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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

To Catch A Spider... Jaded Exonar Reporting...

Spider Designs has long been synonymous with quality and innovation-But what about the man behind the web? I managed to secure an invitation from Spider Carnot, to find out more.

Sitting, fresh coffee in hand, he laughs with the confidence of a seasoned professional. Do I know how he brings his designs so accurately to life? No – But he reassures me gently that he has been on a constant learning curve since first starting to build in 2005.

Jaded – Do you remember how you first started creating in Second Life?

Spider – Sure I do! I began making clothes and accessories -In fact, I even made a newbie replica of my real life drum set. Anything that took my interest, really – But as the market grew, I had to be different, unique. I had to work harder on setting myself apart.

Jaded – And how has your business evolved over the years?

Spider - Well, I’ve had to explore more complicated and more challenging projects, like full armour suits, and now, full featured prim and sculpt avatars. In fact, I’ve been working on a revival of an avatar that I created two years ago, the Dragon Lord, and I’ve put so much effort into it – Almost seven months, aside from other projects I’m working on.

Jaded – So your individuality really sets you apart?

Spider – Yeah, I think that’s why the Dragon Lord is one of the best sellers in Second Life – There’s really nothing else like it. Also my Knight Armour Suit was complimented by Linden Labs, who asked if they could use it for a promotion to bring new users in world. I was so honoured!

Jaded – And what about the new advances in mesh? Has that altered how you create?

Spider – Definitely ; I refused to be left behind when it was introduced, and found I needed a blend of mesh and sculpt to create certain movements, especially with the’ Dragon Lord’. My friend and I decided to start a project together – A frog avatar. Yeah, a frog! It’s rigged mesh, and I’ve literally planned over a hundred styles and textures, as well as scripting and HUD work. It walks, runs, hops, it has the iconic frog sit, and even some fun animations! Like,‘road kill’, where the frog is hopping across the road and SPLAT! It’s a really exciting project!

Jaded – Oh that sounds awesome! I haven’t heard of anything like it!

Spider – Yeah, you’re going to love it! In fact, remember those drums I told you about? Well, in the midst of me working on the Dragon, the Frog and the Fennux, I wanted to go back to my roots and see what I could do with my new skill level. I rebuilt it all from the ground up - I actually got a connect camera, and with another friend I have acquired, I’m going to be doing my own motion capture animations for the Dragon as well as the drums! It is the best, the very best drum kit in Second Life, and I have no problem saying that, I’ve scoped out all the competition!

Jaded – Ha, they sound incredible! Since you mentioned it, of course, I have to ask – There’s been so much anticipation over the new breedables, the ‘Fennux’. ....Anything you can share with us about them?
Spider – Ahh, yes, we’re going to start Beta soon. I’ve never worked with a team before, and when they approached me, I really felt that they were serious. These were people that had amazing skills, particularly Damon and all the work he’s doing. It’s all based on the Fennec Fox, the real creature the fantasy is based on, and I immediately started sculpting! There’s been so many breedables, but this is the one I felt that I could really impact. It’s going to be huge! I can’t really say too much at this point, but this little guy on my shoulder is one of ours. You can see more at
Oh and heads up on a secret project....Watch out for ‘tease skins’ – And, yeah, watch this space!
You can see further examples of Spider’s work with the ‘Cydroid Avatar’ at, or browse through



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