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Showing posts with label skins. Show all posts

Monday, November 8, 2021

Now with 500+ stores: THE SHOPPING HUD


After the big success of ‘The Shopping HUD - Male Avatar Edition’ a new edition got published lately, either as stand-alone or as a fatpack including the previous version: ‘The Shopping HUD - Male Clothes Edition’. The Shopping HUD shall provide Men within SL with a nearly complete store listing of all in-world stores creating male stuff. All editions are divided into categories, i.e. Skins, Shapes, Bodies, AO or in the Clothes Edition, i.e. Clothes rigged for Belleza Jake, Slink, Legacy, and the newest body on the market: the soon to be published Kario. The user doesnt have to keep track of Landmarks, also the user has the ability to visit stores they probably never heard of. There is a big choice of stores creating exactly the stuff the user is momentarily looking for. The hud itself shuffles all the stores every day so there is always a chance to explore new stores. Also it gets regular updated, new stores being added to the database, landmarks change if the store should move and broken links will be deleted. The search algorithms ensures that the hud lists all active stores. Shop owners can choose to opt-in into the hud for better visibility and can make sure their brand is more widely recognized. Now, in the latest update, The Shopping HUD is featuring in their database a breath-taking number of more than 500 stores creating for males in Second Life. It became the most extensive in-world shopping resource for male Avatars. Stand-alone version can be purchased for L$59, the fatpack is available for L$99.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

SPOTLIGHT ON PO$H EVENTS AT POSH MALL- A positive force to show women that they are strong - SLE Reporting


POSH EVENTS is a monthly event that runs from the 1st to the 23rd of each month showcasing unique and luxury items from some of the top designers in Second Life.  At Posh Mall, you will find great deals on makeup and nails, accessories, and fashion to dances, animations, and more that are trendy and affordable. The SL Enquirer met up with PoshBarby to learn more about POSH Events, how designers can get involved and what’s to come!

Interview with Ƥօʂɦ Ɓąɾɓყ Տ̱ƱŊ (poshbarby), Owner of Posh Mall/Owner of Posh Event/Owner Of D0llz

SLE: Hi Posh Barby, where are you from and how did you discover Second Life?

Po$h Barby: Canada. I saw it on the web. 

SLE: Fashion is a very popular industry in Second Life.  What type of fashion do you like to showcase and wear personally? If you could describe your style, what would it be?

Po$h Barby: Urban, Ghetto Fabulous and sexy diva

SLE: What inspired you to get involved with fashion and create Posh events for the empowerment of women?

Po$h Barby: I always have a business mind. I started the Posh Mall and wanted to do something amazing.  And then I did a Posh Event. I always want to stay busy, very business-minded, not so much about money for me but just something I love to do while I am here.

SLE: Can you tell our readers about Posh Mall, the monthly Event, and what type of fashion and products you showcase?

Po$h Barby: Posh Mall is an amazing mall. It's my baby. I love it so much. I have dedicated so much time to it carrying a  wide variety of fashion  Posh mall as something for everyone in sl not to mention each store has free gift.. It's just an amazingly beautiful space you can hang out shop  listen too much and just  make it a fun place to be 

SLE: Do you currently have space in your mall for rent? If so, what type of items are you looking for?

Po$h Barby: Yes, rentals range from 600 to 1500 weekly there are some empty shops available 

SLE: How can designers apply to be part of your monthly events?

Po$h Barby: Of course they can, they can fill out the application

SLE:  Not only do you manage the mall and monthly events. You are also the owner of D0llz, can you tell our readers a little about that shop?

Po$h Barby: D0lls carries the following: Urban fab, Fashion, kupra, legacy, maitreya, hourglass, bbl, ebody and reborn.

SLE: What separates D0llz and Posh Events from other fashion outlets and events on the grid?

Po$h Barby: yes rentals range from 600 to 1500 weekly there are some empty shops available.

SLE: How can designers apply to be part of your monthly events?

Po$h Barby: filling out the application

SLE: You support many of the mesh bodies such as Kupra, Belleza, Slink, Genus, Lelutka, Legacy, and more. Besides the discounts, quality products, and fashions, Do you have any contests, free giveaways, and special offers? 

Po$h Barby: Sure, yes, Crazy 88l sale I am working on with Claudia Madcatcreations Boutique

SLE: Do you have to join a group to benefit from the special offers and discounts?

Po$h Barby: Yes, but not yet ready.

SLE: The October event is currently underway. Can you give our readers a little sneak peek of what’s to come for November? 

Po$h Barby: November Event is Express Yourself Bring all types of clothing Male and Female Shapes, Skins, Makeup, and Animations a wide variety not to mention gifts and  Exclusives.

SLE:  Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Po$h Barby: I want to thank everyone for supporting me, helping and guiding me, and keeping me encouraged.  Come and take a look at the amazing Posh Mall. Enjoy the stores and shops. 

Additional Information:



Posh Event: secondlife:///app/group/61916121-1726-6387-625c-28710e175133/about

Posh Mall: secondlife:///app/group/97756d64-cf66-c594-0a1b-ec0eb02b88a3/about


Saturday, February 27, 2021

BIXIE EVENT Grand Opening February 28th 2021


Bixie Event (Made With Love) and more than 30 of SL's top designers invite you to our inaugural, with new creations, exclusives, and wonderful gifts.

Fabulous designers including WOW Skins, Alantori, and Letistattoo showcase exciting creations from skins to clothing to even his and hers racing bikes! The upscale build makes shopping easy and fun.

Our doors open at 2PM SLT on February 28


Thursday, March 22, 2018

VALENTINA FULL BODY LIMITED EDITION - Skin Fair 2018 until March 25th!

During this month's Skin Fair Until March 25th!!!

Altamura Bento Avatar presents the Full version of Valentina Full Body for the promotional price of L$300 ONLY to our Altamura Design/Mesh Avatars group members.

She is Omega compatible for skins, makeup, tats, etc. This is a Skin Fair exclusive and limited edition.  She is available only at Skin Fair, once the fair is over, she will not be available for sale!
You need to join Altamura group and wear tag (you can also gift either Valentina or Robert) to purchase Valentina for 300L or get Robert gift.

You need to join Altamura Group for 50L secondlife:///app/group/66ce836d-f5ec-8646-6bfb-d4d4b1f1e649/about group


For the guys, Robert is available as a free gift.  All of our GIFT fullbodies have the same capabilities. Full body alpha so you can wear clothing and shoes, which allows you to use it on a daily basis if you so desire. None of them can use appliers nor change their skin (no Omega). (unlike Valentina above, which is full Omega version)

Skin Fair 2018

Altamura BENTO Avatar

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Oldest Businesses/Venues in Second Life- Why Are They So Successful? – Camury Reporting

Second Life has an active economy and a large exchange movement with the use of their domestic currency, the Linden dollar (L$). Lindens can be used to buy, sell, rent or make land trade or purchase and sale of goods and services among users.
Second life residents perform thousands of virtual transactions per day. Those include the purchase of buildings, vehicles, equipment of all kinds, animations, clothing, skin, hair, jewelry, plants, pets, and works of art. Residents can also profit from the rent of land or real estate. Many survive by offering a wide range of services. Those services include "camping", wage labor, business management, entertainment and creation of custom content (which can be divided into six categories: building, texturing, scripting, animation, art direction, as well as the position of producer / financier from the project)
Some residents can have great success in their investments in the virtual world, selling virtual goods or providing services. Business owners with a good marketing strategy can even keep their business running for a long time.

Here are some examples of successful businesses in Second Life:

Everyone wants to keep their avatars up to date with the current fashion trends. To meet the high demand for fashion items, SL has more a large variety stores that provide a huge range of products.

The Designer Circle is a bi-weekly fashion event since 2010. It is a platform for SL designers that offers, for a limited time, several items from each designer. The secret of their success this in addition to their marketing strategy is the affordable price of the products- between 50L- 100L, combined with the quality of products and the latest trends in fashion and clothing.

 Old Lar's House was established in 2009, evolving into Old Lar's Warehouse, and now, Old Lar's Naughty Twinz. It has become a popular club in Second Life. The secret of its success is the unique energetic atmosphere, provided by the beautiful and sexy dancers. They offer visitors exquisite eye-candy for customers and remove items of clothing-often with lusciously written text for tips. The club also features live DJs 24/7 who play the best mix of rock and other genres for all tastes.

Skin & Shape
Established in 2005, Adam n Eve offers a wide selection of male and female skins as well as hair, and Fashion. Attentive to the needs of the market, which is essential for business success, the store creates mesh avatars (head and body), with good quality and competitive prices. The product, price and attractiveness, are the magic ingredients for the store’s continued success in Second Life for many years.

Starting in Second Life in 2011, Humanoid is a project of talented German artists and media professionals who use technology to give movement to the Second Life avatars.
The secret of the success of this project is precisely the creativity, innovation and the use of advanced technology to offer a high quality product, satisfying the demand of the consumer market in Second Life.

Freebie Spot
I was in second life since 2007, searching for freebies and Freebie Galaxy was there. This Store is a mega complex of freebies that has fifteen floors! The secret of its success, especially among newcomers to the SL, is quality and quantity with more than 3,000 freebies and dollarbies items of good quality that are offered to SL new residents looking for free things to have fun and upgrade their look.

Currently, in addition to a good product or service, businesses need to have a good marketing plan, promote themselves in the media, social networks and blogs is the key to success. This has fundamental importance for those who want to be prosperous in SL and last in such a competitive atmosphere.

The SL Enquirer

Don’t forget!!! An informative press release to spread the news of your business is always a good start. Contact the SL Enquirer and we will help give you the exposure you need to get your business known.  Did we mention we are the longest running independently owned News Source in Second Life, established in 2005, with over 10 years of media experience?

Monday, November 9, 2015


In Second Life, you can find hundreds of mix-and-match options for your avatar, especially if you are looking for a unique and truly original style.
With different sizes, shapes, gloss, shadows, and body hair, each avatar can become a personalized being. The Market also has a huge variety of skin tones; highly realistic and extraordinarily good looking.
Now, it is time to show you readers some stores that make gorgeous skins and shapes. I won’t forget you gentlemen, I promise!
For men, who, let’s face it, don’t like to spend much time searching, there are some stores with the skin and the shape in the same package. So you don’t have to put too much effort ito making adjustments.
The store Aeros Avatars, celebrates the male ideal of grace, strength, power, and beauty. In the store you will find sophisticated and realistic skins and shapes featuring exquisitely crafted detail, high definition and seamless 360-degree body care. The package with avatar skin and shape combinations  includes : 6 skins in two variations - smooth and body hair, 3 modifiable shapes (wizard, master and Olympian), eyes, 3 beard styles and 2 hair bases. The cost is around 2.000 L.
If you are looking for low price and a couple skin options, you should try Tellaq. It sells packages from 400L. Inside those you will find skin tones, modifiable shapes, eyes,  and muscular body line. You can also find some other more complete packages from 1400L to 2000L

At REDGRAVE Skins & fashion, you will find very detailed skins, with different tones, and lots of tattoos, make-up, tan booster, and chest hair. If you’d like to look like a movie star or some other famous celebrity, you can find that look here--from Twilight characters to David Beckham. This combination costs 1490L. In addition, some body shapes for 360L.

Also at the Samurai HQ you can find skins and a modifiable shape for 1690L. This pack also has 2 hair base style, 3 upper body hair styles, and 3 beard styles.1 leg hair option. If you can spend a little more, there are also 2000L packs. This pack has 10 facial hairstyles, hair base, 5 skin tones, clean shaven, body hair, and pubic hair.

Belleza is one of my favorites. Why? The skins are so realistic, with beautiful skin tones. Also the textures are very detailed and clear for the classic avi. for men and women. The package with avatar skin and shape combinations, for men includes skin, shape, bald skin option, chest hair and hair base. The package, for women, includes make-up, 7 eyebrow options, hair bases, cleavage, matt & gloss lips and blush. The packages for men and women cost 1.200L, each.

And now for us, girls, if you want to look divine.
Wow skins are popular. They have packs with prices that start on 150L. If you can spend 1500L, some packs are very complete, with make up for each occasion, from natural to glamour, also cleavage options, 2 shapes (one to wear normally and one to wear with the Lola’s mesh breast) both, copy and modify, 1 eyebrow shaper and 1 Lola’s tango mesh breast applier with instruction.

The store Curves Shapes and Skins, has other great combinations, for both genders. I love their skin tones. For 700L you get: 3 colors of brows, 3 eyebrows shapes, cleavage and no cleavage, skin, body shape (modify), 4 eyelashes and tattoos.
 If you are a gift lover, this store also has some for 10, 20 and 50 L. The pack for men is complete, with skin tones, modifiable body shapes, eyes, chest hair skins and no chest hair skin (a great advice if you are a SL starter, isn’t it)?

Customize the avatar appearance with a new skin or shape, while searching for the perfect look, is one of the top SL activities and can have much fun; just be a little patient and have a great day shopping!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

AVIE POLL: FAVORITE SKINS AND SHAPES- Moonshade Pastorelli Reporting…

Every two years, I shop for a new avatar skin. It may be because I’m tired of the old skin and need to update my look, or I just feel like “window shopping” in SL, or I want to see if designers have become even more innovative in their work. Over the years, I’ve donned four skins. As a new resident of SL, I chose an un-modifiable freebie shape, later creating my own which I do to this day.

SL offers a multitude of skin and shape choices. In fact, I have a list of over 50 landmarks for skin vendors alone. You could spend days in SL in search of the right look for your avatar. Piqued by my own curiosity, I wanted to see if I’d missed some well-made skins and shapes in SL  so asked people to complete a brief survey on the topic.

Twenty respondents completed the survey--18 female and two male avatars.

Some of the respondents named more than one skin vendor as their favorite. The list came down to these that are followed by the number of avatars who named that particular skin vendor as a favorite.

Belleza           3 (females)
LAQ                3 (females)
League          2 (females)
New Faces    2 (females)
WoW              2 (females)
Aeros              1 (male)
AIMI                1 (female)
Deetalez        1 (female)
Deesses        1 (female)
Fallen Gods  1 (female)
Glam Affair    1 (female)
LoveMe          1 (female)
Pink Fuel       1 (female)
Snow Rabbit 1 (female)
sYs                 1 (female)
T. Bare           1 (male)

The qualities that the respondents look for when purchasing a skin are varied:

Hellishly Gothly, who wears the New Faces Willow skin, said she looks for a “well-shaded, natural look, though it can be a fantasy skin; no visible seams, facial structure and shape that not only compliment my face, but enhances it; availability of a good range of appliers, included items (such as appliers).”

Bella Rene’

Bella Rene’ wears Deesses’ Lorelay Milky Chocolate. “I look for true to tone and shape in a quality skin,” she said. “Deesses has mastered the ethnic and authentic texture so exquisitely, it’s literally a masterpiece in itself. I have looked across the grid for true to form skins. Deesses has it to an art form.”

Skye Broadmoor lives her SL as an elf, uses League’s Taylor skin, and says that she likes “realistic, well done shading. When choosing which version of a skin to purchase, I prefer the natural skin. Then, if I ever want to use makeup, I can. The cost of a skin is important, but if it’s a good quality skin, I don’t mind paying more.”


“I look for cute features and a kind of dark shade of skin,” said Helen, who uses the Pink Fuel skin, Harley.

Terillian Belar wears League Isla Deep Tan and explains that she prefers “clear, defined muscle tone, not fuzzy; realistic nipples, nails, vagina; a face that doesn’t have a pouting, frowning mouth. I pay attention to the skin’s shade and go for as realistic as possible—no orange spray tans. I like League skins because the same skin looks different when you change hair colors from red to blonde to black.”

Of the 20 respondents, 65 percent said they did not purchase their current shape:


Delight said, “I make my own shape. It is an ever evolving process over my time in SL, and I feel it lets me be me.”

Terrell Merryman explained that he’s had the same shape since 2008 “and it has helped me create a unique look with my skins, since the shape hasn’t been for sale in years.” He went on. “I did purchase a mesh avatar body recently, Narimyth Aesthetic. It’s very good but limited due to the lack of clothing. Otherwise, I don’t plan to buy a shape. However, from what I’ve seen, Aeros Avatar is good.”

Terrell Merryman

Anu Daviau made her own shape eight years ago. “I am quite happy with it still. The only change I made within those years, shape wise, was shrinking my overall size.”

Vichonette Constantine has always made her own shapes and said, “With the advent of mesh, I have so many different versions of my shape to fit various mesh clothing, I can’t even remember what the original shape looked like!”

Aelva’s favorite skin vendors are Deetalez, Fallen Gods, and LAQ. She makes her own shapes because, “I don’t want to look like a clone.” However, she happily offers this advice regarding avatar skins and shapes: “Play with it! Mix and match. Try the sliders on the shape and see what you end up with.”

On the other hand, 35 percent of the respondents indicated they purchased the shapes they use now:

Joy Canadeo

Joy Canadeo said that she prefers the Body Doubles shapes, “because I can look at a specific personality and make my own adjustments to reflect my personality.”

Morgan W. Mickelobe indicated that she purchases LaVie shapes. “I fell instantly attracted to the shape I am wearing now. It is aesthetically pleasing, and I always receive compliments. I will never change.”
Chelsea Quixote used to make her own shapes, “but now I am wearing the Belleza Venus mesh body.”

Other shape vendors mentioned by respondents were LAQ, CStar, the Mitreya-based shape, Wow, and the (Snow Rabbit) NEA-based shape.

If you’d like a copy of my skin vendor landmark notecard, feel free to IM me. Mind you, it offers no judgment and is by no means complete. I, simply, don’t have that many days to search the entire grid.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

A New Amazing You in Second Life- Introducing Renaissance AV Consulting Agency

Renaissance AV is an avatar consulting agency; we design exclusive and complete avatars that are sexy, classy and stunning. We can also style your current one for special occasions and events.

Our consulting agency is a new user friendly venue with services that will guide and coach you along the way. We will review your avatar and consult with you about  how we can make your avatar as close as possible to your needs.  We cater to everyone and  speak French, English and Italian. 

Renaissance AV Consulting Agency is unique. We will create a new you and/or improve the one you have. Our specialty is to offer you an exclusive shape according to your needs.  The shape is the base of your digital self with a skull that will define your further incarnated persona on Second Life.

 It is important to have a unique avatar in order to separate your look other avatars and avoid the same random shapes that are sold on the market. 

Our coaching and guidance will also depend on which kind of services you require. And there is no hidden fees or constrains in buying a shape from us. You come with your own shape and we guide you to find the best matches such as skins, hairs, eyes and AOs. Let’s not forget your animation and movements should also be very personal. 

After your consultation, we decide together what offer will be the most convenient for you, may it be your exclusive shape, or just guiding and counseling around the shops. 

We can also completely take charge of your avatar and make one or two propositions of modeling, shapes, skins, hairs, eyes by guiding you around the shops while creating your style card. This will help you find your items afterwards.  We value privacy so your personal info will remain confidential.

Please bear in mind that our prices don't include skins, hair, eyes or clothes. 

Contact us in world, if we are not online, just IM us or send a note card with your request to Kamilla Vayandar or Tankgirl Zaytsev, and we'll gladly get back to you as soon as possible.

Renaissance AV

Sunday, June 8, 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: FFL Event 6/8/2014- Orage Creations

Orage is offering  Revolution outfit.
This beautiful Haute Couture two-piece set with bustled black satin skirt fitted mesh and completely reversible back-top,  would be perfect to match in every occasions.

​- New release @ FFL
Angel is the skin for women with a sense of seduction: she could be your girl next door.
The latest skin release from Orage Creations is a sophisticated beauty.
Angel has fresh looking.

If you want to look like  irresistible, try Angel skin.

FOLLOW US and LIKE our page on FACEBOOK!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

What you Can’t Live Without and What you can this Spring- Tea Couturier Reporting...

Spring is right around the corner and it is time to sort through your wardrobe and do some spring cleaning. With all the lovely outfits and accessories that come in and out of style it can be hard to choose what is a must and what is not.

Here are a few of my must haves and may be later items for Spring.
I am hearing that orange is the new black for this spring and as you know it is a must to have one little black dress in your wardrobe. So my first suggestion is to have at least something orange in your wardrobe this spring.
I found this lovely mini dress which can be worn with jeans and boots for casual look, black pants for the dresser look again with pumps, heels or even boots or simply with no bottoms at all and just boots. Accessorised with a belt around the hips and a long necklace. The list is endless how you can accessories this orange jumper.

Let's start with MUSCHI DunkelGelb

Price 350L

Saturday, December 14, 2013

A New You for a New Year- Freewings Resident Reporting…

Many people in Second Life get bored of their appearance and want to look different. With plenty of stores to choose from it could be hard to find the perfect place to shop. Here’s an item by item list of some of my personal favorites to help you find what you are looking for.
Maya boots - Wow shape and skin, truth hair, slink hands

Get comfortable in your Skin by finding one that fits your style.
There are so many skins to pick from and so many features available in Second Life©.
Your skin is the first thing a person will notice other than clothes and hair, so it is important to pick a skin you love and that looks good. 

There are all different tones, cleavage, dimples, and freckles you can chose from as well as makeup you can add to your makeover to enhance your look. That being said, here are some skin and makeup stores to browse.