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Showing posts with label animations. Show all posts

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Jail Event APRIL round is now open!!

Jail Event by Posesion Productions Jail Event April round is open launching a new environment and waiting for you !! SPONSORED BY: DO INK, Trinity Clothing, Cheerno, Posesion Originals, ThreeV, Boyberry, XVI, The Sinner, Watercolor, RVN, Angry Store, HERS, Meshmafia, OOPS, Versois et Mailloux & Madame Noir This round don´t miss the amazing group gift by GODDESS April 10th-30th Event Gallery: Taxi:

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Classes This Week at Helping Haven Gateway


Make an AO Class. Saturday 9th April 7am. Class taught in voice in Swindlehurst Classroom. Basic Building Class- Make a Rezzer. Saturday 9th April 9am. Class taught in voice in Main Sandbox.

Uber: Web: Facebook:

Monday, December 13, 2021

XXX ORIGINAL EVENT December round is now open!!


The XXX Original Event by Posesion Productions
Come to the NEW XXX ORIGINAL EVENT, new environment but hotter as usual, and check the exclusive creations based on Adult content: Furniture, clothes, lingerie, shoes, jewels, poses, animations, tattoos, makeup, accessories...don´t miss this December Round and enjoy it! Don´t miss this December round the amazing group gift by Artemis Corner Sculptures! December 13th - January 3rd Taxi: Gallery:

WebSite: Flickr: Facebook:

Thursday, September 9, 2021

O'Licia Dance Studio: "Grand Opening Extended Members Sale! Ends at midnight on Sunday!

Have you ever just wanted that feeling, like the wind has lifted you off the ground, and you're flowing through the air, like a translucent dream.

Here at O'licia Dance Studio, the Mocap Dance Animations give you just that. The precise execution of each dance empowers one and all to enjoy the fruits of its labor. Precision and balance within the hud allow for fun and exciting dances.

We want all our customers to embrace our products and know that we are serious about bringing new dance animations that will cater to all in this amazing virtual world, called Second Life.

Currently, at O'licia Dance Studio we have 20% OFF all Dance Huds for our "Grand Opening Extended Members Sale" (free to Join), the sale ends this Sunday at midnight SLT!

So, make sure you come and check these amazing dances out. Support an up-and-coming business that will invoke creativity, passion, and art through dance.





Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Spring Full Perm Fair- May 3rd to May 19th 2019

40 TOP Creators-BIG Selection-ALL Categories-Discounts-FREE Gifts
The Spring Full Perm Fair features 40 top full permissions creators selling fashions-Furniture-textures and building components, templates,and sounds.ALL categories. Many full perm creators will be selling NEW Releases ,Fair Exclusives,with BIG Discounts.
 SHOP COMPARE $AVE at the biggest full perm event in SL now in it's 8th year. JOIN the Full Perm Group at entrance copy paste this link into local chat <secondlife:///app/group/9b6214fe-0dec-b9b2-ab13-c95b8f398c4b/about> for free full perm gifts and get latest NEW Release notices from the best Full Perm creators and also JOIN UP on Facebook <

Contact inworld name Up4 Dawes 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

New Release from KiX - The Old Wooden Raft [promo offer]

Ready for lazy summer days or cozy chilled evenings; The Old Wooden Raft is your perfect escape down the river and loaded with naughty fun in the adult version and relaxing cuddles and sits in the PG version.  Includes a menu controlled lantern and fire to rez on choice from the menu.

All original and exclusive KiX animations, mesh and props

The KiX Old Wooden Raft  is available in both adult and PG versions
PROMO OFFER - Free PG raft with every Adult version purchased

Monday, October 24, 2016

OD DESIGNS -An in depth interview with Ortho Vargas - Dean Lawson reporting

Rocking in the virtual world
Are you looking for rock and roll or any contemporary musical instruments or paraphernalia? With a wide range of instruments and stage accessories there’s a good chance that OD Designs has what you’re looking for. I had a chance to discuss the inspiration behind the craftsmanship of OD Designs with owner Ortho Vargas.
Dean : Could you tell me about the origins of OD Designs?
Ortho Vargas : Almost 11 years ago I came to SL on the recommendation of a hacker friend of mine to "check out the VR".  I poked around off and on for a few months, then discovered that it was possible to build and script objects.  I built a guitar just to see if I could.  I still have that first model, its pretty rough :)   I get it out once in a while for a chuckle.  RL I am a programmer, craftsman, and musician.  Building musical instruments in SL was a natural melding of everything I enjoyed.  Its been a great ride so far.
Dean :  I visited the store and saw that some of the instruments are very realistic. Does your store sell RL brands and models such as Gibson Les Paul or Fender Stratocaster guitars?
Ortho Vargas : OD has endorsements from RL companies to reproduce a copy of their guitars to name .... BC Rich guitars, Dean Guitars, Turner Guitars, Washburn Guitars, Schecter Guitars & Basses, Traben Basses,  Breedlove Guitars

Dean : Do the instruments come with animations? If so could you elaborate on the different type of animations?
Ortho Vargas : All instruments come with a hud so you can play then straight from the box so to speak.  OD also has 3 'add-on' guitar huds with a lot more animations than the standard (approx 70+ mocap animations) hud to allow for a more professional look when playing.  Also OD has a vocal hud which again has 50+ Mocap animations to mix and match for that professional singing look.
Dean : What is the extent of the inventory at OD Designs?
Ortho Vargas : OD produces a range of instruments, mainly guitars ranging from your hard rock electrics to the more classical acoustics with a few 'specials thrown in to keep things exciting'.  Other products include horns, keyboards, and many more.  OD also has the only harmonica driven by hud animations in SL.
OD has no less than 11 different D4 fully mesh Drum Sets one of which is the special 'cow bell' for those moments when you just need a bit extra cow.
At the back of the store is a full stage set up so people can view the optional extras for stage equipment, Lights, Pyro's, Lasers (not just for Dr Evil) along with a Particle Lab that allows people to create their own added effects.  Plus some speakers of which there are exploding ones

Dean :  Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about OD Designs?
Ortho Vargas : OD has 3 stage area's so we can hold full festival set ups if needed along with allowing people to come play whether they are just starting out or a fully established group.  There is a LIVE stage area where we invite live artists to sing or play instruments.
For every new release we have a party (in 2 time zones) which allows people to view and get the new release at a discount along with the possibility of actually winning one.

There is a monthly 'OD ROCKER' or 'OD ROCKER BABE' who if they are lucky enough to be chosen they get some gifts, a page on the OD calendar and invited to select events around SL.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

KiX Grunge Sofa. Land Impact TWO!

Everybody needs a little dirty in their life and after many requests for more grunge in our range; we present the KiX Grunge Couch,  Available in both adult and PG versions
The couch includes 6 texture changes and the menu is stuffed with original KiX animations, props and for a land impact value of only TWO! All KiX mesh furniture is exclusive, low land impact and original and contains only KiX original and exclusive animations.  So if you are looking for something a little different, come and check us out.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

People doing great things in Second Life - An interview with Mr. Anthony Gartner, owner and creator of The Dreamer Creations – Camury Reporting...

I’ve wanted to write about people doing great things in Second  Life for quite a while because I think it’s very interesting how differently we each see it and the amazing things we can do in this virtual world.

I remember the first time I saw the charming Mr. Anthony Gartner and his intriguing eyes. I was relaxing on my favorite island, The Dreamer´s Island, when I noticed him.

It’s an Adult Island.  The entire beach is full of goodies with excellent animations for both couples in love or singles if you just want to chill on your own.  You can take a hot air balloon, explore, meet people, dance, swim, surf, have fun or just relax. If you’re in the mood for interaction with others, then you can check out the beach club.  You can mellow out to the music as the sea breeze gently ruffles your hair.  There are no strict rules and all avatars are welcome.  The only restriction is that due to the adult nature of the sim no child avatars are permitted.

They say curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back… I clicked on various objects dotted around me to learn a little more about the creator when Mr. Gartner himself appeared. Since I’m always on the lookout for a good story I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to talk to him about Dreamer Island and his creations.

Here’s a little insight into who Mr. Gartner is.  He’s very polite and took the time to grant me this interview. He’s the owner of The Dreamer Island.  You can find and test all the objects in the The Dreamer Creations collection on the island. He has a store on the SL Marketplace. He creates Furniture, prefabs, beach and garden products, tropical tiki and other landscaping items, which include a multitude of different sit poses and cuddles.  The island was built with the explicit purpose of testing Mr. Gartner's creations.  What better way than getting them tested by those who'd be using them.  The result, no buyers remorse.  His creations can be found on a number of sims throughout Second Life.

Interview with Mr Gartner
Camury:  How long have you been in SL and what do you bring to it?
Mr. Gartner : almost 7 years now. Always enjoyed the video games and the experience of a life in a virtual world was exciting.

Camury: How long have you had your store?
Mr. Gartner : since 2010

Camury: What inspired you to start making furniture and decorations?
Mr. Gartner : At first it was the interest of learning to build with prims in SL. I always liked decorating so when I realized I could create things that weren’t too bad I continued and started to sell.

Camury: Did you create  everything yourself or did you you have help?
Mr. Gartner: I work alone.  Although I don't make mesh products.  These days I concentrate mostly on texturing and a bit of scripting and adding the appropriate animations.

Camury: What’ s your favourite thing about Second Life?
Mr. Gartner : It ‘s a bit like asking what is your favourite thing in life.  Everything that can bring some enjoyment: the contact with friends, exploring beautiful places, shopping for clothes or furniture, decorating.  And especially I love animations that bring life and expression to our avatars.

Camury: What don´t you like about Second Life?
Mr. Gartner : One thing that comes to my mind is I think the developers of Second Life could improve the avatars customization of appearance. Now people need to buy mesh bodies and heads created by others to look more "realistic".
Also to be able to create anything pretty in this world we need the use of external tools. Nothing really great looking can be created only inworld.
Also it is a very mercantile world. I hate the business of gachas.
And the sims are too expensive...

 Camury: How do you feel about the economic situation in Second Life?
Mr. Gartner : Probably it's slowing down. There are too many events, people shop more in events and less in stores. Productivity is boosted at the expense of quality.

Camury: What do you love about Second Life more? What makes you keep logging?
Mr. Gartner : It became an addiction over time. It’s a part of my life here now and there's always things to do here.

Camury: Tell me how The Dreamers Island came into being?
Mr. Gartner: The idea of a Tropical Island has always appealed to me and I started creating products specifically for this kind of lifestyle.  I developed rentals on four  homesteads around The Dreamer sim, but unfortunately even though it was well supported I had too many public areas which meant it was unprofitable.  Having a purely residential sim wasn't for me and I stopped this endeavour and kept the main sim for my store and for public enjoyment.

Camury:  What are the rules since it's an adult sim?
Mr. Gartner: There are not many rules.  It's a nude beach, but clothing is optional.  I prefer visitors not to visit in winter outfits though and definitely no children are allowed on the sim.

Camury:  Does The Dreamers Island have a group visitors can join?
Mr. Gartner: The group has been in existence from the time when I had the rentals.  Some people still like to join it but basically it is useless these days.

Camury: Can you tell me what you were doing in SL before starting The Dreamer Creations?
Mr. Gartner : The same except creating, I was a noob, I was discovering SL. And I was playing Zyngo to earn my L$.

Camury: What usually inspires you to create objects?
Mr. Gartner : When I get an idea of something I would like to have for myself and to decorate my own sim or home.

 Camury: Have you had experiences with bad things like copybot and griefing?
 Mr. Gartner : Not really. Nothing I can think of right now.

Mr. Gartner is an example of how SL has encouraged many people to explore their creative side while enjoying a rewarding experience in Second Life.

Thank you Mr. Gartner for taking time out of your schedule for this interview.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Oldest Businesses/Venues in Second Life- Why Are They So Successful? – Camury Reporting

Second Life has an active economy and a large exchange movement with the use of their domestic currency, the Linden dollar (L$). Lindens can be used to buy, sell, rent or make land trade or purchase and sale of goods and services among users.
Second life residents perform thousands of virtual transactions per day. Those include the purchase of buildings, vehicles, equipment of all kinds, animations, clothing, skin, hair, jewelry, plants, pets, and works of art. Residents can also profit from the rent of land or real estate. Many survive by offering a wide range of services. Those services include "camping", wage labor, business management, entertainment and creation of custom content (which can be divided into six categories: building, texturing, scripting, animation, art direction, as well as the position of producer / financier from the project)
Some residents can have great success in their investments in the virtual world, selling virtual goods or providing services. Business owners with a good marketing strategy can even keep their business running for a long time.

Here are some examples of successful businesses in Second Life:

Everyone wants to keep their avatars up to date with the current fashion trends. To meet the high demand for fashion items, SL has more a large variety stores that provide a huge range of products.

The Designer Circle is a bi-weekly fashion event since 2010. It is a platform for SL designers that offers, for a limited time, several items from each designer. The secret of their success this in addition to their marketing strategy is the affordable price of the products- between 50L- 100L, combined with the quality of products and the latest trends in fashion and clothing.

 Old Lar's House was established in 2009, evolving into Old Lar's Warehouse, and now, Old Lar's Naughty Twinz. It has become a popular club in Second Life. The secret of its success is the unique energetic atmosphere, provided by the beautiful and sexy dancers. They offer visitors exquisite eye-candy for customers and remove items of clothing-often with lusciously written text for tips. The club also features live DJs 24/7 who play the best mix of rock and other genres for all tastes.

Skin & Shape
Established in 2005, Adam n Eve offers a wide selection of male and female skins as well as hair, and Fashion. Attentive to the needs of the market, which is essential for business success, the store creates mesh avatars (head and body), with good quality and competitive prices. The product, price and attractiveness, are the magic ingredients for the store’s continued success in Second Life for many years.

Starting in Second Life in 2011, Humanoid is a project of talented German artists and media professionals who use technology to give movement to the Second Life avatars.
The secret of the success of this project is precisely the creativity, innovation and the use of advanced technology to offer a high quality product, satisfying the demand of the consumer market in Second Life.

Freebie Spot
I was in second life since 2007, searching for freebies and Freebie Galaxy was there. This Store is a mega complex of freebies that has fifteen floors! The secret of its success, especially among newcomers to the SL, is quality and quantity with more than 3,000 freebies and dollarbies items of good quality that are offered to SL new residents looking for free things to have fun and upgrade their look.

Currently, in addition to a good product or service, businesses need to have a good marketing plan, promote themselves in the media, social networks and blogs is the key to success. This has fundamental importance for those who want to be prosperous in SL and last in such a competitive atmosphere.

The SL Enquirer

Don’t forget!!! An informative press release to spread the news of your business is always a good start. Contact the SL Enquirer and we will help give you the exposure you need to get your business known.  Did we mention we are the longest running independently owned News Source in Second Life, established in 2005, with over 10 years of media experience?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Looking for a Fun Way to Prank your Friends? Visit The Joke Factory!

The store of choice for any merry prankster, the Joke Factory sells gadgets and animations guaranteed to shock your friends when they least expect it. From exploding toilets,cannibal refrigerators, attacking pumpkins to cartoon chat balloons, not so sweet rose bouquet, joke sprays and kick me signs. It is a great way to share in some silliness and laughter to break boredom.

Try the products out before you buy them!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

KiX Creations End of Summer Sale 50% OFF! August 15 thru August 22nd

KiX is pleased to bring you an end of summer sale of all items in our furniture range.  All our animations are exclusive to KiX and handmade to fit our exclusive mesh furniture.  Our focus is high quality low impact mesh with animations and props you cannot find anywhere else in Second Life. 

Come and visit our main store today and see for yourself!

For more information visit

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Spotlight on TenderLove: an Animation System for Loving Couples-DoctorKaren Kanto Reporting…

Full disclosure: I own TenderLove and have for some years now, and I love it. TenderLove is a sex animation system with some very special features that come together to allow a couple to do more than have sex.

It allows them to make love. Where most animations are separate and involve jerky jumps from one to another, TenderLove allows for sequences that are smooth, flowing and graceful. Where control of the animations is usually with only one of the parties involved at a time, TenderLove provides huds to both parties at the same time, allowing the process to be much more interactive.

Co-developed by Kizmet Kidd and Menwar Skytower, I was able to spend some time with Kizmet at her beautiful home in SL, where she told me that Menwar was the animator and scripter for TenderLove.

Interview with Kizmet Kidd

Saturday, January 11, 2014

An Extraordinary Treat for Lovers- Introducing the TenderLove Hud System

TenderLove is a dynamic and smooth transitioning system featuring rich animations perfect for anyone that wants an intimate, romantic experience on SL.
The high quality animations are diverse with an easy to use HUD system. TenderLove can be used on any surface within SL, not just a bed. TenderLove is an extraordinary treat for lovers.

Find us on Second Life Marketplace

Visit an inworld shop

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

INTRODUCING SLoupon! Coming at the end of August 2012!

SLoupon... "Amazing Group Deals for your Second Life Exploration!"

"Like" SLoupon on Facebook:

What is SLoupon?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So You Think You Can Choreograph? ~ Shon Charisma Reporting

One of the first things I did on the grid when I finally decided to stay was dance ... badly. I had my couple of free, not that great dances, and I ran to clubs to get my groove on.

Two years later, as a founding member of Unity Productions, I find myself buying dance animations like they are going out of style and spending a great deal of time choreographing for performances.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Modeling in Second Life- Pandora Drezelan Reporting...

Being a model in Second Life can be a very glamorous lifestyle, but it also involves hard work, dedication, and compromise. Whether you are an experienced or a new and aspiring model, you must learn to be able to accept constructive criticism and sometimes rejection, depending on the situation.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Proposers Expo -- Pandora Drezelan Reporting

Poses and animations play a very big part in our Second Life, from the AO’s we use to our every day poses. There is an animation and a pose for just about everything in Second Life. Poses depict our stance, walk, style and makes us as individual or unusual as we want our avatar to be.
Recently, I went to the Proposers sim for their fundraising expo for The Autism Society Of America (ASA).
I spoke with Pollux Baxton (Proposers owner) and Samara Pennell (Proposers manager) in regards to the expo.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Spotlight Feature on Warm Animations: Do you want to play out your fantasy and indulge in the best love story in Second Life? Mehseti Resident Reporting...

As you know there are literally hundreds of Sims in SL on various themes. Recently I visited Warm Animation by Lisa Warmanimations, who is the proud owner and designer of these romantic and sexy animations.

 I would like to start by telling you that Warm Animations is in an adult zone so you need to set up your access to this area. The entire sim is aimed at letting you and your partner get the best of your love story in SL. Here you can find lots of animations on different themes including romantic dances, cuddling and sex. 
I was in touch with Lisa and got some important information to help you create a general idea of what they have to offer.