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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Embracing The Metaverse™

Most readers of the SL Enquirer already know that I live and work the same business in real life as I do in Second Life.  I am a fourth generation psychic medium with a practice of over forty years.   My real life (RL) business is called Linda Lauren’s Embracing the Universe, hence this columns title “Embracing The Metaverse ™,” to further embrace the virtual community.

Each column will be different and cover an array of topics, products, people and wisdom to share about Second Life and the possible connections to real life.  Feel free to email me questions or request possible SL interviews to

Today’s piece is about Meditation and how that simple act of breathing can be worked to your advantage in Second Life, too.  Meditation is the greatest medicine we have available to us.  The community in Second Life offers many opportunities to experience virtual meditation while in the comforts of your own real life space while in the virtual world. I will be sharing more landmarks that are in SL, but will get started with the ones I have created as part of my Second Life.

On our island of Etu Abbracciare there are many areas that embrace various types of meditation scripts to recreate the meditation experience.  You simply point, click and sit on any of the animations and relax into your RL space while your Second Life avatar shares your meditating with you.  On our island we have soft music that you can listen to as you drift into mindfulness and seek solace with the source of all light within you.  I hope you will enjoy exploring our island and all of the special landmarks in our virtual community. 

 Linda doing an Aura Meditation in The Angel Retreat.  ( )


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