master, Tiberius Flavius Priscus (Thomm Box), is a creative genius with creating and managing arena events. "If you see a notice about an arena event here in Gods of Valor, you wont want to miss it," Crito concludes.

"We have so many positions open and available to role-players, shop keeps, business people, criminals, you name it, we have it and most have physical locations on sim to call their own," Filipa shares.



Gods of Valor is part of the Ancient Roman Empire, a small back woods town at the far reaches of Rome's powerful arms. We stick very close to realistic history of the time, traditions, behaviors, economy, etc, and have even chosen the name of a real ancient Roman town, Casilinum.


CRITO GALTIER has been part of Second life for over two years now having spent nearly all of that time role playing a gladiator in ancient Roman sims. Having reached the title of Alsium's Primus Champion he enjoys role playing a gladiator as much as he enjoys the thrill of the arena games and coaching others to fight. With experience role playing in three Roman sims under his belt he is well set to take on Gods of Valor and lead it to new heights of role play and gladiatorial combat. His love of Ancient Roman history and all that is gladiatorial was evident when he visited Rome having spent twelve hours exploring and experiencing the Colosseum inside and out. Needless to say there is nothing closer to his heart than the intrigue and suspense that comes alive at Gods of Valor.

FILIPA THESPIAN, a resident of SecondLife since 2005, is a long-time role-player both in and out of SL, having formerly role-played in Ancient Egypt, Fantasy, Medieval, Sci-Fi and Gorean sims. Filipa is an accomplished builder in Ancient Roman and Medieval Architectures, her builds can be found on the SL Marketplace and at her in-world store, La Kara ( Additionally, she is Founder and Co-Publisher of Roleplay Guide Magazine.

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