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Monday, September 24, 2012

THIS JUST IN... Griefers gone Wild! - Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

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 SLE Police Reports- September 24, 2012* Date fixed

It has been reported a few times since last week that there is a rabbid ringleader and a group of circus clowns running amuck here in Second Life © . Three incidents may be related or, could be separate sets of nitwits all on the same mission to create drama.
One case..... let’s just say some peeps have no shame. These griefers have been difficult to track because of the ability to create alternative avatar accounts, also known as “Alts”. One concerned SL © resident offered some resolution and said, “estate manager-ship does not allow you to rez on land you are not allowed to rez on otherwise. It lets you take the land and make it your own to change land permissions, but that is probably not what anyone wants to do. Group ownership/membership is the way to accomplish that. Just an FYI”.

According to sources close to the SL Enquirer, it seems this band of griefers have put their wits together and come up 2 cents short on a half assed job. Residents are left wondering why anyone would go through great lengths to harass others, especially at Art and Literature events, and with members of the press.

The community is on high alert and rumors are swirling that these griefers are using the SL event listing and going right down the line hiding behind pasty noobs with a griefer sidekicks nearby, ready to blindside unsuspecting avatars.

CASE BLOTTER-August-September

Man Down & Clowned: Vampire53 resident 

Griefer Case #1 The SL Enquirer Vs. A giant sperm attacking male nurse named vampire53 resident

August 12, 2012- While working on a medical related story in early August, Lanai Jarrico and journalist Marriellaanna Resident were looking for a location to take pictures when they were approached by a male nurse named vampire53 resident in scrubs sporting what appeared to be a sonic the hedgehog hairpiece. As both ladies introduced themselves and asked for permission to take pictures, they were rudely told no, and verbally attacked.
After an exchange of words, the male nurse proceed to sift through his arsenal of weaponry and rain giant sperm upon the two ladies. Stunned, Lanai Jarrico returned fire using a vintage 2007 Dopestyle weapon system and managed to keep the nurse under control with the beholder, blinder, noob tags and a nice big steaming pile of fly buffet marinating upon his head. It became a full blown battlefield. and got ugly.
Marriella weaved and ducked the crossfire and both reporters managed to escape exchanging laughter to the exit with not a hair out of place.
During the pity motivated retreat, Lanai phoned Prince Sonoda who then showed up and administered a smack down only a man worthy of being called superman can hand out. The incident ended with Lanai and Marriellaanna finishing their job and the nurse gone postal losing his job as a brain surgeon hopeful.

Sorry, No Mugshot Available

Griefer Case # 2 Irish Island Estates & SL Enquirer Vs. Poetry reading crasher BelindaStitching

September 13, 2012-,A griefer by the name of BelindaStitching was responsible for harassing Johnnie Ireland at a poetry readings that the SL Enquirer happened to be attending. According to the victim. He was messaged by this random griefer and insulted because of this group title. Apparently BelindaStiching had her bloomers in a bunch and felt the need to attack his character and pollute the event with her funky behavior.
It was reported that right before the sim crashed on the Irish Island Estates,the griefer took credit by warning the victim. Once the grid was back online, the estate owner, IrishGent Resident handled matters quickly and professionally when the griefer was identified, and he put her on the ban list.

Griefer Case#3- Hapuna Beach Vs. an E-Gangstas and an itty bitty elephant in the crowd

September 14, 2012 While spending some free time at Hapuna Beach, Lanai Jarrico was a victim of a griefer baring what appeared to be elephant speedos with an unusually narrow trunk. Nearby stood his sidekick adorned flamboyantly with a giant penis that flapped in the wind. Both clowns were on mics harassing bystanders and spewing 3rd grade level ghetto grammar and thinking they were actually pimpin. If tacky was a crime, both e-gangsters would have been arrested on the spot. It took a discreet IM by Lanai Jarrico saying “that is not a good look ,son”, for him to realize he was about to become a police report. Within a couple of minutes both clowns stopped using voice chat and teleported off to rethink their griefing tactics.

Griefer Case#4 Seanchai Library Group Vs. Poetrylover69 & Choufleurs

September 16, 2012 - One witness who was a victim of this griefing incident tells us they feel like the Arts and Literature community has been targeted specifically, with subsequent griefing events by the same suspects happening between Noon and 4pm SLT at different "arts & culture" listed events on successive days.

An event host told the SL Enquirer , “ the griefings happened in the same time frame - Sunday was between 2pm and 4pm, and today (Wednesday) was between 1pm and 3pm” . She went on to say, “ when poetrylover69 was booted from the Seanchai Library group about 90 minutes after Sunday's griefing, the response was to IM the group leader and say "Reported" clearly suggesting the filing of an abuse report. Within less than 2 minutes? When was the last time YOU filed and AR in under 90 seconds? And on what grounds? Now, this avatar was supposedly 18 days old, and arrived still in the "girl next door" default form and dress. How many 18 day olds newbies do YOU know who know about ARs after 18 days, but haven't changed their shape and clothes?" Both suspects were banned from the region.

Griefer Case#5 UUtopia Vs. Poetrylover69 & Cavolfiores

September 19, 2012 - Additional evidence that specific arts & culture events are being targeted by griefers, perpetrating their disruptive and destructive behaviors in between Noon and 4pm SLT. This event host reported to Linden Labs, and openly shared with the SL Enquirer, “ “We were badly griefed today by two avs, cavolfiores and poetrylover69er. They started by moving objects around and then rezzed an object that pushed all attending an event off the sim. That happened repeatedly as I attempted to ban them. I could hear them in voice, two young women, one american, one english. They made comments about my weight, calling me a wide variety of ugly names. They also made comments about a transgendered member of our community who was there reading a poem."
Stock Images: Clown Mug Shot. Image: 17961864

Both suspects were banned from the region. Of note, cavolfiores is also a suspect in the Sunday griefing of Poetry Libre at the Bookstacks region Awen, and was present on the Seanchai Library parcel on Sunday, as detected by the traffic monitoring system, at 2:36pm after the sim had been restarted and the event moved to a more secure location.


Clearly the griefed in these cases are fed up and will not let the SL circus rain on their parade. We recommend adding these clowns to your ban and mute list to avoid a party crasher or a ridiculous soap opera scene.

We also ask that residents be on high alert for noobs out of place, acting erratic or harassing others. Do not approach them directly, take a snapshot of their activities and contact the SL Enquirer, we specialize in dealing with griefers on bath salt, crack, stuck on stupid or the more extreme cases like losers living in their parent’s basement at age 30.

Report a Griefer


  1. Well played with the Dopestyle hud, an oldie but a tried and tested goody, that steaming pile of "fly buffet" came in handy to me many moons ago as it makes everybody else in the place laugh very hard at the (most deserving) victim who can't quite see what is happening.
    I'll forward these names to our estate owner. I heard about one this weekend at the Velvet club (where I have my parcel) but I wasn't there and didn't catch the name.


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