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Saturday, November 3, 2012

FASHION: Pimp Your Avatar - Pandora Drezelan Reporting...

Creating Your Second Life Avatar

When you first sign up for Second Life you will have a choice of standard avatars to choose from. Let’s assume that you choose a human avatar and then go on to entering the virtual world of Second Life.
Your ‘virtual you’ will be very basic and NOOBY to begin with and it is up to you to make your avatar look the way you want it to and to improve it’s style therefore making it unique.
I have seen many avatars in Second Life who despite the fact that they are years older than me still have a NOOBY appearance and clearly have done little or nothing to improve the appearance of their avatar.
Personally it doesn’t bother me if someone wants to live their entire Second Life as a NOOB however this is my set of guidelines of changes that people can make to their avatar if they wish to.
Not everyone can afford to spend real life money in Second Life and I will address that also for those of you who need a few freebies.

Shapes By Anna

Taking Shape

Your shape is usually the best place to start when creating your avatar, you can use a modify shape and change the shape to suit you or a no modify shape which you cannot change.
If you choose a modify shape do make a few copies of the original shape first and rename them accordingly, if you prefer a no modify shape then shop around first.
Whatever style of shape you choose always try a demo first and always make copies, some people have their shapes custom made while others make their own shapes and tweak it from time to time.

Pink Fuel Skins
The Skin You're In

There are an abundance of skins to choose from in Second Life, your skin is your make up and some skins can change the look of your face a little or a lot, so take your time when choosing skins, they can range from a pale vampy look to a sun kissed tan. Some shops sell fat packs of skins at reasonably cheap prices.

Magika Hair
Crowning Glory

Hair comes in many styles and colors and like skins also in cheaper fat packs at some stores always buy a few demo packs first ‘most demos are free’ and try out a few different looks before you decide on what suits you.


Eyes Lashes Nails And Brows
Dressing It Up

Your eyes, lashes, nails and eyebrows are just as important as anything else and are usually taken for granted, however all these bits and pieces of body parts are your avatars finishing touches.
Some added extras include, cleavage enhancers, tattoo layer make up and even tattoo layer nails which can be a lot easier than prim nails.

AvaGirl Clothes
Mixing And Matching

There are complete avatars that you can buy but I don’t recommend it unless you want to look like a Second Life clone, what I do recommend is investing in one or two complete avatars and try mixing it up a bit for a more original look.
Complete your avatar’s new look with some cool clothes from casual to cute or wicked and downright sexy, the choice is yours.

Walking Tall

An AO depicts your walks, stands and avatar stance, try a few demos of animations before deciding on an AO or you can buy an empty AO and add your own animations.


If you don’t use real life money for whatever reason there are many ways to obtain good quality freebies in Second Life. A lot of stores have group gifts for members, shopping around is always a good idea. There are quiet a few freebie shops available as well, finding good freebies takes time and effort but it is worth it.

Last But Not Least

Some people like to change their avatars look from time to time and others feel more comfortable sticking to one look.
Quality is the key and looking good in Second Life doesn’t have to cost a fortune and last but not least ...... have fun with it after all it’s your world.


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