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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Spotlight on BOSL's Frolic Mills- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Either you love him or you hate on him. Frolic Mills is a staple of the Second Life © community and a driving force in Fashion, Entertainment and Media. In celebration of BOSL’s 5th year serving the residents of the virtual world, I thought it would be nice to finally interview the man behind the BOSL Empire and fellow media powerhouse.

Lanai: Hi Frolic! Thank you so much for taking the time out to sit with me for a casual interview. Can you tell me why we haven’t done this sooner?!?

Frolic: Because you stalk me, woman! So I was busy running away as fast as I could. 

 Lanai: Apparently we are both being stalked but it’s not by each other! I’ll get back to that question later... So, for those avatars that may be living under rocks in SL and have no clue who you are, who is Frolic Mills and what brought you into the virtual world scene?

Frolic: Just another avatar but busier than most. I like to look at beautiful things and document them. I came out of curiosity and stayed thanks to my friends. Hmm... I came out of curiosity.

Lanai: What about  SL peaks your curisosity or fascination with such a  global platform? Your vision has truly blossomed into something beautiful and I respect the hard work and dedication that you have put into BOSL through the years. What inspired BOSL?

Frolic: When I opened THE BEST OF SL Magazine, there were only two magazines that I knew about at the time, one was a women´s fashion magazine and the other was porn - woot! But there wasn’t any proper documentation on the really beautiful things that were possible in Second Life. like art, sims, architecture, new and old fashion designers and so on. Back then it was really hard to get information of this nature and so I decided I wanted to tell people about these beautiful things and the so many talented artist I saw everyday in my SL. 

 Lanai: Gotta love porn lol! I agree, you did take fashion media to a whole new level.

 So, would you say SL is an extension of your real life or a hobby that turned business?

Frolic:A passion that turned business.

Lanai: I’d would have to say the same about SLE. I think it is great to share mutual staff that work together in harmony. It’s exciting to see Princesses of media, like Persia Bravin and Lacy Muircastle being a big part of BOSL as well. Persia has done amazing things for SLE and now with BOSL and BOSL Radio, and Lacy is a great asset too. She has a very calming sense about her and a fluid writing style. These ladies definately bring a sense of class and style to media and help us both tremendously. In a nutshell, I think that makes us a Media family.

Frolic: I agree, it’s beautiful when people can do what they love in perfect harmony. I always say there is enough space in SL for everyone, I certainly welcome all media and enjoy reading everyone’s publications. Persia is not only BOSL Radio CEO, she is also the Editor in Chief of THE BEST OF SL Magazine, she is so talented I just love her to pieces! So don’t use her too much dammit! :P

Lanai:No worries we can share her, and don’t be using Lacy too much either, dammit! lol

Ok so, thinking back, I remember meeting you around 07 or 08, please correct me if I’m wrong. You were hosting a music competition called the Best of Second Life. It showcased the talent that could be found in our heyday of the Music scene. Since then, you have unfolded into Fashion, Media and radio. What more do you have going on and where do you find the time?


Frolic:Well recently my biggest headaches were BOSL FASHION WEEK, the 5th year anniversary of BOSL, An upcoming BROADWAY SHOW that will blow everyone away, and of course the biggest headache of them all: MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2013. I suppose we all have the power to create time by action, I am not one to sit in my laurels, I move, move and move some more, but none of this would be possible without the approx 300 staff BOSL has. The writers, the bloggers, our models, our builders, our friends and clients that support us and of course our executives are some of the best people I have ever met. BOSL would not exist as you know it without them.

You are right about that, A dedicated team is the engine for great things. This year is special for you. How do you feel about BOSL turning 5! What do you have planned for this event?

Frolic: Tamra Sands and Mankind Tracer together for the first time in our biggest Broadway production ever! I am really excited... This will take place on Oct 13th at 10 am slt.

Lanai:Ohhh that sounds like the concert of the year! I hope to attend.

Ok back to the subect of our stalker....Frolic as you know some people live off drama as long as it isn’t there own. What do you say we throw our readers a bone for kicks? Recently, I contacting you about a mutual stalker that has a target on both of our asses. Apparently this shameless hater feeds off drama, insults, and media. Our looks and sexual orientation or lack of sex life. seem to be a major concern. According to that griefer’s IM to me and their highly colorful profile... It is obvious our looks are a problem because my attack consisted of being called an “ugly ass bitch” and you, if I’m quoting this correctly, “Frolic Mills is a poor 50 Years old Gay unhappy male that will die alone Playing second life”, by the same clown. Why do you suppose people hate on us like that?

*tries to keep a straight face*

Frolic: She hates everyone hun, and I mean everyone! She is a psychotic who gets pleasure out of destroying anything of worth. This is the true sign of insanity, and of course we were going to get attacked because she sees in us something wonderful to destroy. Pay no attention to her, she made the biggest public ridicule by announcing total destruction of BOSL FASHION WEEK, and she was never able to touch not even one of our shows. So she is furious! LOL - Now she is going to make a video of me and make fun of my rl or something like that. Does she think I am 16 years old? LOL - None of what she does actually bothers me. She is a big joke and I have had more interesting attacks than that. 

 Lanai: Well said Frolic. I guess stupid people shouldn’t breed or create alts. My thoughts on those that spread negativity and act ignorant, they don’t deserve to be in our space. To be frank. Que se Joda! lol

Before we end this interview is their a favorite quote or a piece of advice you would like to offer the Second Life community?

Frolic: This is one of my favorites:

“THE GUNFIRE AROUND us makes it hard to hear. But the human voice is different from other sounds. It can be heard over noises that bury everything else. Even when it's not shouting. Even when it's just a whisper. Even the lowest whisper can be heard - -over armies... when it's telling the truth.”- Zuwanie

Keep your hands clean, be decent, play a fair game, be kind to others, and no one will ever be able to touch you with vicious lies.

Lanai: Good quote, I like that. I’ve also come across many positive comments about the work you have done in Second Life and the occasional rants against you, but whatever it was. It got laughed aside because, it doesn’t matter to me. I’ve watch BOSL grow into what it is today and you have never shown me personally any other way but mutual respect. I appreciate that and will continue to support BOSL and what you do. Congratulation on 5 years and thank you for this open and honest interview, it was a pleasure chatting with you. Cheers!

Frolic: Many more years of success to you hun. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and for your kind words, It was truly my pleasure.

Much Love,

Frolic Mills

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