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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

INTRODUCING SLoupon! Coming at the end of August 2012!

SLoupon... "Amazing Group Deals for your Second Life Exploration!"

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What is SLoupon?

The Tracer | Birman Agency is happy to present SLoupon, a new group membership discount service. SLoupon was created by Brandy Maltas and Seth Regan (Kalli Birman and Mankind Tracer in Second Life).
SLoupon harnesses the power of people to land serious discounts on items which Second Life members, old and new, shop for every day like apparel, hair, animations, skins, and more.

WHAT IS SLoupon?

DEFINITION: SLoupon (sloo-pon) Noun. A group discount system in Second Life which grants its members a discount of up to 50% on merchandise from SLoupon member merchants all across the grid. SLouponer - Noun. SLouponing - Verb. IE "Hey, let's all go SLouponing!"
SLoupon is a monthly subscription based service in which only members of the SLoupon Group will have access to the reduced price items offered by registered merchants. Each merchant will place items substantially discounted, for SLoupon Group members only, by easily adding their chosen merchandise (set for discount) to the SLoupon Vendor System (SVS).

SLoupon Kiosks will be placed all over SL, including at participating merchant locations, making it very easy for Second Life members to join SLoupon.

After joining SLoupon, members may also register on the website to stay on top of all current deals, new merchant members, join the Forums, create their SLoupon Profile, network with other SLouponers, get a list of all participating merchants and more.

HOW TO SLoupon:
Just look for products by participating SL merchants on the SLoupon website and around the SL grid and start saving because only those in the Inworld SLoupon Group will be able to purchase these items at the discounted rate!

What can I do right NOW?

For now, please "Like" SLoupon on Facbeook to stay up to date for the announcement of the "Official Launch" of the company and the website towards the end of August, 2012.




  1. Another discount group, except that there is a monthly customer subscription fee and that SLoupon receives 30% of Merchant profits. Not sure why I would pay for this when there are free discount groups and/or Merchants groups requiring a one time fee to join and receive deep discounts and other specials.

  2. The problem I would have is that there are already 59L and 60L weekends....some awesome hunts...moolto puts together a great hunt for women and now including men as well as the menstuff hunt, the gifts are almost always of great quality. Along with a couple of other very good hunts I participate in. I also join the groups of my favorite places and receive monthly as well as weekly in some cases wonderful items. I am a shop-o-holic in sl and have a wonderful collection of items, why would I pay for a monthly subscription when the merchants themselves are so very good to me.


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